Slider Fairy

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Chapter 5 Princess

Walking into school, there is Dany, standing right by the door. She’s checking her makeup in her mirror phone, as usual. When she sees Jon, she straightens out and tosses her hair back and fixes her skirt and pushes up her bra a little. She rolls her eyes at Miles and Violet.

“I thought I might see you together,” she says, looking me up and down.

Then she turns to Jon, grabs his arm and pulls him with her down the hall. He turns to say goodbye, but she yanks at his arm and walks away faster, pushing herself closer to him and whispering in his ear.

“O-M-G, she’s annoying! Why is he letting her do that to him?” asks Violet, turning to walk away to her locker.

“I don’t know,” I say alone and to myself. I can’t help but feel jealous.

“Do you like him?” Miles says out of the blue.

“Um, I don’t know.” I say, embarrassed.

“He’s not good enough for you.” Miles pulls a strain of hair out of my face and looks into my eyes. He slowly moves closer to me and puts his fingers up to my face to find an eyelash laying on my cheek. “Make a wish.” He whispers. I blow on the lash gently and look down. He put his hand on my chin, lifting my face up. He whispers, “I’ll be at Ty’s den to let you and your boyfriend in later. We’ll talk after that, ok.” And he walks down the hall.

Oh great. Why did Miles have to hear Jon and me talking about pictures? I know he is joking when he says boyfriend. I’m not sure how I feel, actually. But I know Miles has a lot of explaining to do and I’m being very patient with him.

I walk into my homeroom and say hi to Mrs. Simpson.

“How are you feeling today?” she asks. “Better?”

“Yes, thanks.” How did she know I went to the nurse?

I walk to my desk and sit down. Immediately I feel exhausted. Before school even starts, I put my head in my hand and I feel my eyes drifting off. I can feel Mrs. Simpson watching me, but she says nothing. I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. I’m asleep and feeling very heavy. I smell lemons It’s so beautiful. I hear the meditation music my mom was playing last night. It’s so amazing. Like an orchestra playing just for me. I don’t want to move. I want to stay here forever. I take a deep breath in and open my eyes.

I’m here, in Omynora, as I reach for my crystal—it’s still around my neck. I notice my legs. They are sore, as if I have a brush burn around my ankles. I’m wearing a gray dress with the gray flowers on it. I reach down to touch one and it opens. The flowers pop open in purple and orange colors. Pollen pops out of them, making me sneeze. I feel happy. I get up, still holding my stone, and look around. It’s so dark there are lights all around me, flashing like little stars. I want to touch them, but I can’t. It’s like they are winking at me. There are smells that I have never smelled before, but which seem so familiar. Lemons and sugar with mud mixed in. I want to run through the weeping willow trees and be free. I put my arms up and spin around, the flowers on my dress popping open and closed, flowing in the wind. My crescent spins with me as my legs spin on the cool, soft, moist green moss and I fall over laughing.

I hear a squeaking voice.

“Anola, is that you?”

“Hello, Opal. How are you feeling today?”

She has her four little hands tucked together in a praying position and her wings are fluttering, making the clank clicking noise.

“Why does everyone keep asking me how I am feeling?” I ask her. “Ever since yesterday, people have been asking me that. What happened to me? And why can’t I remember what happened here when I wake up?”

Anola looks at me with a sad face.

“You really don’t remember, do you?”

“I tried to help you remember by making you do a potion, but I guess I didn’t do it right.”

“I will answer EVERYTHING in time,” says a powerful woman’s voice.

Anola hides under my hair. I can hear this woman’s voice right next to me, but I can’t see her.

I stand up and look around. Anola flutters through my hair, peeking out through the long brown strands.

“Who are you?” I ask.

Looking around me, it feels as though all the trees are staring at me and the flowers pop into the ground, hiding. The stars in the sky blink fast and shining so brightly. I put my hand to my forehead to block them out so I can see ahead of me and all the stars come together to form a silhouette of a beautiful woman. She looks like a million twinkling stars. Her hair is longer than her body and it flows behind her with every move she makes. Her silhouette is clear all I can see are stars.

“My name is Clear,” she says. “I am the watcher of the elements. I can form into all elements.”

Her body takes the shape of fire. She spits flames from her body and I can feel the heat. Then she becomes water and splashes all around me. Then she’s turn to earth. The ground moves below me and as she comes up a flower is formed on the ground. Finally, she’s air. The wind breathes in and out as her silhouette changes back to the stars. I can see her silhouette in all the elements. I feel my crystal stone moving and I grasp it.

“Clear?” I ask.

“You are in danger on earth.”

I don’t understand. What am I doing here?”

“You are a princess, of Omynora. You rule the ground and the animals and the plants, all living things.” Hold this globe in your hands.” Out of the willow trees, holding a large clear globe, fly’s a family of tiny fairies like Anola. They look out of breath and one of them falls over in the air from the heavy globe but quickly takes its place back to hand me the large, clear globe.

“Your family is from a star planet, many galaxies from here. There is a peaceful place, Omynora, and a not so peaceful place that breaks up the planet called The Hollow in between is the city The Coal, this is where you will rule over the slider fairy’s and the dryad elves. Clear turns from stars to air and floats up in the air then back down.

“Take the globe and listen, its Miles talking, he is using a hologram to give a reading, an update.” The fairy’s pass the globe to me then flutter away back into the trees. I hold the globe nervously to look at it, but I do anyway out of curiosity.

There is a voice telling a story and I can see the vision on the globe it looks so real. It is Miles; he is talking into a globe. It says reading one on the bottom of the picture.

Reading one: I- I am a slider fairy. My name is Miles. I come from a place far from here or anywhere you have known or could dream about. It drifted us after a demon planet cast us from our galaxy. We had to protect our planet, and it caused destruction and we lost many through the drift. When we finally arrived in earths galaxy, it pulled us so fast that we smashed like a crater into the ocean. We could save most of our planet and fill a dimension hole under the water to hide us and protect us from demons. The dryad elves worked a spell. The timesman worms keep us breathing, breathing air as long as they are moving, we are breathing. It’s very much like living on our planet, Omynora. Except our prince and princess are living as humans on earth. Neither one knows each other exists. They have lived almost 16 years, 3000 miles apart. They do not know that they are hybrids or prophesies. It was to protect them. It is my job to protect the princess. We met when my training was complete three years ago. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She has powers beyond any of our imagination, but she doesn’t know she has them. She can speak to animals is all that we know for now. Animals have a sense and they are connected to Omynora. The creatures on Omynora see through the eyes of their duo we call them. It’s their channel to earth to see the princess and protect her. When she comes in contact with an animal on earth, it creates a reaction to the creatures here. It must be one of her magical powers doing it because it’s never happened before. Triaga and Friaga are twin dryad elves we have placed them on earth to guide both the prince and princess. Triaga is our teacher, Mrs. Simpson. We moved here three years ago. She is a teacher at the school and we are close to the princess and her family. Opal and I are close. We have some things in common. Both of our fathers passed away when we were young. Well, she thinks mine did. I have lied to her all this time I doubt she will forgive me. I saw my first fury today as it tried to attach itself to a bear. We are getting close. We need to alert the princess. Prepare her. I also met Jon today we need to look into him as well. He seems harmless; I don’t trust him. that’s all I have for now.

The globe turns fuzzy and then dark. Miles was talking about the bear. This must have been when he got the alarm on his phone.

The globe stops, and there is nothing inside. The voice is gone too. “Why was Miles talking like that?” I ask.

“In case our world falls, he is explaining where we are from.” Clear says.

“So, what does this mean? Who am I?” Clear spins around, ignoring me.

Clear suddenly turns to fire, spinning herself up into a huge flame and spitting fire dust from her body. Instead of singeing the ground, it slowly floats and disappears before it can reach the soft green moss.

“Your mother, Aria, a dryad elf, passed on. She now lives in the pond of souls. Your father Gabriel is a slider Fairy he went with your earth mother Star and was going to live this life on earth until you were ready to come back, he took four Timesman worms back with him in hopes to keep you safe he set off the balance of our world.” Clear turns to water and splashes around us. Then turns to stars and stares at me getting closer she touches my hand. I can hear her thoughts she is angry but calm and in order to try to help everyone here in Omynora.

“I can hear you,” she says, smiling. “You are a clairvoyant; you can hear all living things; the noise is loud at first but your crescent helps to calm things down in your mind.” She nods and continues her story about my father and mother.

“When you father took the four worms, he awakened the darkest fury. It was formed from a black hole called the Hollow. It is a black fury of evil fog but can shape-shift into anything it puts its mind to. It will make you see things that aren’t really there. It wants the crystal amulet’s you must find them.”

Clear turns to earth and pushes herself through the ground. Just as the ground falls apart from her energy, it plunges back into place. As she comes back above the earth and the dirt splashes back into the ground, a flower is formed. Clear turns back to stars.

“The honey tree was created from the Hollow. The honey will numb your powers you must not drink it.”

I look at Anola, remembering the Hollow trying to pull me under the tree, and I can feel my ankles burning. She slowly flutters her wings and comes over to sit on my shoulder.

“I tried to help you use your powers. I almost hurt everyone. I’m so sorry.”

She bowed her head down sobbing, ” I didn’t know what else to do.”

“It’s ok” I reassured her. “Your family is fine, look; they are all fine”. I point to the trees where they are all peeking through the leaving and vines to see what is going on. Clear continues.

“The fury killed your father in a car accident. Since your father died on earth, he cannot come back on his own and live in the pond of souls with your mother Aria. But if you bring the three crystals together to form the amulet, there may be enough power to bring him back magically.”

Wow, I feel very overwhelmed, nervous that I won’t be able to find the crystal amulet. I feel a nudge on my back and I turn around. Is this Horizon? He is so beautiful. He’s a unicorn. He has a horn on his head. His flowing mane is so soft and white and braided. He has huge wings. And light zebra stripes that glisten. He puts his head down as if to bow before me. I pat his head.

“Hey Buddy.” I hug him so hard that I almost feel bad about it.

“Hello princess,” he responds. “I’m glad you are here.”

I gasp in surprise. “You can speak!” I say in amazement.

“Yes, I have always spoken to you, in your mind, Princess.”

I give Horizon another hug. Over his shoulder, I see a huge grey animal. It looks like a rhinoceros. It has a purple flower coming out of the top of its nose. There are two little ones tripping along behind it. Their flowers have not quite bloomed yet.

“Princess,” the rhino says, “Welcome home.”

She sounds ancient, and her voice is shaking. She bows before me, and her legs wrinkle up into a slinky-like form. The little ones imitate her. They are so cute. I walk up to her and she sprays pollen on my head from her flower. I giggle because it tickles and smells like lavender and I’m not sure why.

“This is for protection,” she says, “breathe it in, as much as you can. It will help you when you feel danger near.”

“What do I do?” I ask.

“You will know when the time comes,” she says in her shaky old voice.

I take a deep breath in, and I sneeze. The little ones laugh and one falls over. They’re like big rolly polis. I smile and the rhino bows again and slowly walks away into the beautiful dawn forest. Her little ones follow her, tripping over branches and laughing at each other. I turn back to Clear. I have so many questions. She comes out of the ground and turns to water, swimming through all of us.

“The fury has been following you,” Clear continues. “Remember, she can take any form she chooses. She has been to see your mother and gave her honey off the tree. If you eat it, you won’t remember anything from here in Omynora.

Stop eating the honey, I chant to myself. Don’t eat the honey! Don’t eat the honey! Don’t eat the honey!

“Mrs. Simpson is a Kindle. Her actual name is Tragia. She is a guide on earth for the protector of Dryad fairies. She is guiding you. Let her help you.” Clear turns to fire and spits flames all around us.

“Mrs. Simpson has the power of water and to freeze. She will freeze Danica if she has the chance. Go back to earth find your crystal.”

Clear turns to water and splashes around us.

“Feel it in your heart that you need to look for stones. You have many of them all around you, your father hid them.”

The shoe boxes!! I think. Maybe they are in there, at least mine and my dad’s.

“It will not be a regular-shaped crescent. Only when you put in on your heart, will it take its authentic form. That is why it’s so hard to find. Go, go now and wake up.”

I look at Anola. “Remember, remember,” she squeaks.

I pat Horizon’s head. “I guess I’ll see you soon, Buddy,” I say.

I drop to the moss. I look up to find Clear, and she slowly disappears from water to stars and glistens away.

Anola puts her four little hands together and says, “I wish I could be with you to guide you. I am in your heart and soul.”

I feel my eyes drooping slowly.

“I will try, Anola, thank you for your help.”

My head falls to the soft moss and I’m sound asleep.

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