Slider Fairy

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Chapter 15 The Elder Meeting

Miles is gone. Stretching from not much sleep, I look out the window. It’s a nice day. Argh, school. I really need to catch up on everything I’ve missed this week. The first week of school and I find out I’m a princess of another world. How am I supposed to get anything done?


I sigh and look out the window again.

“Coming, Mom.”

I get up and pull on my jeans and a black t-shirt. My cuffs are still wet from the night before. I touch my lips, remembering Miles kissing me. Looking in the mirror, I look different. I feel different. Running down the stairs where I usually would trip, I notice I soar, like I fly down the railing. Wow, that was fun.

“Opal! Miles!” My mom yells.

I’m standing right behind my mom as she yells and I startle her as I stand there, straight as an arrow.

“Hi, Sweetie. Gosh, you look taller,” she says as she pulls my ears down and kisses my forehead. “Here’s your fruit. Have a great day. Um, where is Miles?”

I’m sure Miles is making his rounds outside to let me know it’s ok to leave the house. I look out the window and I see the crystal arrow in the oak tree. He must have left for the zoo to check there.

“He has an assignment he is working on for art, so, he had to go in early.” I blurt.

“Ok! Here is his lunch.” My mom hands me a bag with his name on it. I love that mom and Dave have been so welcoming. My mom kisses me on the forehead and I reach for the front door. The door jostles I keep reaching for it and it opens without me touching it.

“Wow!” I say out loud.

“Wow, what?” asks Violet.

“Uh! You scared me!” I say. Jon and Violet are at my door. He must have picked her up to check on her. That is so nice of him. He is carrying her backpack and his. I smile at him.

“Ah ha sorry but, cool.” Says Violet. Annoyed that I’m looking at Jon and not her.

“Hi Jon.” I say.

“Hi Opie.” Says Jon. We walk to school.

“Um, a pygmy marmoset, appeared on my window with a note, last night.” Violet hands me the note. I open it. It looks like a child wrote it.

My grandfather awaits your arrival in this morning


“Um, that is too cute.” I say. “What’s a Pygmy armset?”

“It’s a, ah, a Pygmy, a monkey Opal, It’s a tiny monkey!” Violet says frustrated.

“Let’s go see them, I think Miles is there, anyway.” I see her arm in a sling and remember the pain she was in.

“Are you feeling any better?” I ask.

“It’s actually not that bad once they popped it back in.” Violet says, holding her shoulder, remembering the pain herself. “Jon is carrying my bag for me.” She smiles, appreciating his help.

As we get to the Zoo, Miles jumps down in front of us. His wings are out and he has blue blood dripping from shirt in the back. He stands up straight, trying to hide the pain from his wings.

I run to him while Violet, and Jon look around to make sure no one is looking.

“Um, hello, normal people driving by,” Violet sarcastically says.

“Yeah Man, what are you thinking?” Jon says, glaring at him.

“I don’t care.” Miles says. “I have bigger things to worry about.”

“Oh no, what happened?” I look at Miles examining his back, worried another fury was around. Then I look at his wings, even more worried he won’t be able to get them back in. “How are you going to get them back in?” I say, worried.

“I’m not for now.” He says, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I roll my eyes a little, knowing it’s just a temp check.

We are at the zoo by the secret entrance we have by the elephant’s den.

“Hi, Princess!” says Ty.

I can hear Ty from the other side of the fence.

Suddenly a long trunk pops down and Jon and Violet quickly look around to see if anyone is watching.

“It’s ok,” Miles says. “No one can see you. We have it blocked.” I look at Miles.

“What do you mean blocked?” Asks Miles.

“Elephants can be invisible they are magical beings.” He says. “How do you think we have gone over very other time?” He laughs. I give him a grin with an evil eye along with it.

“Ok, I’m ready,” I say. “Thanks, Ty.”

“Sure, Princess,” he replies, “Hop on.”

I grab onto Ty’s trunk, and he gently pulls me on top of his back. I can see everything from up here. Then he does the same with Vi. Jon walks next to him. Miles just flies over himself.

Passing by the bears and the empty cage of the black vulture, I come across the apes’ building. Finally, we reach the ape enclosure.

“You’re on your own from here, Princess. I’ll be waiting,” says Ty.

I pull myself down from his trunk. And then Violet does. We pat him on the head and say thanks.

The doors are locked, so I have to go around. Hmm, the lions’ den again, I think. I step over the fence of the lions’ gate and start through the long grass.

“Hello,” I whisper.

“Hello,” says a deep voice and then I’m face to face with the King of the Jungle.

“Oh, hello,” I say. Violet is shaking a little.

“Don’t be afraid. Princess.” He bows. “What can we do for you?”

One of the little cubs is following the big lion. Every step he takes, the cub takes tracking him. Then he lets out a big sneeze.

“Sneezy?” I ask.

“Hello, Princess,” the little cub says.

“Hi, Sneezy,” I say, petting him. “We are looking for Red. Can you help us find him?”

The big lion looks around for a moment.

“Hide under my coat, Princess,” he says, “Crawl under as I walk you to the other side.”

The massive Lion bends down, and his little cubs walk up to his back. Violet looks at me like there is no way she is doing that. Miles jumps down and takes Violet with him in the air.

“Don’t scream!” He says to her as he leaps to the sky. Jon and I lean over and hide underneath the lion’s coat. Hiding in the long grass as we strut through the den to the other side of the gate. Sneezy is laughing and sneezing and pulling his claws on his dad’s fur.

“Ouch, ouch,” the big lion growls.

Finally, at the other side, Jon and I crawl out from under the lion and give him a big hug. Miles is already there with Violet waiting. I wave goodbye to Sneezy, and I jump over the gate. Whoosh, just like that.

“I can’t do that.” Says Jon.

“Wow! How did you do that?” Violet says.

“I don’t know.” I say. “But it feels amazing.”

“Guys? Someone help?” Jon says, waiting for us.

“You’re learning to use your powers. It must be the crystal.” Says Miles, ignoring Jon.

We all turn at the same time as we hear a thump sound. The Lion lifted Jon with his massive head and pushed him over the fence. Jon pets him on the head when he finally gets up. When we know he is ok, we turn back to our conversation.

“But I’m not wearing it. It’s at home in my jewelry box.” Miles holds my mouth shut. He kisses me on the forehead. Then he takes off in the sky and he’s gone. Oh no, I hope a fury wasn’t listening.

“Princess.” I hear a little squeaky voice. “Princess.” It’s Tiny.

He slips right through the cage and jumps into my arms, then around my shoulders and hides in my hair.

“Are you here to see my grandpa?” he asks. Then he jumps on Violet’s head.

“I am, Tiny. Do you know where he is?” I ask.

I tickle his head a little as we walk. Jon finally catches up.

“Thanks, guys.” Jon says his face is really red again, like he is mad. Tiny hides behind my hair, scared of him.

“You ok Jon?” Violet says. Then, she looks at me like this is what I was talking about. I nod to her.

“Tiny, are you ok?” I ask.

“He is at the elder meeting; I’ll take you,” says Tiny.

We walk down through many cages, and finally the last cage has several monkeys in it. One is standing in front. He is big and stocky-looking with short hair. He looks like a chimp but smaller. Then there are four behind him, standing in a row. They are tall and skinny and have lots of long hair. Tiny slips through the cage and under one of the monkey’s legs. He turns around fast and gives me a grin. I put my hand up and say hi. Tiny slips back under the bars and whips into my arms.

“My grandfather will be right out,” he says.

Red comes out as fast as he can and slams down his stick.

“Smart girl!” he says. “You got my letter, hmm, what are you doing here he points his stick at Jon.”

He coughs for a moment and clears his throat. Tiny following him. Red stares at me for a long time.

“Princess, hmm, I need the smart girl to help find the way to Omynora,” he says.

“I, I know,” I say. “I’m so sorry, Red. I was just helping her in.”

“What is going on out here?” asks this squeaky woman’s voice.

Then a squeaky man’s voice says, “Myrtle, come back we’re not...” then he pauses and just stares at me. His mouth drops open slowly.

They both just look at me.

“Hi,” I say.

They both scurry over to me quick and stand on hind legs. They look like moles.

“This is Myrtle and Gibbons, hmm, they are the keepers of the Timesman worms, hmm.” Red introduces.

“We feed them and hydrate them, Princess,” says Myrtle. She has longer lashes than Gibbons, and her nose is pink where his is brownish with a pink spot on one side. They both have bottle nose glasses on. They sniff me and run up my arms and all around me to the ground and then back to the cage.

“Wow, it really is her,” says Gibbons, pushing up his glasses that fell onto his nose. “You smell like sugar.”

Red slams down his stick again.

“Clumsy boy! Take the princess to find the worms hmm. Don’t leave her side until slider returns hmm.” Red pushes his stick on Jon’s chest to get his attention. Jon is staring at all the moles. Red shakes his head.

“Smart girl come, hmm?” Red says, seeming very anxious.

“I, I, um, ok! I’m coming!” Violet says. “Jon, can I have my backpack? I’ll meet you guys at lunch?”

“Sure Vi. See ya then.” Jon hands her backpack.

She waves. She is smiling she looks so happy. Someone is interested in her brain. The monkeys sigh and go back to their business. Red looks at me for a moment and nods his head.

“Princess.” He looks at me and nods, and turns to Jon and shakes his head, sighing. I giggle. Tiny is on his back and he shakes his head at Jon too. Myrtle and Gibbons ran off. Violet hides in a bush near the fence so she can talk to Red without being seen.

Jon and I go back to the elephants, and they help us over the fence. And we walk back to school.

“Thanks for helping Vi.” I say. I’m a little embarrassed I haven’t seen Jon since I kissed Miles in front of him.

“No problem, I’m here to help anyway I can.” He says. He puts his arm around my shoulders as we walk and he hugs me, then he takes his arm away.

“I’m sorry Jon.” I say.

“Sorry for what?” He says.

“I don’t know, just..” Before I can say anything else, Miles jumps in front of us.

Miles and Jon fist bump, and Jon shows Miles his watch. It’s just like Miles’ watch. Miles shows him a few buttons on it and Jon laughs like he knew what that button was, but really didn’t. Miles pats him on the back a few times, letting him experiment with it. And walks over to me.

“He’s ok I guess.” Miles says to me quietly so Jon can’t hear.

“Oh really. Just ok?” I say, giving him my grin.

“Jon, I need you to meet her after every class and meet back here after school. I’ll be waiting right here.” Miles points down at his feet. We are under a tree outside of the school. They fist bump again and synchronize their watches. I give my half smile grin to Miles and feel so happy inside. He winks at me and hides behind the tree.

The two of us walk back into school and go our separate ways to our classes. Jon meets me outside of each of my rooms until the end of the day. Violet finally came back to school and met us at lunch and at my locker.

“We have a plan but I need to get a map.” Violet says determined.

“I have a map.” Says Jon.

“Good. Red said to meet tonight at midnight.” Violet tells us. She glances around. “Where is Miles?”

“He is meeting us.” Jon answers her. We go outside and Miles is by the tree waiting. His wings are under his jacket.

“It only looks like massive swords coming out of his jacket, nothing too conspicuous.” Violet looks at me with wide eyes, then rolls them.

“What a first week of school, huh?” I say, yawning.

“I’m so glad it’s Friday.” Says Jon.

“Let’s get you home.” Miles put his arm around me and the four of us go our separate ways. Jon and Vi go to get the map, and Miles and I go to my house.

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