The Beta's Sister

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Chapter 12: Merge

Michael’s muscles flexed as his body fought to restrain his wolf. Something had triggered in his wolf at the sight of hers, and he could only assume that the mating bond had intensified. He was craving her like a man deprived of thirst. It took every ounce of power and self-control to prevent his wolf from fucking her right then and there in the field. He clenched his jaw as his cock pulsed painfully beneath his pants. His wolf was scratching at the surface, begging to throw Elizabeth on the blanket and claim her, but he had to talk to her first. She needed to know.

The intensity in Michael’s eyes caused Elizabeth’s knees weaken. Emerald and gold swirled in harmony as he fixated on her. He is fighting his wolf, she realized. She arched her back suddenly as her own wolf threatened to push through. Something happened during the shift, she thought. Neither her nor her wolf had reacted to a male wolf like this before. She wondered if her control was the only reason why her wolf did not beg Michael to finish dominating her in the field. She purred at the memory of his broad body melded into hers. His eyes brightened as he brought his face closer to hers, a low growl in his throat. “Stop,” he demanded through clenched teeth. Her back arched and thrust her body toward him again as her wolf clawed for release. Her own eyes were swirls of blue and gold, and she gasped. It took a lot of strength to fight the wolf within, so much so that many wolves failed at the fight. She knew that an Alpha or Beta could fight it, Michael was winning his own battle, but knowing that she was succeeding in fighting her own wolf was surprising.

“Speak,” Elizabeth ordered breathlessly. She arched her body toward him again. Michael snarled and pressed a hand against her stomach to flatten her back against the wall. If she keeps begging, speaking won’t happen, him and his wolf thought simultaneously. She bit her lip in response, and her blue and gold eyes brightened. “My Beta told me something, and there was a part of me that doubted its validity until the shift,” he whispered huskily. “I wanted to wait until after Matthew left to talk to you about it, but, fuck, it will be torture to wait that long now.”

“What?” she breathed as she attempted to arch again.

“You’re my mate.”

Elizabeth gasped as her wolf fought even harder. She felt Michael’s grip tighten on her, a low purr escaping his throat. She accepts, Elizabeth realized, and so does his wolf. “That’s just a myth,” she whispered. “The mating bond isn’t real.”

“I thought so, too, until our wolves met. The things that my wolf wants me to do to you,” he growled softly. He leaned forward and licked her neck softly. She gasped as his touch sent sparks throughout her body. His tongue trailed up her neck to her earlobe, his hot breath against her skin igniting a ball of arousal in her core. “Tell me that you don’t feel it, that it’s something else,” he spoke into her ear. He pressed his body into hers. She groaned as his large, swollen erection dug into her stomach. “And I’ll make him stop. But, if you admit it to me,” he continued darkly. His hands dropped from the cave wall to grip her hips tightly. “I will lose control, little wolf. I’ve wanted you for so long, and now my wolf does, too.”

Michael nipped at Elizabeth’s earlobe, and her breathing hitched. His wolf was furious with him for giving her the choice to say no. His wolf was scratching beneath his skin irately at the knowledge that his mate was in his grasp, that she wanted him, and he was not allowed to claim her. Just touching her skin was sending him over the edge, and the possibility of being inside of her fueled his wolf’s rage even further for the denial of his emergence. He needed to feel her, to taste her, to claim her from the inside out, but he wanted her confirmation first. He nipped her earlobe again and pulled it gently with his teeth. The sweet smell of her arousal polluted the cave. Their heartbeats deafened their ears as it rendered the waterfall mute. “Michael,” she whispered with an edge of begging in her voice.

“Say it,” he ordered deeply. “I need to hear it.”

“Michael,” she repeated breathlessly. “You’re my mate.”

Elizabeth moaned as Michael’s lips crashed against hers. He grunted and wrapped her in his arms to lift her up to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist as his mouth devoured hers. She kissed him hungrily, desperately. Her arms rested on his shoulders, and she dug her nails into his back. Her skin was scorching, yearning to be even closer to him. Michael groaned as she drew blood on the skin of his back and his tongue invaded her mouth. Her nails raked up his back into his hair and she tugged sharply. Michael snarled and whirled them around.

Michael laid Elizabeth on the blanket beneath them and stripped off her pants. He quickly slid out of his own pants and broke their kiss to remove her shirt. He trailed kisses down her neck to her collarbone. His lips quickly latched on to one of her breasts and his tongue caressed her nipple. She moaned and arched her body up against him. He snarled lightly and devoured her other breast before peppering kisses down her stomach. He wanted to taste every inch of her skin. His tongue ran down from her belly button to her core, and he sharply spread her legs apart. His nails scraped her thighs as his tongue roamed her slick entrance. Her juices coated his tongue and he growled as he slipped his tongue inside of her. His lips suckled on the bud of pleasure outside of her core as his tongue writhed within her. Her hips bucked up to him as she gasped. He growled darkly as a wave of her juices flooded his mouth.

“Michael,” Elizabeth begged. “Please.” Her body was on fire, and his touch cooled the areas of her skin that he laid claim to. The ball of arousal in her was threatening to burst. He brought his face back to hers, his gold eyes bright with lust. She moaned as he ground his erection against her sensitive bud. Her nails shifted into claws, and she dug them into his back to compress his body against hers. “Tell me what you need, mate,” his distorted voice demanded. His voice was bordering a growl and a roar, and the ball of arousal swelled even more inside of her. She leaned up to capture his lips, but he pulled away. “Tell me,” he repeated.

“I need you, mate. Please,” she whimpered softly. The need for him drove her so intensely that she briefly contemplated death as a result of his deprivation.

“It will hurt, little wolf.”

“I don’t care.”

Michael wrapped a hand around her throat and kissed her deeply as he thrust into her core. She cried out, and he swallowed her cry with a groan. She was so tight, he wanted to spill his seed into her right then and there. He remained still inside of her as he kissed her, allowing her to embrace the pain before he continued. He cherished the knowledge that his cock would be the first and last to ever satisfy her. She was his, and he refused to ever give her up. No one will keep me from you, he vowed. He slowly thrust into her once and a small cry escaped her. “It will pass, little wolf,” he murmured as his lips trailed to her ear. “And, when it does, you will only feel pleasure.”

As Michael thrust again, the next cry that Elizabeth uttered was a blend of pain and pleasure. He was so large, he filled her completely. As if he was made for me, she thought. She had never been more thankful for the previous rejections that she endured or issued with males until this moment. Her destined mate claimed her virginity, which was only a fairytale to wolves now. And her fairytale of finding her mate came true. She pulled his face back to hers and kissed him deeply. He issued another slow thrust, and this time she met it with a pleasure filled moan. The Alpha god before her not only awakened her wolf, he awakened her as well. He gave her the opportunity to say no, even though it would have hurt him physically if she rejected his advances; his wolf would not have been forgiving toward him. The monster of a wolf that killed and took anyone that he pleased would not do that to her. She knew, in that moment of required confirmation before he claimed her, that she was falling in love with him. He thrust into her again and her hands ripped at his hair. She tore his lips away from hers. “Pleasure,” she demanded with a low growl.

Michael snarled and began pounding into her. Her body tensed as her orgasm neared its explosion. His erection was painful with the amount of control that it took to contain his own orgasm. His eyes ravaged her body as her tits bounced at the force of his fucking. Her eyes fluttered, her mouth permanently open as her moans consumed the cave. He knew the moment that he had begun to fight his wolf for control that he was falling in love with her. The mating bond had simply ignited the process of him admitting it to himself. He bent down and captured her lips. She immediately kissed him with starvation. He growled deeply as her claws tore into his back and blood began to drip down his skin. I can’t hold it anymore, he thought. His growl morphed into a roar as his orgasm possessed him. He spilled his seed deeply into his mate.

Elizabeth moaned as her orgasm convulsed her body. She felt Michael’s hands drop to her hips to secure her against him while he continued to thrust. She felt another orgasm beginning to build and she wrapped her legs around his waist. His lips trailed down to the left side of her neck and his canines penetrated her skin. She screamed out and bucked against him as her second orgasm burst. She ripped his head from her neck and watched her blood drip down his lips. She pulled his head to reveal the left side of his neck as well and promptly buried her canines into his skin.

Michael roared as his second orgasm exploded, more powerful than the last. His seed pumped greedily into his mate as his wolf purred. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and ripped her canines from his neck. He kissed her deeply, the blood on their lips melting into their kiss. He then dropped his lips to her neck and licked away the blood from her skin, caressing her already healed wound. Werewolves could heal from werewolf bites, but it did scar. A perfect imprint of his canines was forever branded into her flesh. He kissed the mark softly, then raised his head to look down at her.

Elizabeth lifted her head up and grazed her tongue along Michael’s throat to clean the blood that had dripped from her mark. He groaned softly, and she suckled on his neck gently for the remainder of the blood. She pulled her face away and gazed upon the imprint of her canines in his skin. She traced her fingers over the mark softly. “Mate,” she whispered. She had never seen a mate mark before; it was just another piece of the fairytale. She felt Michael’s fingers stroke his mark that was on her neck, and she smiled. “Mate,” he whispered back.

“I need to tell Vincent and Grayson.”

“Little wolf, we need to wait until after Matthew,” Michael said softly. “One issue at a time for your poor Alpha to stress about. And,” he hesitated. “If Matthew finds out that I’ve had you, he will try even harder for you. It’s a game to him, to see if he can make she-wolves orgasm better than I can.”

“How romantic,” Elizabeth said sarcastically. “But I agree. Vincent is already on edge with Matthew being around. We don’t need to add unnecessary stress to Vincent just yet or add to Matthew’s interest in me. You really think that he would try to take your mate?”

“I’d kill him if he did try, that’s the problem, little wolf,” Michael whispered. “Killing my own pack members is one thing. I cannot risk the start of a war for killing the Alpha of another pack.” He felt rage boil his blood at the thought of Matthew trying to pursue Elizabeth. He would kill Matthew without hesitation for trying to take his mate from him.

Elizabeth smiled and cupped his cheek. “I’ll hide my mark with my hair. Your mark is harder to hide. I hope that none of your she-wolves are stupid enough to try to pursue you now. I’ll rip them apart.” She was surprised at the possessiveness over him, but her wolf was livid at the thought of another she-wolf approaching him. Given his reputation, she expected as much, but she had marked him; to pursue her mate with the disregard of the mark would be disrespectful. Michael chuckled and kissed her briefly. “If anyone asks, I’ll admit that I’m mated, but that I’m waiting to announce it until after Matthew leaves.”

“And if he asks?”

“Same answer. I’ll tell him that I’ll call him after. Out of respect for Vincent, he should know first.”

“Do you think that Matthew will peg an Oceansider with that answer?”

“Possibly, but Mountain is on Vincent’s land now. Regardless of which pack my mate is from, Vincent would need to know.”

“We should probably get some rest before heading back,” she whispered.

“I’m fully awake, little wolf,” he whispered back as he began slowly thrusting into her again. “I could be awake for days.”

“Michael,” she warned playfully.

“Mmm,” he purred as he thrust into her. “Say my name again.”

“You’re hopeless,” she laughed and danced her fingers along his shoulders.

“Not anymore,” Michael said. “Not when I have you in my arms.” He kissed her tenderly as he began to make love to her again.

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