The Beta's Sister

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Chapter 11: Elizabeth

Elizabeth howled in happiness as she ran through the forest. The freedom was exhilarating, not needing to worry about the humans. She heard Michael following behind her, allowing her enough room to explore without a guide. Her wolf purred. His wolf was stunning. His fur was black onyx, the size of his wolf both intimidating and arousing, just like his counterpart. Something ignited in her when she saw his wolf, and it burned away the walls that she had erected to keep him out. Her wolf had sensed something about him that told her that he was genuine, that his apology was sincere, and those walls crumbled immediately. More freedom; restraining herself in those walls against him was painful and exhausting. Now, she felt happiness.

She growled playfully as Michael nipped at her tail. She heard him growl in response. She turned sharply and ran even faster. She knew that he would catch her, he was an Alpha, after all. If he really wanted to, she would be trapped by now, but she knew that it was a game for him. He wanted to chase her, to watch her, to not deprive her of the freedom. She pushed herself faster and jumped over a large branch. She turned again and sprawled on to her belly in the weeds. She heard Michael’s paws slow as he sniffed the air. She lowered her head between her paws further and her lips brushed against the dirt.

After a moment, Elizabeth’s ears twitched. She did not hear Michael anymore. She peered through the weeds and could not locate him. She slowly raised her head up. No outline of his wolf. She sniffed lightly. I can smell him, she thought. As she went to stand, she was knocked to the ground and Michael’s scent flooded her nose. He pinned her body to the ground beneath them, his paws beside hers as he locked himself into place. He growled lowly beside her ear and licked at it softly. She purred and nuzzled her head against his. His snout drifted to her neck, and he buried it into her fur. She smirked and attempted to stand again, but his body bucked her back down against the dirt. His canines grazed against her skin softly as he inhaled her scent.

Elizabeth arched her back into Michael’s, and a throaty purr was drawn from him. Whatever his wolf unlocked in her, her wolf had done the same to his. He ground his body into her back roughly. She growled as she felt the erection slide along her back, and she arched her back into him again. A low growl escaped his mouth and danced along her neck. His large frame consumed her small one, his paws pressed tightly into the ground. She felt him open his mouth and trail his tongue along her fur down to her shoulder. His tongue then worked its way back up to her ear and he nipped it gently. She purred as he tasted her, and she craved to taste him. He ground his body against her one more time, then jumped off her.

Elizabeth stood up and found Michael standing a few feet away, his eyes bright with hunger. She took a step toward him, and he took a step back. He growled playfully, his lips pulled back to reveal a grin. He nodded behind himself and took off running. Elizabeth grinned. Now it was her turn to chase him. And after how he just handled me, I am definitely up for the chase, she thought. It was like he was marking her with his wolf, and her wolf responded eagerly. She sprinted after him, but the Alpha part of his wolf was making him run so fast that he was almost invisible to her.

Elizabeth followed him swiftly. Michael howled to taunt her. She pushed her felt faster, amazed as she began to close the distance between them. To her surprise, he stopped near the waterfall. He was looking at the sky. She titled her head up and saw rays of daybreak beginning to burst through the darkness. He nodded for her to go inside of the cave first. She jumped into the cavern and swam through the cold water. She dug her claws into the lip of the cave when she approached it and climbed her way inside.

Elizabeth shifted into her counterpart and quickly and slid on her clothes. She heard Michael’s claws striking rock as he climbed the mountain to the cave’s entrance. She wrapped her hair in her hands and squeezed the water out of it. As Michael landed in the cave, she grabbed his pants and tossed them at his feet. She turned away to allow him privacy to shift and dress. Her mind was buzzing over the encounter between his wolf and hers. It was electric, she thought. She was surprised that she allowed her body to respond to his, but the electricity that ignited when he dominated her fueled her need for him. Michael’s arm wrapped around her waist, and he spun her around to face him. He backed her against the wall of the cave and caged her between his arms and the wall as he placed one hand on each side of her head. “We need to talk,” his husky voice said deeply. “Now.”

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