Slider Fairy

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Chapter 9 Bats?

We sneak out of school and walk to my house. Miles is quiet. He seems to feel broken, I can feel his feelings. He is upset with himself and sad at the same time.

“It’s going to be ok Miles.” I say.

“I’ll help you get cleaned up and we can try to figure out a plan for tonight, ok? Just tell your mom you ’re sleeping over.” I say.

He stops and looks at me.

“Things have changed. We need the amulet.” Miles says. He doesn’t even look at me in the eye.


“Let’s get you cleaned up.” I open the door to my house and quietly look around. Miles quietly walks around to the kitchen and through the porch I look upstairs and in the bedrooms.

“I see nothing, you ok?” I yell down to Miles.

“Miles.” I yell, scared. Running down the stairs, I see a shadow around the corner. I sneak to look. Phew it’s just Dave. He is talking to Miles. Miles is trying to explain the brown mucky goo all over him. He says it’s a science experiment gone bad, so we came here to clean up. I have some goo on my shirt, so it makes sense. To Dave anyway.

“Hi, Opal. You guys going to get cleaned up and head back to school?” he looks at me with wide eyes, making sure I do what he says.

“Yes, that’s the plan.” I say back. “Can Miles borrow a shirt?”

“Sure, come to my wardrobe Miles, ill show you around.” Dave winks at me. And they walk to his bedroom.

I run up the stairs to change myself.

. There’s the package on my bed. Where did you come from? It’s a brown box with a pink ribbon around it. It has my name written on the outside. I nudge it with my foot first, then I pull on the ribbon. It pops open. There is a small crystal box inside. I open the box to find a note. I gently open the note which says:

Dear Opal,

If you get this, that means I am in trouble. Tell Miles he will help!

Find the crystals. Please hurry. Be brave.


Mrs. Simpson

The note freezes like ice. I drop it and it shatters all over the floor and sent comes from it; it smells like lemons. I get sleepy as I think of lemons, and smell them all around me. I envision myself in Omynora. Then I open my eyes. I’m here. I touch my crystal to make sure it’s around my neck. I look around and everything seems still. The sky is dark pink, turning a red color, and there are clouds pushing through the sky.

“Anola,” I call, “I’m here.”

I run through the forest. The trees are lunging in, hovering, trying to speak. I can hear hollowing winds and whispers but I can’t make out what they are saying. I’m scared. Flowers are popping in and out of the ground as I run through them, trying to find anyone. I come across a pond. I’ve never seen this before. I sit on a big rock near the water. I can see my reflection, but it isn’t me. I look different. I have long jeweled ears, like a fairy’s, and my hair is shiny and wavy instead of its lifeless self on earth. My eyes are enormous and my eyelashes are so long. My lips are pink with glitter on them.

I feel a splash of water, like a mist all over me. I turn my head to avoid getting any in my eyes. I pull up my dress to wipe off my face. Then I hear something come out of the water. I’m afraid to look. The flowers on my dress all shut suddenly. I lift my dress from my eyes, but I can’t open them. I’m too scared. I hear a puff like something breathing out of its nose, and more mist falls on my face like raindrops.

Slowly, I open my eyes to find a-a dog? There is a huge wet dog with fins in the water. It is absolutely huge and has white, dusty, long fur. It shakes itself off and more water gets all over me. Then its tongue comes out of its mouth and moves toward me to lick me. I lean back to avoid it, but it licks me anyway. He looks like a dog but has fish scales on him too and gills to breathe in the water.

“Oh no,” I laugh. “Who are you?” I ask as I pet its head. “Oh, you like your ears scratched, huh?”

The dog moves back a little and wags its tail-like fin really fast. I can hear it saying something in my head.

“Peaches? Is that your name?”

It nods and shakes its tail again. It has a big black nose and huge, long, grey ears. Then it puts its head down and seems sad about something.

“What’s wrong, puppy? What are you trying to tell me?”

He licks me and I’m in the water myself. I can’t swim very well, so I panic and sink into the pond. The dog licks me with his gigantic tongue and I come up for air. I hold myself there. Then Peaches stops me with his paw.

“What do you want, Peaches?”

The dog moves its head to the water and makes a whirlpool with its paw. As the circle goes faster, I can see a vision. It’s the fury I met in school. She was here, and she did something to Peaches. She turned the dog into that panther I saw.

“Oh, no, you poor thing.” I brush its ear with my hand. “I’m so sorry she did that to you.”

Then the dog shakes its head and makes another circle.

“Oh, it’s your friend. That’s why her paw turned white when she licked it. It will be ok, Puppy, don’t worry. I’ll get your friend back.”

What worries me is how the fury got here and where Anola and Clear are. They have to be here somewhere. Peaches lifts me out of the water in his teeth with his colossal head. He sets me on the edge of the pond.

Peaches flutters around and swims in the water.

“Opal!” I hear a squeaking voice. “Opal!”

I turn to look around. It’s Anola.

“Anola, I was so worried about you. Are you ok? Where is Clear? I have so much to tell you.”

Anola puts her head down and turns and waves for me to follow her.

“Bye, Peaches,” I tell the dog. “I’ll be back soon, ok?”

Peaches swims back under water and waves a big fin at me. Anola doesn’t look happy. I don’t know what to say or do. Did I do something wrong? How did the fury get here? It looks like we are headed to the castle where Clear is. Hopefully she will know what to do.

The castle still looks the same. It doesn’t seem out of place. Anola stops and turns. She still doesn’t look up, it looks like she’s crying.

“Anola, what is wrong? Are you ok? What happened here? Where is Clear?” I ask.

“I will answer everything,” says Clear. She fires up and wisps around me, leaving ashes in her path.

“When you used your powers to stop time and get rid of the fury, you used powers from here. You drained energy from Omynora. You need to find your stones so this doesn’t happen again. You don’t know your own powers yet. You’re draining life from here. The fury came here and took Plum, from the pond. She is using her on earth. She probably isn’t what she seems, so be careful you don’t hurt her. She doesn’t know what she’s doing under a spell.”

“How did it get here?” I ask.

“It came from under the water. It looks like a woman. Some of the dolphins were hurt, and she killed a few fairy mermaids along the way.” Clear turns to water and splashes me.

“You must find the stones. Sit down, close your eyes and concentrate.”

“We are going tonight to find them. I think they are at the zoo.”

“Good.” She says as she slowly disappears. Stars are everywhere. I feel heavy and fall on to the moss. Anola tries to keep my eyes open with her hands and feet, pulling my eyelids open, but they are too tired and strong to stay open. I can hear her crying. I drift off.

I am on my bed. I close my eyes tight, hoping to go back to Omynora.

“Opal” my mom calls from downstairs. “Someone is at the door for you.”

I lift myself despairingly off my bed and I run downstairs. It’s Violet.

“Hi Vi, what’s up?”

She looks at me, a little nervous.

“What now!” I ask.

Before she can say anything, my mom interrupts her.

“Hi, Violet, how’s your mom doing?” asks my mom. “Want to stay for dinner, sweetie? Sweet potato pie.”

She holds Violet’s shoulders and walks with her to the kitchen. How could she refuse my mother? I shake my head and follow them into the kitchen.

“Uh mom, can you set 2 extra plates? Please!” she looks at me, wondering who else besides Violet is coming, but seems excited anyway.

“Sure, sweetie!” She says as she gets 2 more place settings.

“I’ll be right back.” I walk into my mom’s bedroom where Dave and Miles are sitting on the bed talking. Miles has a fresh shirt on and looks like he showered.

“Looks like we missed the rest of the day.” Sorry Dave.

“I figured, let’s go see your mom, ok.” Dave stands up and walks out of the room.

“Are you ok?” I sit down next to Miles. He is checking his watch, reading something on it.

“I’m fine. How are you?” He looks in my eyes finally. I just stare at them. The green in his eyes is heavenly. He puts his hand on my face. Gently touching my skin. He pulls me close to him.

“Come on, you too.” Dave peeks back in the room, startling us. “Star is setting you a plate Miles.”

“Coming.” I say. We both get up, fidgeting with our hands, not sure what to do. Miles checks his watch one last time.

“There is a note in my room but it turned to ice. Mrs. Simpson is gone. We have to find her.” I say to him, almost forgetting about it. He nods his head, kisses me on the cheek, and takes my hand. We walk out of the room and into the kitchen. Violet’s chin drop to the floor when she sees us holding hands.

“Ah, mom I need to talk to Vi, we’ll be right back, ok.” I gesture at Violet to hurry.

“Ok sweetie. Hi Miles. How is your mom doing? She must be so busy. I hear a tiger is about to have babies.” My mom keeps talking as Violet and I walk up the stairs to my room.

“So, you are in a love triangle.” Violet say’s.

“I can’t help it, Vi. Miles is so -Miles and Jon is so- different I don’t know how to expla-. SHH.” I hush Violet so I can hear. There is rumbling in my room. We sneak over to get a better look.

We walk slowly along the hall and to my room, inching our way. Peeking in, we see bats flying around my room.

“What are you doing? Get out of here!” I yell. Violet just screams.

They squeak and stumble about as they try to pick up my socks and jewelry, anything it seems they can grab. All their eyes are yellow and glaring at me.

“Opal? What is it?” Yells Dave running up the stairs. Miles is already here. We both start waving the bats out of the window. They are hissing at us. Pulling at our hair. Violet is freaking out, but she gets her courage up and swings a t-shirt at the bats.

“Be careful, don’t hurt them,” I beg. “They are under a spell. They don’t know what they’re doing.”

All the bats are humming, so I can’t read their thoughts. I know they are under a spell. A few of them are in my closet and get into my shoe box full of stones. They try to grab a few, but I think they’re too heavy for them.

They fly out the window. There is one moving under the shirt Violet threw. Miles jumps on the windowsill and on to the limb of the oak tree. Then down to the yard, scanning everywhere, trying to see where the bats came from.

My mom is there waiting by the door with Dave.

“Is Miles ok?” She runs over to the window and looks down to see if he is alright. Dave finally comes in and bends down to get the shirt.

“Wait, let me see it,” I say, holding out my hand.

“No, these things could have rabies,” says Dave, kind of aggravated that I would ask to hold it.

I reach over and grab the bat. He’s small. Poor little guy, I think. His eyes go from yellow to brown.

“Hey, little guy,” I say out loud.

“Hi, Princess,” he says. I can hear him trying to catch his breath. “I’m sorry, Princess, I didn’t realize I was in your room.” As he is looking around,

“It’s ok,” I say, patting his head. “Your wing isn’t moving. Did you hurt it?”

“Opal, stop it. That bat can’t understand you!” my mom says, kind of angry. “Dave, get it outside!”

“No!” I plead and hide the bat under my arm. “He stays with me until his wing heals. I will take care of him.”

The bat snuggles under my arm and gets comfortable. I just look at everyone with a protective glare.

“Ok, sweetie,” says Dave. “It’s ok.”

He puts his hands up and moves everyone out of the way and slowly closes the door, almost all the way.

“Let’s give her some space,” he says.

When they’re gone, I put the bat in the shoebox with my shirt that Dave was waving around.

The bat snuggles in and goes back to sleep. I pick up the stones when there’s a knock at my door.

“Come in,” I say.

“Hey,” says my mom. “You ok?”

She sits down on my bed.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I reply.

“Miles is downstairs. Come down for dinner now, ok. Oh, and wash your hands, please.” she smiles and I nod.

Heading down stairs I hear laughter. Miles and Violet are sitting together and talking. I’m so glad that Violet is feeling better. I wonder what she has to tell me.

“Hi.” I say as I sit down. Everyone quiets down and just looks at me.

“Here sweetie, have some sweet potato pie.” My mom fills my plate and everyone starts eating. No one is acknowledging the bat I have in my room sleeping. I guess it’s better not to discuss it. We have to get ready for our midnight meeting, I’m thinking as I’m trying to eat.

Mom and Dave get up and start cleaning the dishes. The three of us just start talking about the day, leaving out important scary things that may have happened so my parents won’t hear.

My mom brings a plate of brownies and sets them down.

“Did I hear something about homecoming?” My mom, she says, grinning.

I roll my eyes and Violet starts giggling like she’s embarrassed.

“We have to find you girls some dresses,” my mom says, looking excited. “Miles, will you be going with Opal?”

“Ok, Mom, Really!” I say.

“I better get home,” says Violet. “It’s getting late. Thanks for dinner, Mrs. White.”

Violet gives my mom a hug.

“You’re welcome, honey, anytime,” she says. Then Violet hugs Miles and me.

Then we both walk Violet out.

“Is everything ok?” I ask her. She looks at me, then Miles, and smiles.

“Yes, its fine!” Violet says.

“See you at midnight here.” I whisper and point my finger to the porch. She nods.

“I’ll walk you home.” Miles holds her arm to wait for him. He pulls my hair out of my face. I’ll see you tonight. I’ll meet you at our spot. He kisses me on the forehead.

I go to the living room and say goodnight to Dave. He’s watching TV, flipping through the channels. My mom goes to the kitchen to finish cleaning up after dinner.

“Hi,” I say to Dave.

“Hi, sweetie,” he says, patting the couch. “Come sit.”

“You ok?” he asks as he puts his arm around me, hugging me.

“I’m fine,” I smile. “Sorry about getting so mad about the bat. I just feel bad for him.”

“It’s ok,” he says. “I’ll look in the attic and see if there’s a nest up there. Everything else ok?”

I try to put on the biggest smile I can manage.

“I’m fine, really, thanks. There’s just a lot going on at school.” I roll my eyes a little.

I say goodnight and give Dave a hug.

“Hey, sweetie, if you need to talk, I’m always here, ok?” He says.

I get up and say, “I know, thanks.”

“Goodnight, Opal, sweet dreams.”

“Night, sweetie,” my mom says, coming in to sit with Dave.

I walk up the stairs. I change into my pj’s and check on the bat. He is sleeping, so I crawl into bed myself. I think about the fury and wonder what it wanted in my room. It probably was the stones, but it doesn’t know they’re not from Omynora. I hate that a fury uses animals. It makes me so mad. I yawn and feel my eyes getting tired. I turn off my light and fall asleep.

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