The Flames Calling

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Five fae from the capital City of Lyviali, get chosen to compete in the Dragon Academy. The place where 732 fae enter, but only six make it out with their lives. While at the Dragon Academy, secrets are kept about the past, and a connection between the seemingly random selection. Follow Alora Henry on her path to avenging her mother's death. Learn about Jackson's family secrets that might effect his future. Watch as Aedion deals with the feeling of never being enough, as he stops watching from the sidelines. Help with the guilt and shame Alexa feels from the murder of her twin sister. Listen as Cole opens up about his fears and worries that his powers are out of his control. Together will they survive the horrors that lie in their paths? Or will they join the other contestants in Death's embrace.

Fantasy / Adventure
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5 years ago, my life looked much different than it looks now. I was an abandoned kid in search of a way to escape fate. Now, I’ve embraced my fate, because I wouldn’t have met the people who make my life worth living.

I was lost, wandering the forests of Lyviali, trying to find a way out. A way to escape the path that would lead to an untimely demise. Killing, savaging, searching for a way to escape the path that would lead me to the train traveling Westward to the Dragon Academy. The road to my friends, no, my family. It was a major waste of time, I know. But I didn’t know what would await me down the path of fate. I was afraid of dying young, of not making an impact in this broken world. I was afraid — terrified of ending like my mother did.

She survived the horrors of the Dragon Academy, and triumphed. Only to have a child, breaking the only law of the Council members, and be burnt at the stake. It was my fire that burned her alive, and on nights when my memories plague me, I can still hear her screams. I can still smell the stench of burning flesh. I can still feel my father’s heartbeat as I cried into his chest. I was only eight. Just old enough to understand what was happening, yet not old enough to save her.

Four months later, my father ended his own life, not able to cope with his wife’s death.

I was raised by the council, my mother’s friends and murderers, for thirteen years. Fate always looming behind the corner. Always knowing I would have to participate in the Dragon Academy, but never knowing how much it would bring to my life. How many lives would have an impact on mine. How many lives I would impact.

But that was years ago, I now know that the Academy was simultaneously the most terrifying, yet amazing thing that has ever happened. And I’m living life the way my mother would’ve wanted. Working to change this broken world, working to bring peace to a war-filled nation. Bringing hope to a bleak world in need of joy. To continue her work,— her life’s goal that was never fulfilled. Carrying on her legacy, carrying on her light. Mine is a story of a lost girl that feared her fate, until she embraced the flames that surrounded her heart. Mine is a story of triumph and tears. Fire and water. Love and heartache. My life is full of contentment and disappointment. This is the story of my life.

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