TAURÉ -the lost legacies book one

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My name is Carian el Sol I'm a TAURÉ. The very first of my kind And this is my Legacy.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: The last chance.

In the beginning,
Before there was Race, Religion, Limitations of the mind or even death...
My Grand mother was created for a man, the first of both their kinds, to rule and replenish the Earth and they did.
Well after the temptation and being chased of out paradise of course.

Anyway, years later, Kamaria, last daughter of Eve, was paired with an angel Soèl. They were among many others who found love in their differences and that's when it all begun.
For this, all half-breeds and fallen were forced to live in different realms away from humanity.

My parents knew my mother was different that she was very special. That she just was a Taurè. Not an abomination. Absolutely NOT a ticking timebomb.

In that very year, my brother and I were born.

Unlike our father's angelic nature and physical magnificence or Our mother's pure soul and endless Love, we had a charge.

This wasn't supposed to be a new dawn for all supernaturals that were forced into other Realms in fear of being enslaved or used by the humans and that curse on their kind- death.

We're meant to live forever but that didn't last long.

As soon as my brother and I matured, we discovered that being half Angel and half Taurè wasn't all sunflowers and lilies.

We were stuck between personalities. It's either you are good and without flaw or you are bad and doomed.
At least that's how it was for him until he met his Mark. He changed and he was set free from his charge's oppression.

I on the other hand needed to find my Mark before darkness overcame my entire being and all supernaturals and humans would this time perish. It was only a matter of time especially now that I accidentally got cursed to never die after taking a life I wasn't supposed to. I mean who kills people to stay sane? It's the sickest thing ever.


1905, Sahara Desert- 16th Reincarnation -Aged 158
-name: Carian Ellisol

A night alone again, away from civilisation. in this cold, dry and silent cave in the middle of a vast sea of sands.
I moved away from the flames I had conjured a few hours ago as my stomach growled causing me to cross my legs hoping to avoid having to lose too much body heat in this dark and lifeless cave.

My fourteenth run from a Marriage ceremony since the Pharoah in 1654 BC. My oh my was I over this! It took me a whole seventeen earth years to remember everything from my previous life this time around. Which is one hell of a century and half in purgatory.

That's why I came back into this Realm. Where his presence is more concentrated. And truthfully because I've only been able to feed better here than in none humanzone realms.
And now I've wasted so much time that my humanity is about to fade.

A new life, body, place and expectations but same old soul. I was tired if not exhausted out of my wits.
I had just shifted from the third realm (Purgatory- the realm of the halflings and hybrids) right after my sixteenth reincarnation trying to find him but instead I literally ran into a sheikh -thankfully this time around- who'd immediately begun planning for our marriage ceremony before the sun set.
I had to jump out the window of a four storey Arabian Castle to meet a ground leveled in hard core concrete luckily my lehenga was enough cushion to keep my body parts intact. No wonder it was next to impossible being able to run. So instead I switched it with a khalak I found one of the girls who was 'trying' to catch me. Take note of the keywords there.

I have to admit it was fun and all but I'm too old for these acts.

It's a marvel how some people still haven't caught up with the concept of 'Consent' or at least patience. This being the 20th century and all. 1905 was officially one of my worst years of being alive.
Lucky for him and his men, I was still worn out from the switch between Realms otherwise... it's only by grace they'd have all survived. I needed to feed soon. My Charge was already unbearable when I was fully fed.

"May I?" a low and deep voice interrupted my thoughts as a stranger made himself comfortable right on the opposite end of the little fire I had going. Where the hell did he come from.

"Is that how strangers now introduce themselves here? And I don't remember agreeing to being entertained with your company. So leave." I stated as I looked up from my meditation position. Straightening my meroon khalak from its crinkled state in order to hide my very naked and exposed parts, I stared into the dark chocolate eyes that were just as mysterious as the stranger's choice of dressing -All black (leather pants, sweatshirt and a long trench coat with leather patches and some worn out hiking boots). He was a handsome fellow but I had more pressing matters to worry about than pressing onto someone I just meet a few seconds into a conversation.

I could tell he was not entirely Mundane but he didn't have a charge either, which means he's either a halfbreed or a demon. why not angel?
okay it's quite easy Angels are forbidden in the human realm. Only special cases require their presence and whenever that moment takes place we all supernaturals feel the change in the dimensions like an electric shock. In short it's quick but still uncomfortable.

"Since when do you ever get what you want?" He said ignoring my rant as his tone stayed calm and low as when he first spoke.

"Since a few reincarnations ago, now please leave!" I rose up towering over him but soon regretted the decision when he stood to a 6'4 win over my 5'9.

Fudging Crap that body!

"There's only one cave for miles if not days, let's share this one for the night. I won't bother you and you even won't even hear me breath, deal?" he finally broke the staring competition by raising his hands in a gesture of defeat. Well the breathing part was a give away cause he hardly had a heartbeat going.

"And that's supposed to magically change my decisions?" I asked looking him up as I walked towards the entrance to ensure there was no possibility of an intruder to interrupt what I had planned to do to this unknown creature.

"Okay it's a good deal, but mine is better. I need your blood! Otherwise you might as well leave." I Stated with a sick grin taking over my expressionless face.

"So it's you, although I must say, I'm quite disappointed that the grand daughter of Eve is still quite so... primitive. Ever heard of a Tribrid? you might want to avoid taking their energy. Those are some messy freaks of nature by the way." He said making himself comfortable in his previous spot.

"And who said I wanted clean energy?" I asked my claws coming out as my green eyes turn a shade darker than before. A few more breaths and My charge would take over.

"Are you kidding me right now? I just got here for Christ's sake and you're already about to drain the last bit of humanity I have left seriously?" He complained, his tone a little higher than the other times he's spoken.
clearly this situation was not as amusing for him.

"I don't really have an option, especially after you expressed your disappointment in me, I doubt you'd mind losing a little more of that attitude." My dark side responded as she was now raging against my better judgement to just drain her prey.

In that very moment I heard a distant blow of a horn. Darn those royal dogs!
It's already been two whole days can't they just let it go already?

"It seems you might just have a buffet waiting for you 2 miles east from here. Might wanna make a run for it before your meal escapes!" He commented looking quite interested in my dilemma.

"Freaking elves and their great senses!" I muttered under my breath but low enough for him to get everything.

"We know, now go catch us some roasted meat from their camels will you." He pursed falling backwards to lay down as if in anticipation for the meal to come.

Likewise, I ran out as my eyes were completely black now that my dark charge took over entirely.

All I recall was causing one hell of a sand storm and the screams of terror as she sucked their energy leaving behind dry corpses who immediately turned to sand as if their existence was merely a figment of my imagination. Of course their wails will forever be forged in my memories but just as they had been drained shall they be used to retain my humanity in my next two reincarnations.

Satisfied and back to my better self I emptied their camels of all necessary equipment for my coming days of travel out of this dreadfully silent place.
Completely changed into a cleaner pair of a plain khalak with pair of pants in hand I head for the cave to damp all my collections on my side of the now dying flame.
The stranger instead was sound asleep. Looking so peaceful and even more attractive than most elven men.
Unlike what books and studies in the human realm protray elves to be. They are not peaceful creatures at all.
They feed off negative human emotions and they definitely like a great roasted dwarf.

Okay that was exaggerated, they hate vegetables for starters and they are powerful nature benders. Elements are not their specialty but they sure do know how to grow a viscious natural storm or disaster as humans call those phenomens.

They are great at disguises too which is no wonder I couldn't spot him earlier. Luckily they are not violent enough to cause me to fear them as much as I do halflings.
The breeze brushed by my cheeks and I couldn't help but let out a shiver.

I flicked my wrist towards the almost dead flame and it comes back to life with a more vibrant glow. And the night goes by in a haze.


Morning came and I woke to an empty cave.
All my supplies were gone like literally not there.
'And to think I spared his god forsaken life'
I mused as I decided to head north, far away from where I came. hopefully to a better century than my last.
I had been moving for two days tops. Slower this time because of the many villages I was passing through.

Night time came and I was ecstatic now that I could finally move in a storm without being spotted.
With that I begun my lazy run across sands and before long I was floating with the dust across the vast barren land.

As a Taurè I can manipulate elements and sometimes even realities. My most prized abilities are shifting between Realms and being able to restore Life in my better self. Although reincarnating into the same species is awesome but it was never something I was born with. Before my mother was taken away into the First Realm (Heaven) by my father,
I was wnrged so I ended up taking the life of a witch called Lahdan who's mate soon laid a curse upon me that I perish after am Marked by my Cole ( soulmate). Hence my failure to die entirely and that's why I can't ever shift to heaven or Hell. Those two dimensions are only limited to souls who's journeys in a body have come to an end.

Angel or Demon mates are an exception but Charges like me aren't mated to Angels or Demons but other Taurè called Cole. because our charges are more darker than they are initially supposed to be.
Coles are more light in comparison to my dark charge. I unfortunately have both sides of the charge in control but a Cole has their light side as excessively more dominant than my charge has.

And even though we've got a balance between the two it's only when a Cole and a darker charge mate that the charge takes one form entirely.
Demons are dark and Angels are light.
A Tauré has a source of power which can either be from their Angel side or Fallen side. but sadly for the very first sets of my type of Tauré we were both born with both sides dominating and the longer it takes to mate with a Cole the harder it is to control the charge.
at least my brother had his but I still haven't found mine.

After moving for miles It didn't take more than two hours that I was met with the sound of raging waves then I decided to break the storm around me.
A two more miles and I was faced with the most beautiful scenery since I arrived here.

The ocean was raging against the shore just as my heart against time. Against the distance between me and my Cole. He was so close I could feel him but I still didn't know where to look exactly.
Just one glance at him and I'd be free. Free to live, to die along side him, to love and not fright about whether or not I'll be accepted wholely.
Whether or not I'd be at peace because just seeing him will grant me the peace I've been yearning all my life, lives!

We could finally fulfill our fate and restore the balance in us.
I was the only remaining Tauré without a Cole.
My mateless lives proved to bring me more bad luck than good after all who were like me found their missing halves.

if it were easy for me as it was for them, I'd be happy, free and at peace.

But it wasn't and not as long as I was still cursed. And now my Charge was starting to threaten the lives I am yet to surround myself with, how was I to carry on.
Yes, hope is what I need. it's all I can afford to have now.
I will come back again for you, my Mark, my Cole.
And I ran one last time to my last reincarnation. My last chance at being alive with a soul that isn't over taken by darkness or driven by the curse from my shortcomings. One last chance to recall all my previous lives.
Crashing into the waves I thought, "My final legacy for the lost legacies."

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