The Beta's Sister

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Chapter 14: Michael

Michael closed his front door behind him. Liam was sitting at an oak dining room table to his right. His Beta’s brown hair was pulled into a tight ponytail that matched he uncomfortable expression that was written on his face. He was wearing a red t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans, nursing a cup of coffee. His back was to the living room. Michael noticed the figure sitting on the leather couch that faced the fireplace. Liam’s brown eyes hardened, and he simply shook his head. He did not know of Matthew’s early arrival, either. The figure from the couch rose and turned to face Michael.

Matthew matched Michael’s height and build. Both packs grew up in the wild, which meant that both Alphas were intimidating by default. Matthew’s sun-bleached blonde hair tickled the nape of his neck. He was wearing a white muscle shirt with a pair of jeans. A grin broke across his face as he strode over to Michael, his brown eyes warm. “Michael,” Matthew said brightly as he pulled him into a hug.

“You’re early, Matt,” Michael grinned as hugged him back. He had truly missed Matthew; next to Liam, Matthew was the closest comparison to a brother that he had. Under normal circumstances, he would be thrilled, but worry for his newfound mate was trying to crack through the mask of normalcy that he was wearing.

“I thought I’d surprise you, you’re usually up by now, anyway,” Matthew said as he released from the hug. “Speaking of surprises, I noticed a she-wolf’s belongings in a spare room. I already settled in there. You shouldn’t have, Mike.”

“She’s not for you,” Michael said calmly as his wolf attempted to break through. “She’s a friend of Alpha Vincent. Since you and I are both on his land, under the same roof, he wanted to make sure that we behaved.”

The front door opened behind Michael and his wolf stirred. His mate shut the door and stepped beside him. She crossed her arms over her chest and nodded. “You must be Matthew.”

“Matt, this is Elizabeth, our babysitter,” Michael said.

“Seriously? He sends someone like that and expects us to behave?” Matthew scoffed.

“In your dreams, Alphas. I’m just here to do a job.”

“You could succeed by making my dream a reality, mouse,” Matthew purred. Michael felt Elizabeth tense beside him. He may call her little wolf, but it was not a degrading term; calling a wolf a mouse, however, was an insult. She clenched her jaw and entered the kitchen to the left. She rummaged through the fridge and withdrew a water bottle before closing the fridge door.

“Want to get me a drink as well, mouse?” Matthew asked.

“Nope,” Elizabeth replied with a pop on the “p.” Liam choked on his coffee and Michael smirked lightly. Matthew cocked an eyebrow. He took a step toward her, and Michael’s wolf stirred again. Elizabeth must have sensed it because he saw her eyes widen briefly. “You dare disrespect an Alpha?” Matthew asked with a hint of venom in his voice.

“Not at all, but you are not my Alpha. Therefore, you can get your own damn drink,” Elizabeth answered curtly.

Liam choked again and Michael shifted his eyes toward him. Liam’s face was mixed with amusement and concern. Liam was the only person that knew that she was the future Luna, which Michael had noticed had awakened a protectiveness in Liam for her. Liam’s eyes flashed gold briefly, and this time Michael shook his head. Liam clenched his jaw but nodded. Liam wanted to intervene, but it was an unnecessary risk. She was fine for right now, and Michael would think quick on his feet if Matthew tried anything. Michael’s eyes drifted back to his mate.

Matthew was studying her, curiosity with anger flush in his face. Michael remembered his own reaction to her resistance of the Alpha Aura, how it was one of the reasons that he pursued her. Her Beta relation and her mate destined to be an Alpha himself explained everything; but, to Matthew, she was just a she-wolf who would not succumb to him. “Vincent must be pretty impressive in the sack for you to disobey me,” Matthew said finally. Michael rolled his eyes. “Want to see if I’m better, mouse?” Matthew purred.

“Matt, can we at least get acquainted with Oceanside before we fuck our way through the pack?” Michael intervened before Elizabeth could respond. He flinched at the venom that Elizabeth’s gold eyes poured into him. The question was cold and calloused, but he knew that it would stop Matthew’s antics for the moment. “You’re right,” Matthew grinned. He took a step towards Elizabeth. “We’ll get acquainted.”

“Nope,” Elizabeth popped again. Her enraged eyes shifted to Michael. “I’m going to retire, Alpha. Sleep eluded me this morning, and I’m sore with last night’s run.”

Michael nodded to dismiss her. He yearned to touch her, to explain, but he knew that she understood. She had to understand. Later, he thought. He watched her walk down the hallway and enter the guest room. “Nope!” she popped loudly. A large, brown duffle back was evicted from the room and landed with a thud in the hallway. The door was promptly slammed shut. Michael exhaled in relief internally. She was safe.

“There is something off with that one,” Matthew said as he plopped on the couch. “I don’t remember the last time that a bitch disobeyed.”

“You’re just upset that she didn’t want to fuck when you offered, Matt,” Michael said. He leaned against the fireplace that was connected to the wall and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Can you blame me? Most of my bitches don’t look as good as she does, even when they’re all dolled up. That one isn’t even trying.”

“She’s Vincent’s friend, and my pack needs peace here. Let’s make sure that we have that before we play musical chairs, fuck edition, shall we?”

“We start with that one,” Matthew said as he pointed down the hallway. “With both of us, we’ll fuck her into submission.”

Michael silenced the deep snarl that his wolf threatened to release. He needed to touch his mate, to ensure that he could protect her. His wolf loathed the knowledge that she was alone with a wolf that was so eager to dominate her in the next room. She will be fine, Michael reminded himself. “How is Oceanside treating you?” Matthew asked suddenly.

“Rather well,” Michael nodded. “We haven’t fully mingled yet, but we will. Elizabeth has agreed to teach the children to swim, and then the adults. I fear them being near the water until then, and so does she.”

“What were Vincent’s rules?” Matthew asked as he lounged both arms over the back of the couch.

“No daytime shifting, no public nudity, and the territory lines that my pack calls home now. We are on his land, but I keep rule of my own people within the boundary.”

“Sounds surprisingly reasonable, at least,” Matthew murmured. His eyes widened as he studied Michael. “What the fuck is that on your neck?” Michael cursed under his breath, and he heard Liam jump to his feet. Michael ran a hand through his hair. He had forgotten about the mark. “Alpha?” Liam asked slowly.

“Tomorrow, gentlemen,” Michael sighed. “The day after the shift is already so exhausting. Settle in, Matthew, but I’m going to crash. Tomorrow, we’ll catch up while I show you around.” Matthew opened his mouth to protest but thought better of it and closed it. A glint of surprise flickered through Liam’s eyes as he nodded.

Michael descended the hallway. He had contemplated visiting Elizabeth, but he did not want to give the wrong impression to Matthew. He entered his own bedroom and grinned suddenly. The smell of soap floated to him from the master bathroom. His large, king bed dominated the bedroom with a deep blue comforter clothing it. He locked his bedroom door and felt his cock instantly spring to life. His mate had snuck into his room for her bath. He entered his bathroom and growled darkly.

Elizabeth sat facing toward the door in the jacuzzi bathtub. Her long hair had been pulled behind her back to expose her mark to him. She had her legs draped over the bathtub ledge. Bubble infested water cloaked her breasts and her core, her gold eyes bright as they locked on to his. “Fuck, he whispered.

“Join me, Alpha,” her husky voice responded. She curled her finger in a come-hither motion as lust flashed her eyes gold. Michael purred and began to undress. He could definitely get used to his Luna ordering him around. He purred as his eyes devoured her readied body. Her hand slipped beneath the water, and Michael’s eyes snapped down to follow her movements. The water cloaking her core became disturbed as it swirled, and her fingers began to pleasure herself.

Michael growled instantly. “That is my job.”

“After what you said? Your job is to watch and ask for me to make you cum, Alpha,” she said. Her free hand shot out and grasped his cock firmly. He snarled and glared at her. She bit her lip as she began stroking him. It was torture. He craved to please her, adored the thought that he would be the only male wolf to ever do so. “Elizabeth,” he whispered tightly. Her soft hand massaged his cock while she stroked. He leaned his head back, but she squeezed suddenly to bring his attention back to her.

Elizabeth sat forward, her gold eyes bright. “You are going to watch me orgasm without you, and then you are going to beg me for yours.”

“This is a dangerous game, little wolf,” Michael growled as his cock throbbed. He was already contemplating begging so that he could fuck his mate for her orgasm, not allow her to achieve it herself. She will never have to do that again. “Am I?” she whispered. She moaned lightly as her fingers worked her core beneath the water. “I think that you’ll quite like this game.”

Michael groaned as Elizabeth’s mouth engulfed his swollen cock. His hand laced into her hair, and he watched his stunning mate in awe. He felt her throat constrict suddenly as she attempted to gag, but she forced his cock further down. Her tongue swirled around his tip. The sensitivity bucked his hips into her face and his hand tightened in her hair. A light moan escaped her lips and shivered along his cock. Her head was bobbing beautifully as the swirling in the water became a small whirlpool. The sight alone brought him close to his climax. She pleasured herself while she pleasured him. He heard her breathing begin to hitch, and his wolf took control.

Michael’s hands ripped into her hair and tore her away from his cock. He dropped to his knees in the jacuzzi and yanked her hand out of the water. A small whimper escaped her at being denied her orgasm. He laced his fingers with hers and thrust his cock into her core. He groaned as he filled her in his rightful place. “Dangerous game, little wolf,” he repeated. “Now, you need to be quiet wile I remind you not to toy with your mate so harshly.” Before she could reply, he began pounding himself into her. Her mouth opened as she went to cry out, and Michael captured her lips with his. She kissed him feverishly, hungrily. She bit his bottom lip suddenly as her orgasm rocked her. Michael growled and kept pounding. She may be ready, but I am not, he thought. She squealed softly as his pounding hit the sensitivity of her orgasm.

His tongue battled hers harshly as his thrusting increased. He felt her walls begin to tighten again and he grinned. He slipped his hands around her ass and lifted her out of the water as he stood. He exited the bathroom and tossed her on to his bed. He promptly pounced on her and resumed his dominance inside of her. Her walls tightened once again, embracing him within her. A soft moan escaped her, and he growled. He locked his lips on to hers. His hands clutched her hips tightly as his thrusts threatened to pull him from her. Her breathing quickened and she dug her nails into his back.

Michael snarled as her walls clenched tightly around him with her orgasm. His own orgasm tore through him and he poured his seed inside of her. He released her lips, and they both struggled to catch their breath. He nipped her earlobe playfully. “You should know better than to toy with me, little wolf.”

“Should I stop?” she whispered.

“Never,” he breathed. “Remember what I told you about lying?” he asked as his lips grazed her neck.

“Never to me, but around me.”

“And you chose to try to punish me for something that I told you I would have to do.”

“That, and my wolf needed you,” Elizabeth breathed. “Seeing Matthew look at me like that…”

“My wolf needed you, too,” Michael whispered as he kissed her. “But punishing me for protecting you will only end badly for you.”


“You will become bloody with the inability to walk,” he purred as his canines traced her shoulder.

“Promise?” she whispered. Michael looked into her eyes and felt his heart swell. He kissed her tenderly. He questioned what he had done to be gifted her as his mate, but he appreciated his gift more with each passing second. She did not fear him, she embraced him. “For you, little wolf, always.”

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