Slider Fairy

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Chapter 22 Water Dragon

I try to get up but I can’t the pain is unbearable. I can see the fury kicking Miles, and every time he screams out, I feel the pain in my stomach. Maybe the pain is from the creatures in Omynora, maybe I’m feeling their pain? I need to do something I need to get up. I stand up straight and confidant I lift myself off the ground with my mind and open myself to my powers. Everything inside me glows. Light energy shines so brightly that all the boards on the windows break free and the glass shatters around us. The evil fury that took over Jon’s body and mind tries to hide in what’s left of the shadows in the corner. My wings gently push out of my back and open up. I can feel my ears growing and my body changing. My wings flutter for a second and I fly over quickly to the angry, fury beast. I scream at it, and the wall behind it opens up to the sun. The sun burns its skin, puss is melting from its body as it lets out a deep roar. I check on Miles and Violet as the fury melts in the sun. I pull my hand up to the sun and light shines too it. I heal Miles and Violet. I wave my hand and the snakes let go of them. The fury comes up from behind me and pulls on me again, puss dripping from its hand. And the hollow snakes grab onto my ankles, wringing them tightly. Miles gets himself together and pulls his hand to the sun. He shines it on the fury, burning it even more. Then he does it again, more sunlight coming into his hand. He shines it on the hollow snakes so I can break free from them. I whip my sharp wings around spinning and cut the snakes and they scurry into the walls, leaving their shreds behind them. I slice the fury’s arm as I whip around and it bleeds black blood. It is evil to the core.

“Ha Ha Ha.” It laughs at the pain. It melts and burns from the sun still. Miles and I take our hands together to the sun and shine it on the fury until it’s gone, and all is left is a boy. Jon has helpless cuts on him everywhere and bruises. Before turning back to my human self, I heal miles and violet. Miles pulls his wings inside of him and I heal his back. I run to Louie and hold him tight. Miles helps Jon and holds him until he is barely hanging on. I try to heal him, but it’s not working.

“We need to get him to Omynora.” Miles says.

“Are you ok.” I say to Violet, helping her up. I turn back to my human self.

“Yes.” She says crying.

We run to the beach, and up to the pier Miles is carrying Jon. We pass carts of venders selling beach shells and things they have made out of shells. It smells like hot dogs and fried dough. It’s some kind of fair. Two police officers notice MIles carrying Jon. There is a band at the end of the pier. We get to the end of the pier and we are so out of breath. Sweating and tired. There are too many people around to not notice us. The band is in the way, it’s right at the end of the pier.

“What are we going to do?” I turn to Violet. Violet is watching the police get closer. It looks like they are calling for someone. She looks at me with her concentrating look.

“MIles get down!” she yells. As the police get closer and make their way through the crowd.

“Opal you have to jump in the water.” She looks at me anxiously. “I know you don’t want to but you have to ok?” There is a coast guard boat in the distance and people swimming in the water behind the pier. I hand Violet my back pack. She clenches it. “You got this!” she says.

I know what I have to do. I squeeze in behind the stage of the band playing and I take the bottle of donax shells and pour them into the water. And I jump. I sink mostly because I can’t swim and I know this. I’m trying not to panic, and I’m hoping that Miles jumps in after me before I drowned. Before I can panic, a dolphin comes up behind me and pushes me to the top of the water. After a few seconds another dolphin pops his head up. Then a dolphin pokes its nose out of the water and makes a loud squeaking noise. There are three of them. They look like they’re smiling at me. I can hear them talking to me. It’s hard to hear with the squeaking and the music behind us. One of them pulls his head up under my arm and holds me up. The police are yelling for me to swim to them. The coast guard is getting closer to me. And someone has already thrown a tube to help.

“Princess, get ready to hold your breath and jump.” The dolphins say.

I nod to Miles and Vi, and they both jump in. I tell the moles and Louie to get ready to hold their breath. Miles looks around quickly and then gives an ok to the dolphins. Two of them dive under the water while one watches us. He moves backward and then waves his nose and says, “Ok, Princess, take a deep breath.”

Violet, Miles and I look at each other and all breathe in one last breath.

“Hold your breath,” I yell. I’m so nervous about holding my breath I can never do it right when I’m underwater, I always choke. Here goes! I close my eyes tight and imagine being in Omynora.

We are falling. Then I can see all these sticks in the water, like trees coming from the bottom. They look really sharp. All the sea weed is coming up around them it looks like hair. Their mermaids with spears. I point to Violet, but she has her eyes closed tight. Miles smiles at me. Then we can see the other two dolphins swimming around us and a huge bubble forms.

One dolphin swims in front and shakes his head at us.

“You can breathe now,” he says.

I look at Miles, and we both take a breath. I spit up some water.

“Wow, we can breathe,” I say, amazed. “Vi Breathe!” She finally takes a breath and coughs up water. We check on Jon he is still passed out and losing more blood.

I open the backpack to check on my little friends; so far so good. We are sitting with our legs crossed at the bottom of the bubble. There are tons of fish around us, and there’s a big sailboat on the ocean floor. We’re moving pretty fast. There are two dolphins next to us and one in front. I can see seaweed everywhere. Mermaids are swimming in between the seaweed, watching us, protecting us. I can hear them, they are so happy that I am home. We float like we’re in an imaginary submarine. We come across a coral reef with thousands of tiny fish and coral. So many colors. Then there is a big drop and its dark again. The dolphins spin us around back to the reef. It looks like an underwater island below the reef. There’s a light blue light right below it, and it’s getting bigger as we move closer to it.

I keep looking at the light. Then there’s a big gust of fire to the left of the light blue light. It’s getting bigger.

“What’s that?” I ask Miles.

“It’s ok.” says Miles as he grabs my hand. The dolphins are moving us over away from the fire and we are going faster. Then the dolphin that was in front disappears. We look all around the bubble. The light is dimming, and it’s getting dark. Then there is fire again.


I turn, and the dolphin sticks his nose in the bubble.

“We have a problem,” he says. “The beast is awake.”

“Beast?” I ask. “What beast? What are you talking about?”

“Beast? What beast?” Violet says, almost having a panic attack.

Miles just holds onto me and my backpack. Violet holds on to Miles.

“The dragon,” says the dolphin, “he’s awake and hungry and coming out for a snack.”

“Seriously, a dragon?” I don’t understand how can this be.

“He protects the gates of Omynora,” says the dolphin. “He is on our side, Princess, just be careful because he could eat you.”

The dolphins move us over and out of the way of the fire. I can’t see the dragon. Suddenly it gets dark. I look up and I can see the dragon’s dark head moving above us. Then his scaly body shadow covers us. He has gills on his neck that open and close. He has three tails, which are thick like tree logs, scaly and long. Its tips have a sharp cone on top with points on it.

All the fish disappear. All that’s left are white specks in the green seaweed water. There is a gush of fire above us. Then our bubble moves and turns over and over. We spin around and are very dizzy. Then I can see fire spitting out. It’s getting closer. The dragon speeds around us. The dolphins disappear. I can feel the bubble getting smaller. It’s happening slowly, but it’s happening.

“Don’t move,” says Miles

He can see the dragon too.

“Don’t look at him,” he says.

We put our heads between our knees and wait. I try to hold my breath and keep my eyes closed, but I can’t help myself. I slowly open my eyes. It’s dark. Then right in front of me a thin green fluorescent line is forming. It’s getting so long and then wider and wider. It’s huge.

“Miles, look!”

I shake him to look up. Just as he does, the green line becomes an oval circle of a gigantic eye looking right at us. It’s shaped just like the sun on Jon’s hand.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” we all scream.

“Princesssss........” I can hear.

I open my eyes again slowly.

“Yes,” I say softly.

“I have been waitinggg for youuuuu. I am the beaststst of the oceannnnnn, the firerere breathing beaststst that protects Omynoraaaaa from the evil of the oceannnnnn.”

Fire spews from his large mouth as he keeps talking.

“Are you herererere to get innnnnnn?”

“Yes, please,” I respond.

“The sharkssssssssss are allllll around the fronttt of the doorrrrr.”

The dragon swims around us again, and fire spews from his mouth.

“What should we do?” I ask him.

“I will distracttt themmmm as you go innnnnnnn but therere are manyyy of themmmmmm and your bubble isss getting smallerrrr.”

The bubble is touching our shoulders now. I can’t see the dolphins anywhere.

“They are afraiddddddd of meeeee. I don’t blame themmmm. I have eatennnnnn them by misstake beforerere.”

The dragon closes his big eyes and opens them again.

“Well, no wonder they don’t trust you,” I tell him (I kind of like this dragon.)

“Theyyyy yy are much smallerrrrrrrrr than meeeeeeeeee and they look like sharksssss.”

“We are all in this together,” I tell him. “You have to be more careful.”

“Yesssss, Princessss, I will beeeeeee, thank youuuuu.”

He winks at me and swims ahead. The blue light shines again. The bubble feels like it’s going to pop. It is really close to us. I feel like I can’t breathe. The dragon’s tail pushes us back a bit as he swims to the light. Then we’re pushed forward again.

The dolphins are back. They roll us in our bubble a bit until we get back on course. The light is getting brighter again. We can see the dragon in front of us and there are sharks, tons of them, more and more as we get closer. The dragon slides off to the side and then pounces on the sharks with his breath of fire and his huge body.

The sharks disappear for a moment, but then race back to the light. The dragon does it again and they move away, then back. We are so close now; I feel like one of the sharks is going to see us. There are all different kinds of sharks.

“I can’t breathe,” gasps Violet.

The bubble is closing in on us. Then pop!!! We start to fall from the bubble. We hold each other’s arms and Miles has my backpack and Violet and Jon. Then from below comes this huge hammerhead shark. It’s coming right for us. Then I remember about the dream. I feel scared. The shark gets closer as I kick at it. Its fin slices my leg. It spins around in the water and races back at us. I scream and breathe in water.

I’m choking. I’m drowning. I can’t breathe. I’m struggling for air. Then a big swoosh comes and grabs us. But I still can’t breathe. I’m sinking I feel my body going limp. I open my eyes to look for Miles, but I can’t see him. My eyes shut slowly. My body is going limper and limper; then nothing.

Water is coming from my lungs. I can’t speak. I can see an image of someone. It’s Violet, She’s crying. I can see the sky. It’s very red. The dragon is there, and the moles. I keep opening and closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep. Then someone picks me up and carries me a long way. I can’t open my eyes. I just want to sleep. I want to sleep and dream of my home where I should be, where I want to be, safe and happy, and peaceful.

I open my eyes and I am in a crystal bed with a blanket of soft moss and fluffy pillows. The room is a clear crystal coated with plants on the walls I can see the roots intertwining through the crystal wall. It smells like lemons. I’m here. I’m in Omynora.

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