I Work For The Devil

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Cassie, the main character turns to the dark lord or devil for help after something happens. The dark lord says he would help her but tricks her into working for him instead.

Fantasy / Drama
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My name is Cassie, I am the fourth born in my family of Royalty. I have four siblings, the oldest Aliese, she is taking the thrown soon, the middle children, Raven and Sparrow who are twins; Raven the girl, and Sparrow the boy, moving on to me and finally, Lily the youngest. Then my mom and dad the current rulers of Qúton. Weird name for a realm, yes.

"Cassie come down here please" Aliese calls.
"Coming!" I scream back.
"Come on I'm taking you and your siblings to go shopping" Aliese states cheerfully.
"Why" I ask
"Well my coranation is coming up so you all should have something new to wear shouldn't you?" Aliese says.
I smile as I could never say no to shopping. One of my many weaknesses.

A few hours later we arrive back at the Castle with bags in our hands. Raven and Sparrow begin to bicker over who bought the glazed taffy. Glazed taffy is a special candy here.
"What are you doing? That's my taffy Sparrow!" Raven begins to shout as Sparrow opens the taffy.
"What! No I got the taffy! This is mine!" Sparrow shouts back, taking the candy and running off with it.
"Hey! Raven begins as she chases after him
Here Raven! You both got the glazed taffy it was just in diffrent bags." States Aliese as she hands the bagged candy to Raven settling the fight. Aliese always keeps my siblings and I at bay. She does this to help my parents who are to busy with the kingdom.
Suddenly, Lily taps me on the shoulder and says,
"Let's go try on our outfits!"
I agree and we rush to our rooms and put on our ballgowns. We show off the dresses to eachother, our siblings, parents and any guard who would listen.
"Hey, don't ruin those! My coronation is tomorrow." Aliese says softly.
I look at Lily then at Aliese and nod.
I run to my room and change into my favorite pjs; soft lightweight plaid pants and a short-sleeved silk black top. Matching the red and black colored pants.
Soon after I finish changing my little sister Lily rushes in to my room and jumps on my bed in her royal blue silk nightgown.
"Sleepover! Sleepover!" Lily says as she jumps up and down on my bed.
I agree as I love her so much I couldn't say no to a sleepover with her.
Lily and I are closer because of how close we are in age.
Aliese is 29, the twins are 25, I am 19 and Lily is 17. Very random age gaps. I know.
People say Lilly acts like a child, especially for her age, but being the youngest in a royal family, she was always babied growing up. So I can't really blame her much.
Besides sleepovers aren't childish. I consider them family bonding. My only friends have been my siblings.
Sure but when you are a royal and don't go to a royal school. Not much kids are going to like you. Mainly because you're not like them and they hate that. Can't control that. It sucks but my family has always been there for me. I'm used to not being liked by people.
Being royalty makes you really see how jealousy can affect people. It's sad to see such good people be overrun by hate.
I have always wondered if I wasn't royalty would I have friends?
I get out of my lost thoughts and say goodnight to Lily, turn off the lights, lay down under my soft blankets and I am out for the rest of the night.
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