Slider Fairy

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Chapter 13 Hazed

I am stirring in all my classes I even ignore Jon in the hall. I can’t even think about him right now. I have my mind set on saving Mrs. Simpson. Right before lunch, I wait at my locker for Miles. I keep looking up and down the hallway for him. Where could he be?

“Hey Opie!” Jon says, creeping up on me.

“Hi.” I say startled. “What’s up?” I keep looking up and down the hallway for Miles.

“What are you guys up to?” he asks.

“Mrs. Simpson. We have a lead.” I say determined.

“I’m ready to help.” Jon looks around then bends down and shows me his ankle belt he made with his knife Miles gave him in it.

“Thanks Jon, you can come.” How sweet that he wants to help. Even though I ignored him earlier. I look into his eyes. They sparkle just like they did the first day I saw him. Miles appears out of thin air. He puts his arm around me and looks at Jon.

“Ready, Opal?” He says, still looking at Jon intently. Jon stares at him, looking at each other up and down like they can take each other on.

“Jon is going to help.” I say.

“Fine.” Is all Miles say’s.

We walk outside together, me in the middle, holding them back from each other, it seems. I wish they could just be friends it’s getting hard for me to pick who I can talk to and when without upsetting anyone. We sit down on the grass and I take out my sketch pad. I draw what I saw from Ester’s mind. Miles looks around, making sure there are no muck demons following us. Jon looks at my sketch.

“Hmm, there are no windows?” He asks.

“No, no windows.” I draw what I can of Mrs. Simpson.

“What is that on her forehead?” Jon points to the sketch.

“It’s a smudge or a line, it was red. I’m not sure it was hard to see Ester was getting really upset.” I say, remembering the big ape crying and sucking her thumb.

“It’s the mark of the Hollow. A fury so dark and evil that it turns your head to mush. Your thoughts aren’t yours anymore. We have to find the other crystal to help her.” Miles stands up and brushes off his pants.

“What can I do?” Jon asks.

“Nothing!” Miles says to him. He puts out his hand to help me up. I stand and help Jon up. I give Miles a glare. And he walks back into the school. Jon and I walk behind him.

“What’s up with him?” Jon asks.

“He has a lot going on. I’m sorry.” I say, apologizing for Miles.

“Don’t be sorry because he is a jerk.” Jon says, putting his arm around me as we keep walking to the school. I look at Jon, his face is really red. Maybe that’s what Vi was talking about. Miles turns around and now gives me a glare.

“I better go. I’ll see you later, ok?” I tell Jon.

“Ok later Opie.” He says. Watching me run to Miles.

“I don’t trust him. Something isn’t right with him.” Miles says to me when I finally catch up to him.

“He seems fine to me.” I say looking back at Jon he found some other friends to talk too but is still looking over and Miles and I.

“Can you read his thoughts?” Miles says, reminding me I can tap into his mind.

“I have felt his feelings before, but they have been nice, and kind. He helped Violet. He has been there for all of us. Stop worrying so much, he’s a good guy.” I give Miles my grin.

He grabs onto my arm. Not hard, but enough to let me know he is serious. He stares at me intently in the eye. And moves closer to me. “I will not stop worrying until I have you safe in Omynora, where you can be protected properly. Let’s meet here after school and go see Red. We need to find another way there before it’s too late, and it’s gone forever.”

“Omynora gone forever?” I ask. “What do you mean gone forever?” I get really nervous. I can feel my heart pounding faster. I can’t breathe. I bend over to catch my breath. Miles grabs a kid’s brown paper bag from lunch and dumps it out and puts it up to my mouth. “Sorry, kid.” He says.

All my dreams from Omynora pouring into my head as I try to breathe into the paper bag. The Hollow wrapping its snake-like arms around my ankles, pulling me under the ground. Anola and her quirky antics. Clear and Horizon. Horizon, is he ok? I haven’t seen him. I can’t breathe at all now. Miles turns me over and lies me down. He takes off his glove and looks around and puts his hand up to the sun. Sun light shines too it and he puts it on my heart to calm it down. I instantly feel better. I breathe normally. I can hear kids laughing and clapping over in the grass.

“What -what’s happening?” I ask. Trying to sit up. Miles holds my back for me and helps me to sit up. He kisses me on the cheek and looks at me up and down, feet to head, like he always does.

“It’s Jon. He started singing and doing a funny dance to get everyone’s attention so I could help you with no one seeing me.” He smiles gently and picks me up. He walks me in the direction of the nurse’s office. He is just staring into my eyes. After a few minutes, I feel a lot better.

“I think I’m good to walk now.” I say, staring back at him. Although, at this moment, he could hold me forever and I’d be fine with it.

“Are you sure?” He asks staring into my eyes and my lips and back to my eyes.

“Yes.” I say, nodding slowly.

Miles puts me down and holds onto my waist while we walk.

“I don’t want to go to the nurse. I want to go to the zoo.” I say.

“You really should lie down. You need to get your energy up. I could only siphon a little energy from the sun to heal you.” Miles looks at me, worried.

“Ok. I’ll lie down.” I say. I really should I am so tired. Maybe, I can try to get to Omynora if I sleep, I think smiling.

“I love your smile.” He says, brushing my cheek with the side of his fingers.

I can’t help but smile even bigger. He kisses me on the cheek and drops me off at the nurse’s office. I lie down on the cot with the blue curtain surrounding me. I count the holes in the ceiling again, hoping to fall asleep and dream of Omynora. I come across a big black hole. Oh, jeez, that’s a spider, not a hole. It looks like it’s getting bigger as I stare at it watching and waiting what it’s going to do. My eyes are crossing as it’s getting closer and closer. I slide slowly off the cot and move away from it. The spider stops it turns around and looks at me.

“Hello Princess.” I look around for a second, not believing the spider is talking to me. But then again, everything these days is pretty unbelievable, but true. So, I look at the spider and say “Hello.”

The spider gets closer and closer until it lands on the cot. It walks over slowly I can see each of its eight legs moving one before the other, then it sits down and crosses its front legs in a comfortable position.

“Good afternoon, my name is Sasha, I am a phantom spider.” The spider says to me.

“Hello Sasha. What is a Phantom spider?” I ask her.

“You’ll see.” She says, getting closer. “Your entire life you have dreamed of going to Omynora, but you don’t remember because you were eating the honey. So, your mind is replacing your dreams of something realistic to your world.” The spider is getting closer and closer to me my eyes are spinning I feel like I being hypnotized.

“I need you to get the crystals for me, princess it’s the only way to save your friends and get to Omynora. I can help you princess, you just need to trust me.” The spider lets a white thread out of its body and shoots it at my shoulder. It crawls along the line and sits nicely on my shoulder. And then crawls up to my ear. It sits right inside of it talking to me. “You can get up now.” I get up, listening to every word the hypnotist spider says in my ear. Tell the nurse at the desk that you feel better.” I turn to the nurse and all I can say is, “I feel better.” I walk out of the nurse’s office and stop. “Now walk and get your keys in your locker.” I walk to my locker as the bells rings while I’m opening it up. Miles and Jon meet me. I don’t even look at them I want to, but I can’t. “Ignore them.” Says the spider. Miles grabs my arm and I don’t look him in the eyes as he looks at me up and down, kisses my cheek. You ’re warm, he says. Something is wrong.

So that’s why he kisses my cheek I think not because he cares but to check my temp. Great!

“What is wrong! What do you mean she is warm?” Jon says. I can tell he is worried.

“I don’t know man.” Miles yells. “We have to get her out of here.”

The spider is moving up into my ear canal.

“Hit the slider in the head and run now.” I do as it says, not wanting to but I can’t help it. I hit miles in the head with my forearm, He barely flinches, and I run out of the school. I can hear them chasing me but I am fast I can’t believe how fast I can run. I run past the zoo and all the way to my house. I can hear them yelling behind me along with muffles of animals sounds.

The spider keeps telling me what to do. When we get to my house, I don’t even say hello to my mother, I just run up the stairs to my room. Dave is in my room he has Louie in his hands, holding him on my bed. I could hear him talking to him. I want to smile, but I can’t.

“Opal, what is wrong?” Asks Dave. I hear running up the stairs. Its Miles and Jon.

The spider tells me to hit Dave in the head with the lamp. I take the lamp and try to hold back but I can’t I walk over to Dave.

“Opal, what are you doing?” He reaches to grab the lamp.

“Mr. White no don’t touch her.” Miles yells. Miles gets there just in time to take the lamp out of my hand. The spider tells me to hit Dave with my hand. Miles holds my hands behind my back and ties them with a scarf hanging on the back of the chair. He scans me, he takes off his glove and the sun tattoo shines on my body from feet to head. He scans. When he gets to my head, the light shines brighter. He stops and looks around at the back of my head. Jon looks into my eyes.

“Her eyes are super dilated.” Says Jon, bending down to look at me.

“What did you two do to her?” Dave yells angrily. He is still holding Louie in his hand as he gets closer Louie reaches onto my shirt and walks up my chest he looks into my hair and ear sits on my shoulder and walks around the back of my neck he looks into my hair on that side then in my ear. He sees the spider and reaches in and nabs it with its sticky tongue. He pulls it to its mouth and crunches it. Suddenly, I feel fine a little dizzy but fine. I hug Louie. Dave comes over and hugs me, and takes Louie.

“Are you alright? What is going on?” Dave asks, worried.

“I’ll explain everything, Mr. White.” Miles says, escorting him and my mom out of the room. “We’ll be right down.”

“It was a fury you were hazed.” Say’s Miles holding the door. “I’m so sorry, I should have stayed with you.”

“It’s ok! I feel fine Miles really.” I put my hand up to his shoulder as he hangs his head low and ashamed of himself for not watching me more carefully.

Jon, Miles and I take mom and Dave and sit them down. We talk about everything that has been happening. We walk back upstairs to my room.

“They took that pretty well,” says Jon.

“They won’t remember.” says Miles.

I’m just sitting there holding Louie, hugging him in my chest, thanking him for saving me.

“You alright? I can’t believe you tried to hit me.” Miles laughs.

“That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.” Laughs Jon.

“Hey! That’s not fair. I didn’t know what I was doing. That spider was so nice its name was Sasha. Telling me what to do and to come home and get the crystals.” I say to both of them. They are making fun of me, laughing. Then Miles stops.

“Did you say Sasha?” He says worried. Then he looks at Jon.

“We can’t leave her alone ever,” Miles says to Jon. “Do you understand?” Miles gets closer to Jon.

“I’m putting my trust in you.” Miles says intently to Jon.

“If I can’t be here with her, you will be.”

Miles puts out his hand to Jon, and they shake on it. Miles does not let go of his hand, he holds tight and looks Jon in the eyes.

“Please take care of my princess.” He says slowly and with so much care in his voice.

This is the first time I’ve felt like I was a princess and I actually mean something to someone. My heart is racing and butterflies are churning in my stomach as I watch Miles let go of Jon’s hand and put his trust in him. I put Louie down on the bed and I walk over to Miles, hold on to his face with both my hands and pull his face down to mine and kiss him. He kisses me back and holds on to me. His powerful arms around my back, holding me safely in his arms. I can feel his lips getting tighter on mine, then softer again. Another few seconds go by even though it seems longer, and we break from our enchanting kiss. Forgetting Jon is in the room. Miles seems embarrassed I’ve never seen his face turn red like that before.

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