Slider Fairy

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Chapter 12 Monkey Farts?

It’s not quite dark yet, but it’s getting there. Jon, Miles and I meet at the fence where Ty is. Everyone is quiet.

Suddenly a trunk falls on Jon’s head.

“Oops sorry.” Says Ty. He pulls his trunk up with Jon on it, then comes back for Miles and I.

“The lioness is having her baby’s now.” Says the baby elephant.

“Oh, let’s go see.” I plead with the others. They agree, and we sneak over to take a peek.

We stand inside a tall bush so we can see without being seen. The lioness is in labor. The Lion is roaring next to her and licking her face, trying to help. There are 3 zoo keepers in the background far enough away but close enough in case something happens. And Miles’s mom the Dr.

I stand for a second, then sigh. “Oh no, it’s around her neck.” I point.

“Whose neck?” Jon asks as he squints his eyes to look.

“Her collar.” Miles points out.

There is a huge purple stone on the lioness’s collar.

“How are we going to get that?” I ask, looking at Miles.

“Let’s wait for my mom.” He says.

“Your mom?” I say annoyed because I know she isn’t really his mom.. He elbows me.

The lion roars, and I can feel a shudder from within me.

“Wait, she’s hurt.” I walk toward Miles’ mom.

“Her roar doesn’t sound right. She sounds hurt. Maybe she will let me help her.” I say.

Miles’ mom agrees, and we both head over to her.

“Opie!” cries Jon. “What are you doing?”

“Shh just watch.” Miles tells him.

I turn and give a half smile. Here we go. I walk through the huge leaves of the bushes and tall grass in the enclosure. I can see the lion. She’s looking at me, but she’s sitting down. She isn’t moving. I can’t hear her thoughts. There’s just silence, but I can sense she’s scared. Something is wrong. The big lion is standing next to her, licking her face. We creep over to her slowly, holding my hands in front of me but down so she can see them. I keep looking at her in the eye. As we get closer, I can see she’s breathing heavily. Her stomach is huge. She’s definitely in labor. I walk to her and kneel. I reach over to touch her paw. She lets out a huge growl, but it’s like she’s screaming. She lies down and lets me touch her paw. Miles’s mom is behind me.

“Something is wrong.” She says nervously. She feels her stomach.

“She is in pain, she doesn’t want to push, she says she can’t.” I tell her what the lion is saying.

“She is breech we have cut her open.” She gestures to the guard to come quick. I stand up and pet the big lion’s mane, telling him it will be ok.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” I hear a man yell.

“I’m fine.” I whisper at the guard. Giving him a shut-up look. They inject the lioness with a sedative and put her on a gurney and take her inside. I stay back, still petting the lion. He is so sad for his mate. Miles and Jon come up to us. Miles takes over, petting the big lion’s mane, and I run in to check on the lioness.

When I run in, Miles’ mom is sewing her up. I don’t see the cubs. I cry. Walking over to her. I pet her face, wiping her tears from her cheek. She is sleeping but still crying it makes me so sad to see her like this I cry harder. Miles’s mom smiles.

“It’s ok, they are ok. Look.” She gestures to the heat lamp. Under the lamp is a basket much like the one that kept the baby monkeys safe. I walk toward it and see two small baby lion cubs. They are snuggling each other. I take a blanket and start wiping them off. Smiling and laughing as I’m crying. My tears drip in one of the cubs’ mouths, and he licks his lips. They are sweet. He lets out a little cry.

“There is sugar water, fill up a bottle, Opal.” Miles’ mom says as she continues to sew up the mother’s stomach.

I do as she says and feed the cubs I have them both in my arms. They are beautiful. The one on the left is bigger and is sneezing so much. And the one on the right is smaller and wide eyed, watching all around him.

“I’m going to call you, Sneezy, and Wonder.” I give them their names and when they fall asleep, I lay them together snuggled in the basket under the heat lamp. I walk up to the lioness still sleeping and take off her collar.

“Thank you, your cubs are beautiful.” I say to the sleeping lioness.

After Miles scans the area for muck demons, we sneak over to see Red

We sit down and a few monkeys come over. I try to get the stone off the collar.

“I’m going to need a hammer for this one,” I say as I look at the collar, trying to peel it away from the stone.

“Here, drop it over here,” says Red he is coughing. He pulls his stick up and slams it down on the collar. It shatters and a crystal is inside. He picks it up and hands it to me.

“Thank you. I hide it in my pack. And nervously await the muck demons. Jon and Miles are protecting our area.

“Princess the worms, hmm you must find them, hmm and take them back to Omynora. I cannot get there, hmm I cannot see, hmm what is happening. I have lost my connection. Your father hid them somewhere. Hmm, your mother maybe?” Red coughs a lot, as he is trying to tell me.

“Oh, it’s alright, I’ll look for them.” I really do not know where they would be, but trying to stay positive.

All the animals get loud. Miles puts his hand up. The sun is about to go down. There is a small thin light going to his hand he points it out into the grass where something is moving across it and dark fog is getting thick. The light shines from his hand and burns the grass.

“I think I missed it. Do you see it?” He is looking frantically for it. The fog is getting thicker and staring to spread quickly.

“Do that thing again with the sun.” Yell’s Jon

Miles takes off his jacket, his body bends forward, and he lets out a loud scream as the massive, sword like wings emerge from his back. He puts his hand up to the sun, his tattoo glistening in his hand, waiting for the sun to shine its light on it. The sun is setting, but just like it knows it’s needed, it comes up just enough to let another thin light from the sun to join his hand. It’s so thin it doesn’t give him much power.

“The sun is going down I have to wait for the moon now.” He points his hand at the fury lurking in the grass. The fog is all around us now, closing in on us. A loud gurgling sound is heard and a little wind comes from the monkey’s cages, blowing the fog away.

“Again!” Red yells slamming his stick down. A long row of monkeys and apes put their butts up against the fence and let out farts. Real live loud smelly farts. There are so many of them the fog is pushed just enough that we can see the fury it is almost reaching for me. Miles stabs it with the little light he had in his hand. It disappears just before it is about to grab me.

Jon runs over and hugs me. When he knows I’m safe, he claps for the monkeys.

“Outstanding guy’s.” He says. A few of the smaller monkeys bow and wave and a little one lets out a few farts while walking away. Jon laughs and gives him a whistle. Red slams his stick down. Everyone looks at him and waits for instruction.

Miles lets out another scream as his wings bend back into his back. I run over to him, but he puts his hand up so I don’t get any closer. I help him put his jacket on slowly and there is blue dripping from his shoulder blades.

“Slider, you’re in pain, slider. You need rest, hmm. All the creatures from Omynora are losing their powers and getting weak. Hmm.” Red slams his stick again and coughs, trying to catch his breath. “You must, princess, hmm find the worms and bring them safely home, hmm. Find the last crystal, hmm.”

“Where could the other stone be?” Miles can barley get out the words.

“I don’t know; I need to think but, I’m so scared right now,” I say, shaking. Jon walks over to me and puts his one arm around me, holding me close, and rubs my shoulders with the other hand. Miles has one eye on me, but I can tell he is in so much pain.

“How are we going to find it? The moon won’t be out for a few hours. Nothing else will kill those things. We should come back tomorrow,” says Jon.

“We might not have tomorrow.” Miles says to Jon, annoyed at him. “You shouldn’t be here. You’re going to get hurt.” Miles finally stands straight up.

Jon lets go of me and strolls over to Miles.

“I know you ’re super cool with your wings and jacket. But I can protect her too.” Jon stands up to Miles.

“No, you can’t.” Miles doesn’t give him a chance to explain how he would protect her. Red slams his stick down again and almost falls over. Two large apes come to his attention and help him.

“Boys, enough!” Red gestures to the two apes beside him to bring him over to Jon. They lift him up and walk over to Jon and Miles. “Clumsy boy!” Red laughs, pushing his stick against him. “You cannot protect her, hmm.” Red laughs. He pulls his shirt, bringing Jon up to his face. “But, you can guide her hmm.” He points his stick at Miles. “You, protect her, hmm. Go now rest hmm, find the worms princess, hmm we will look for the other crystal hmm.”

We give our goodbye’s and walk home. Miles is walking in front of us he is quiet and he is in pain I can feel it.

“Does he ever get any rest?” Jon asks.

“I don’t think so, but he needs it. I’m worried about him.” I say.

He kisses me on the forehead. And walks in his direction home. I walk up to Miles as he puts his arm around my shoulders, squinting in pain as we walk the rest of the way home. We finally get to my house. My mom and Dave are both home so Miles walks in he holds the door for me.

“I’ll be right there, Miles.” I say to him. “Go up to my room.” I walk into the living room where Dave and my mom and watching TV.

“So, Miles’ mom is out of town for a few days can he stay in the spare room upstairs?” I blurt. I want to get upstairs to check on him.

“Oh, sure, sweetie. I’ll make up the bed for him.” My mom gets up.

“It’s ok mom, I’ll do it. Thanks. Good night.” I say, rushing to the stairs.

“Both doors open!” Dave yells, reminding me again that Miles is a boy.

I put my thumbs up and keep walking.

Miles is lying on my bed in the fetal position. Louie is lying in his shoe box next to my bed, sleeping. I walk over to Miles. Putting my hand on his hand, not knowing what to do. Every time he takes a breath, he is in pain.

“What can I do?” I ask. He just shakes his head. He sits up and try’s to take off his jacket. I help him and I can tell he is in so much pain. There is blue liquid all over his shirt.

“Is this blood?” I ask him. He looks at me and barely nods his head yes.

I take off his shirt. Under his shoulder blades are long cuts I can see his metal wings inside of his body. it looks like they can’t fit inside the blades are cutting him every time he moves.

“Oh my god, oh my god, I don’t know what to do. Where is Mrs. Simpson? She needs to help us. Where is she?” I keep talking to myself out loud.

“Fury has her.” He manages to say. He starts sweating he is getting hot. “You do it.” he says.

“Me? What, do you mean me? Oh. Ok. It’s ok. I’ll help you.” I stand up and put my purple blanket over miles gently making sure I don’t hurt him. I walk to the edge of the stairs and peek down. Mom and Dave are watching a movie. I come back up and close my door and lock it quietly. I reach into Miles’ bag and get my crystal I put it around my neck. And it shines so brightly. The lights in my room get brighter and flicker for a second. Louie wakes up from his slumber and watches and squeaks. I feel my ears growing and my body changing, but I do not let my wings out. I reach out of the window to the moonlight and white light shines into my hand. I pull the blanket off of Miles and place my hand on to his back. The light glows from my hand into his. I can see it healing his wings as they move into and under his scapula where they are supposed to be, and his skin moves back to its place. The blue blood seeps back into his body and the redness fades. When he is all healed, he gets up. My hand feels warm. I touch his head and the rest of the moonlight that is left seeps into him, giving him power.

“Opal!” Dave knocks on the door. “I thought we said door open.” He tries’s to open it but it’s locked. In seconds I am back to myself and Miles gets up to answer the door. When Dave looks in, he finds me sitting cross-legged on the floor with Louie by my legs, trying to fly. My crystal in around Miles’ neck under his shirt. It’s so close to me it’s trying to move like a magnet towards me. Miles holds it down.

“I’m so sorry I must have locked it by accident when I closed it, Sir.” Miles apologizes.

“Just trying to help Louie fly. We didn’t want him flying out the door.” I say, smiling, making sure I keep my eyes on Louie so Dave can’t see that I’m lying. Just not what he thinks I’m lying about. Dave comes over and Miles follows and we all sit knee to knee helping Louie. Dave laughs at him. I can tell he thinks he’s cute.

“He is definitely the smallest bat I have ever encountered.” Dave says. Louie jumps over to Dave and sits right in front of him, staring at him. Louie’s eyes get big and he looks like he is about to cry. Dave puts his hand out and Louie jumps into it. Dave sheds a tear himself. My mom sniffles by the door. I look at Miles with that was close look. Miles winks at me.

“Ok little guy let’s get you into bed.” Dave says.

“It’s morning to him.” Says my mom. “He is probably hungry.”

“I think I have the perfect thing.” Dave hands me Louie and walks downstairs. My mom laughs at Dave’s thoughtfulness for a bat. When he returns, he has two flies that are barely alive in the palm of his hand. He picks one up by its wing, and places it in front of Louie. Louie grabs it with his tongue and smiles. He gives him the other. Louie, still smiling at Dave. My mom finds it amusing.

“I think you found a friend.” Says my mom.

“Ok, let’s get ready for bed. Miles after you.” Dave escorts him out of the room. Miles gives me a thank you smile as he walks out talking with my mom as she fixes his bed for him

I can’t sleep. I keep trying to think of Omynora, but I can’t get there, and Red said he couldn’t get there. I’m so worried about Mrs. Simpson. Where on earth could she be? Miles is resting he needs to save his energy but I don’t think he sleeps much.

“Whatcha doin?” He asks, standing in my doorway.

“Not sleeping much.” I say. He walks in to my room carefully trying to not make any noise. I sit up. And he climbs into bed with me. He reaches over and I lay into his arms.

“Thank you, princess for healing me.” He says softly. And he kisses me on the head.

“My pleasure slider.” I say jokingly. He squeezes me a little.

“So, what other kinds of powers do you have?” I ask him curiously.

“You mean what other powers might you have?” He corrects me.

“No, really, I’m scared for you. You can’t open your wings again until we find the last crystal and save Omynora.” I turn and look at him seriously.

“It’s ok. I can get shine from the sun and moon without my wings. It just looks cooler.” He winks.

“I’m being serious. I can’t have anything happen to you.” I plead.

“I know, I’m sorry, it’s going to be ok.” He hugs me tight. I can feel his worry. We sit in my bed, him holding me, for hours it seems. I start to fall asleep with my head on his chest. I can feel his heart beating rhythmically to my breath.

In the morning Miles is gone. He must have gone back to his room. I get up and walk around looking for him, making sure he is ok. When I find him downstairs with my mom, I get a little nervous she is asking too many questions.

“Morning princess.” Miles smiles. I give him a what are saying look. My mom turns around and laughs at him. And repeat what he said.

“Hi princess, how’s that little bat?” She says, whipping pancake mix in a bowl with a whisk. “I can’t get over how much Dave was loving him last night. He could barely get to sleep thinking of a better place for the bat to sleep.” She laughs. And Miles and I laugh with her. Miles put some butter in a pan and gets a measuring cup out of the drawer. He dips the measuring cup into the bowl of pancake batter and pours it in the pan. He then puts butter around the pancake and watches it sizzle. I walk up next to him and watch intently. My moms, phone rings. As she answers it, I ask Miles.

“I didn’t know sliders can cook.” I whisper so my mom can’t hear.

“We do have to eat, you know.” He smirks back. Flipping the sizzling pancake in the air. It lands back in the pan perfectly.

“Hmm.” is all I can say.

“I know you ’re impressed.” He grins.

“Violet hurt herself at school yesterday. She won’t be there today to walk you, Opal. Did you know she got hurt?” I shake my head no, looking surprised. Agg I hate lying to my mom.

“Violet’s mom is really upset I guess she dislocated it in PE class. How dangerous can flag football be?” She asks Miles and I. We shrug our shoulders because we weren’t there to play so we do not know. Miles’ mom called in for us for Violet and Jon too. She must have made up a story to get back into class. Jon had to finish the day, too. Hopefully, they won’t find out I skipped or lied about it. I hate disappointing them. Miles holds my hand behind the counter so my mom doesn’t notice. Letting me know it will be ok. The smell of smoke interrupts us.

“Your burning the pancakes, Miles. I thought you said you could cook?” My mom takes over. “Sit down, you two.”

I grin at Miles. He sits down and puts his head in his hand and laughs. He pushes his hair from his face and sits up straight as my mom brings over a plate full of pancakes.

Walking to school, Miles and I are holding hands like it’s something we have always done. It feels so easy and comfortable. When we cross the street, I see Jon walking ahead. I immediately take my hand away from Miles as he turns to see us.

“Hey guys, poor Vi, huh?” Jon says, waiting for us to react. Miles gets out his phone, pretending to be busy.

“I know I feel so bad for her. Thank you for helping her like you did. That was awesome Jon, really. Thank you.” I put my hand on his shoulder to show my appreciation. He tries to put his arm around my shoulders, but I stop him.

“Oh! Okay!” Jon says, stepping away from me.

“I’m sorry, I just, I mean, there’s just a lot going on right now, I can’t.” Is all I can get out.

“It’s fine! Opie! I totally understand. Friends?” He puts his hand out for me to shake. We shake and then fist bump. Laughing, I thank him again. Miles peaks back at us and shakes his head.

“I’ll meet you guys at school.” he says.

“No!” I yell. “I mean I’ll go with you.” I give Jon my half grin and Miles and I walk to the zoo as we pass the fence where Ty lets us over.

“This way.” Miles urges. We keep walking to the back. When we get to the opening, Miles takes out his keys to open the lock and we walk in.

Miles takes his ankle knife and slits his hand. Blue blood drips from it for a few seconds, then it closes up and heal itself.

“Is something wrong?” I ask, wondering why he is cutting himself.

“Just making sure I can protect you princess.” He winks at me.

“I wish Mrs. Simpson was here. How can we not be trying to find her?” I ask him.

“Why don’t you try to tap into your mind. Maybe you can see her or find out where she is?” He says.

“Oh! I didn’t know I could do that. How do I do that?” I ask.

“I was hoping Mrs. Simpson would show you. I don’t know how. The dryad elves do it all the time. They can read our thoughts so they know they are safe around us. Well, they used too anyway.” He sighs.

“Maybe Red can show me.” I say, smiling.

He shrugs his shoulders. Puts his hand up for me to wait. Then tiny pops his head around the corner. He jumps onto my shoulders and waves his hand for us to walk with him. We end up at Red’s cage a few monkeys and apes are in the middle of a meeting the animals are stirred up and startled.

“I’m sorry I should have warned you.” Miles apologizes.

“Hmm slider, yes you should have.” Red says. Red is sitting down. Tiny crawls around my neck and jumps onto the Ape beside Red, onto his shoulders. There are the two other apes and a few other monkeys.

“Princess, hmm.” Red nods his head to me. “I am weak we are losing our powers in Omynora. Have you used your powers again?” He coughs.

“Yes, I-I had to save Miles they hurt him. I-I I’m so sorry.” I barely get the words out thinking about my friends in Omynora and Horizon. Tears are coming down my face. Tiny jumps onto my shoulders and wipes them with his hand as he sniffs them, then tastes them, then back to his grandfather Red, and he whispers something in his ear. Miles reaches over and kisses my cheek and licks his lips. He looks at me sadly.

“What?” I wipe my tears with my finger and taste it. Its salty. It’s not sweet at all. I hug Miles, scared. He holds on to me, rubbing my back.

“Princess hmm, why have you come hmm?” Red asks. I pull away from Miles and look at Red. He tilts his head at me. “Do not feel bad for me hmm, Princess.” He says. “I have lived a long life.” He stops to cough. “And my true hmm destiny has come to fruition with you being here for us now, hmm. It is my destiny to guide you, hmm.”

I reach through the cage and take his hand and clench it.

“Come, tell me now hmm.” Red says after he hugs my hand and tears are coming from his eyes.

“Mrs. Simpson. If I could read her thought’s I think I could find her.” I say.

“Hmm, maybe, hmm.” He looks at me up and down. “Ester!” Red yells coughing. “Ester come! Hmm.” Tiny jumps down and scurries off. Red looks behind him to find a huge Ape. Tiny is escorting her. He looks even smaller compared to her. She has a pink bow on the top of her head. She is sucking her thumb. She looks like a big baby. Miles and I grin at each other.

“Princess, this is Ester she can help you. Triaga, hmm.” Red coughs and clears his throat. “Mrs. Simpson rather and Ester are best friends, hmm.” Ester walks over to the edge of the cage and puts her hand out of the cage for me to hold. As soon as I touch her hand, my eyes close and my mind is searching for her. I can see her she is in a dark room. There is black fog all around her. I don’t see any windows. But there is a fireplace, there is a small fire in it. She looks cold and like she is sleeping. Ester, the large ape, let’s go of my hand and bangs in the cage. She is angry. She misses her friend and worried.

“Too the cave.” Yells Red.

“Shh it’s ok I’ll find her it’s ok.” I say to Ester. But she doesn’t listen, she bangs louder and starts whipping rocks around. All the monkeys and Apes gather up the little ones and Red and flee to the cave in the back and hide from her. The two larger apes try to calm her down. She finally curls up in a ball and sucks her thumb. We run away from the cage so we aren’t noticed. And head to school.

“I can’t make out where she is.” I say to Miles. “There were no windows. But there was a fireplace with a small fire. She looked cold and tired.”

“The fury probably stole her power. They get into your head and make you think something that isn’t there it’s rough.” Miles says.

“Has it happened to you before?” I ask.

“No, but we have simulations at home. So, I’ve thought it was in my head.” He says.

“What is it like?” I can tell he is getting annoyed by my questions.

“They take your mind and they sit inside your head and make you think you are somewhere else. Maybe somewhere safe? I don’t know. I guess it depends on the fury.” He says.

“How am I going to find her? She could be in any house around here.” I say, getting discouraged.

“I know you feel alone in all of this but you’re not.” Miles reminds me.

“We can meet at lunch and try to figure it out I’ll draw a picture of what I saw. Lunch?” I nod. He nods back.

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