The Twin Villainess

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Zarina and Zianna the twin villainess

Fantasy / Drama
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She runaway from guards bago siya madakip ng mga ito. She went to the Blue Palace where her sick sister resides.

She was barefooted and cold. The palace was so quiet, it was abandoned five years ago nung mawala ang kapatid niya.

She went to the room where she only knew, even her blood related Father doesn't believe that she's the real twin mas mahal pa nito ang adopted daughter nito na si Tabitha.

"Father! I am the real Zianna!"

"Don't be delusional"

Her biological father didn't believe whatever she said.

She went to the room and run to the bed.


Everyone thought na nawala ang katawan ng kapatid niya but the truth was she hid her sister. Itinago niya ito sa isang kwarto sa gitna ng Blue Palace ng malaman niya she was poisoned and turn vegetative.

"Sister the moment they will find where I was right now they are going to kill me!"

She was crying.


She can hear her sisters' cries unfortunately she can't move. Her mind is concious but her body can't move. She know all her sister's suffering, she can feel it and now they are going to kill her. Di man lang niya maipagtanggol ito.

"Sister I want to end everything, I will not give them the pleasure of killing me" She heard her.

"Sister will you die with me? I'm sorry Sister" Her sister hold her hand, kinabahan siya ng bitawan nito bigla ang kamay nito, she heard something glass shaterring on the floor.


She tried open her eyes and she did, blinding lights yan ang una niyang nakita. She tried to move at nakagalaw nga siya. She look at her sister, tears fell on her eyes. Her sister drank a poison. Nakahiga ito sa tabi niya.

Those people who cursed them will pay, she realized the moment her sister lost her life the cursed broke and she was freed.

Her sister is so brave. She hugged her sister. May isa pang bottle ng poison sa tabi nito mukhang hindi nito kinaya na idamay ako sa gagawin nito.

Her sister was so lonely. Alam niyang ni isa walang nagmahal dito. If only she can turned back the time. Poprotektahan niya ang kapatid, their Father will also pay for everything.

May mga narining siyang tao na papalapit. She hold the poison bottle. The door opened. She hugged her sister.

"Lady Zianna!"

She smiled sadly. Her father is still the same as before, a proud man. Tumanda man ito pero hindi nagbabago ang aura nito and she guess the man beside his the crown prince. The blonde boy with beautiful blue eyes.

Crown Prince Eros Frederick De Alviona.

"Zarina! You're alive?" My Father, Archduke Hendrick Arcland. She was shocked seeing me.

"I despised all of you. Pains and suffering, my sister endure everything" I caressed her pale face.

"Zarina what happened to your sister?"

"You're asking what happened to her?" She sneered.

"This is all because of these world, you all made her kill herself, I cursed you . I cursed this Empire! I will not let her be alone anymore"

"Zarina what are you doing?! Get that bottle!" The Archduke command pero bago pa makalapit ang mga knights nainom na niya ang poison bottle.

"You'll pay for everything"

That's the last word she said.

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