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Chapter 23 Omynora

I have a bracelet on my wrist it looks like an Opal stone it is changing colors. I try to get up, but my head is pounding. There are dryad elves all around me with gifts of fruit and crystals. One elf has smoke in her hands. One is half dryad and half horse. It looks just like Mrs. Simpson.

“Hello, Opal, how are you feeling?”

I recognize her voice. Could this really be Mrs. Simpson? She is ok!

“Mrs. Simpson?” I ask.

“No,” she laughs. “Mrs. Simpson is my sister. My name is Friagia. I have the power to heal and of fire. My sister can freeze.” She waves her hand for the other elves to leave the room. They smile at me and thank me for coming home.

“Oh, are you going to burn my head?” I ask, pulling away.

I touch my head gently, kind of worried about what she was going to do

“No, Princess, I promise,” she replies. “I won’t burn your head.”

She smiles and puts her hand on my head gently. Suddenly the throbbing goes away. I feel better.

“Wow! I can feel it going away, the pain, it’s gone.” Then she touches my leg when the hammerhead shark sliced it. The cut disappears, and the pain is gone.

“Good,” she says. “Now here are some clothes. And your crown. Put them on and then meet me behind the door, please.”

She pushes my hair behind my ears and then walks behind the crystal door.

Wow! I’m really here in Omynora. Then I remember. Where are Miles and Violet and Louie and the moles? Jon, where is Jon? Do they know?

“Friagia?” I yell. She comes back into the room.

“Yes, princess.” She says. Looking at my bracelet, it is turning colors so fast.

I look at her blankly.

“It’s going to be alright. All of your friends are perfect. Jon is in a healing room in the castle. Your friends are awaiting you in the dinning room. I have Louie healing as well. They have made a slight change as they came through the channel, but you’ll see everyone is fine. I will get Louie for you.” Friagia tells me before I can ask her.

“I forgot you can read my thoughts.” I say. “Slight change?”

“Princess.” She holds her hand up to her mouth to shush me.

“I Know, everything will be answered.” I smile. She nods and leaves the room to give me privacy to change.

As I put my cloths on, the cloth moves as it slides over my body like it’s alive and is fitting itself to me. Looking in the crystal mirror in front of me, I feel different. I put my crown on. I feel confident and whole. I am a princess I am a protector. My ears are long like elves. My crystal? It’s gone. I must find Miles. I look one last time at the mirror, at myself. I wonder what my life will be like now. Can I face my friends with my head held high can I face the creatures of Omynora knowing I can protect them If I need to? The triumphs and tribulations of being a princess, of ruling a world that I know little about. Will I persevere and be able to protect them all?

There is a knock on the crystal door.

“Come in.” I say.

“Your friend misses you.” Friagia says, coming in with a moss blanket.

“Louie?” I ask. Friagia nods her head. I pull the moss off of his head.

“This isn’t Louie.” I take a step back. There is a small dragon in the moss he is reddish and blue. There are spikes on his body and his tail is very long. His eyes are wide and green. He has a bandage on his wing.

“Louie?” I ask it.

“It’s me, princess. I morphed when we came through the portal.” He opens his wings at me.

“Louie!” I hug him so tightly. He hugs me back and walks up to my shoulder and perches himself in a comfortable spot. His long tail intertwines with my hair and he holds on tightly.

“So, what did Violet morph into?” I ask. Friagia ignores my question. But all I can think about is how mad Violet is going to be if her body has morphed into a dragon.

“Are you ready, princess?” Friagia asks. She opens the crystal door with a light, shines so brightly I put my hand over my eyes to dim it. And close my eyes. She takes my hand and we walk out to the living room where everyone is awaiting me. Me, they are awaiting me. I need to see my friends. If Louie looks like this. I wonder what they have turned into? Miles, I miss him so much already.

“Princess?” Friagia says again.

“I’m ready.” I slowly open my eyes.

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