Rise Of Dragon's Daughter

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Lilith, the heir to house valyria, was betrayed by her family. She had seen her father being tortured, her mother being raped yet her uncles, aunts and cousins laughed. Her lover whom she trusted used her trust to use her dragons in the war to rule over the whole cosmos. Yet fates, who came down to earth to take her soul to heaven directly as they took pity on her, were shocked to the core when they saw her unwillingness and thirst for revenge. They broke their rules for her and gave her a second chance. But everything comes with a price, thus, in return, they gave her the toughest fate ever and also a challenge that will help her to go back to heaven after she died but if she did not complete it she would remain on earth forever as a haunted soul.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The world has changed a lot. Now, we don’t even call earth ‘earth’ anymore. It all just changed. Many people would say in what context it had been changed. Then I think it is easier to say the world has flipped upside down. The people whom we thought were freaks or dumb were all right. After world war III, almost 70% of people were dead, and those who were not were in the stage of being dead. We now have to hunt, fishing, live in trees or caves like our ancestors. We were at the basic again.

Gods whom we thought were myths, came out of their hiding.

Gods don’t mean those Greeks, Romans, Chinese, etc. By gods mean celestial. They revealed a new world to us. They gave us the power to sustain ourselves in this whole new world. We became immortals. We met elves, dragons, mages, fairies, etc., and then we, humans, created our own place in that world with the help of a true dragon queen and ice king. They gave us a place to live, trained us to become warriors and in return, we become their soldiers called “Dothraki”.

After 100 years Khaleesi Aine and Khal Phelan, the most powerful Kahl and Khaleesi, gave born to their firstborn twins. The birth was on the night of the strongest storm ever seen 1st born was born when the storm was at its 1st peak just 1 minute before the star alignment and dragons roar whereas the 2nd born was born when the stars align, all dragons gave their roar and storm was at its 2nd peak. Thus, the 1st born, Liliana, will be the general of the queen whereas 2nd born Lilith would be the next queen and Khaleesi.

They both were very sweet and as their mother and father remained in battle, they were never able to see how the 2nd and 3rd households of House Valeria were treating them. They were never taught to fight and thus were easier to target by their cousins. After the 2nd and 3rd households came to know about the power of their spirit root, they used both sisters as pawns in the games. They made them fall in love with the darkness of Prince Abnus. Their cousin Frostine tried their plans, but the twins did not believe in her. In the end, Lilith had to see her father being tortured, her mother being raped, her dragons’ limbs be torn and in the end, they made her kill her twin.

Fates, when came down on Midgard (the new name of the earth) to collect Lilith’s soul as they took pity on her, was shocked to the core as they saw her thirst for vengeance. She persuaded them to give her a 2nd chance. In the end, they did give her a chance, but with some conditions, and for that, she had to choose a companion for her. She chose her twin and they both agreed to the conditions. The first one was that they were given the hardest fate written by them and 2nd was Lilith has to collect 6 stones with the help of her sister. Those 6 stones were power sources of fate and they were above anyone even them. If they did not complete the system, their soul would always remain here and never achieve peace. The sisters agreed to the conditions. But before going fates gave them a piece of advice to believe no one but themselves.

And then the sisters were surrounded with white light.

So, Guys, this is my 1st story I hope you all like it. This story is based on all series, movies I have seen, and novels I have read. In this story, I am going to make my own world or should I say cosmos which is not similar to our real world in any way.

So I hope you like this chapter and do tell me if there are any mistakes. Also, my English is a little bit poor, so don’t say anything about it.


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