The Beta's Sister

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Chapter 22: Michael

Michael stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. Elizabeth had gone to Vincent’s this morning with Liam to make sure that Grayson’s head space for tonight was as Beta, not as her brother. Michael planned on talking to Grayson on the drive about prioritizing the issue at hand, a rogue being sent to attack a pack’s wolf, but Elizabeth insisted on talking to her brother as well. Grayson and Michael were getting along better a little bit more each day, but no one was able to keep Grayson in line like Elizabeth.

Michael scrubbed his hands through his wet hair as he entered his bedroom. He despised showering without his mate, but he had learned to accept isolation showers if he had an agenda for the day. The muscles in his arms instinctively swelled at the memory that he was hunting the rogue that attacked his mate. Matthew will be next, he vowed. I can’t kill another Alpha, but I can sure as fuck make him wish that I did. He reflexively clenched both hands into fists and snarled. Someone who was once my best friend issued a hit out on my Luna. How was I so blind?

Michael flinched suddenly and looked down in surprise. His claws had emerged and begun destroying the flesh of his palms. He quickly retracted his claws and sighed. He tossed the towel from his waist and slipped into a pair of jeans. Footsteps thudded down the hall outside of his bedroom door, and he grinned. He was hoping that Elizabeth’s visit with her brother would be rather short; Michael wanted to spend the remainder of the day making love to her. He did not know how long it would take to track down the rogue. The mating bond made it hell to be apart for mere seconds of the day; knowing that he could go days without indulging in her concocted a storm of anxiety to swirl inside of him. He was going to get his fill of her as many times as possible before his departure. He flung open the bedroom door as the footsteps in the hall landed in front of it.

A female wolf stood before him. Her long, auburn hair flowed down the front of a white dress, her green eyes bright. The white dress was tight and accented her hips. The swell of her breasts threatened to burst under the fabric, her hair barely covering the exposed skin. Michael’s jaw hardened as he looked at the female before him.

“Hi, Michael,” the female said.

“What are you doing here, Meredith?” he asked sharply. “You were exiled.” Meredith was one of his past lovers that was exiled; she had questioned the responsibilities that he had bestowed upon Beta number three. Michael had exiled her immediately for her doubt of his capacity and had killed the Beta the following week for disobeying those responsibilities. Meredith had attempted to fuck her way out of the exile, to remain in the pack; rather than refuse her offer, Michael had allowed one more indulgence and then tossed her naked into the wilderness. Trying to fuck her way back into the pack was a level of disrespect that had confirmed Michael’s decision for exile.

“I was exiled from Mountain, not the beach,” Meredith corrected.

“What are you doing here?” Michael repeated.

“I wanted to offer congratulations on this Luna that is supposedly also your mate.”

“Really?” Michael scoffed.

“Is that so hard to believe?”

“You’ve offered your congratulations; you can go now. This part of the beach is Mountain Pack. The pack itself is where you were exiled from, not the location.”

“Come on, Mikey—”

“Don’t,” Michael snarled. “Your exile is final.”

“I miss you,” Meredith said softly.

“I don’t give a fuck, I don’t miss you,” Michael snapped. “You were nothing to me then, and you sure as shit are nothing to me now.” He growled lowly as his wolf stirred. Meredith grinned and stepped toward Michael. The swell of her breasts was flush against his bare chest, her erect nipples straining the fabric of her dress. In another lifetime, Michael had found her attractive and would already be destroying her. Now, him and his wolf were flaccid and repulsed; he has a mate, and she knows it.

“I don’t believe that someone like you would be fated a mate,” Meredith said. She traced her fingers along his pectorals. “You were too wild to be tamed.”

“Enough!” Michael roared. He snatched her hand and squeezed it until his knuckles whitened. Meredith screamed in protest in his grasp, but Michael had gone deaf with rage. His free hand then shot out and wrapped around Meredith’s throat. He rushed forward and slammed her back into the wall. “You can fight it all you want, I know that you miss me,” Meredith whispered as her eyes flashed gold. She attempted to jerk her head forward, but Michael tightened his grip on her throat and slammed her into the wall again.

Michael’s eyes instinctively fell to her chest as the force caused her tits to bounce. He noticed that her hair had fallen behind her back, and he saw them. Two perfect canine imprints, one on each shoulder. “You,” his dark growl rumbled. He tightened his grasp on her throat and ignored the choked gasps that escaped her. Rage amplified his deafness and blinded his vision. Images of stripping the bitch to the bone flashed before his eyes, and he felt an arousal begin to awaken that he had not felt since he had killed Elijah. The true beast in him craved blood by his own hand, craved to bathe in it and to taste it. An image of Elizabeth partaking in his blood-filled arousal engorged his cock painfully. To see his Luna bathed in the blood of their enemies would drive him wild, and, fuck, did he want to be wild with her.

I need to keep this bitch here until Elizabeth returns, Michael thought. He swallowed the purr of excitement that arose in his throat. He could not let Meredith know that he knew who she was, which meant no longer fighting her presence in his home. His wolf snarled at him at the realization of what he would do to keep her there. I want to enjoy Meredith’s demise with my mate, I can’t let her leave. She served herself to me on a silver platter. “You,” Michael repeated. “You are right.”

Michael locked his lips on to Meredith’s as his grip remained on her throat. His wolf roared in protest, but he blocked it out. Elizabeth will understand, he thought. Meredith locked her legs around Michael’s waist and kissed him greedily. He cringed at the contact, her touch sending shock waves of disgust down his body. He craved his mate, her touch on his body. Not this gold-digging bitch. Michael heard a sharp inhale of breath, and he tore his face away from Meredith.

Elizabeth was standing at the end of the hall. Her gold eyes shone so bright that they reminded him of magnesium when it was lit; pure, white fire. Her claws and canines armed her. Rage and agony radiated off her skin, and Michael’s heart tore in half. “Who’s that?” Meredith asked as she nipped at his ear. A switch flipped in his brain, and a combination of a snarl and a roar was ripped from his throat. Before she could react, Michael’s hand crushed Meredith’s throat. She began gasping and clawing at his hand, but rage had evolved past deafness and blindness and left him numb. “My Luna,” Michael said darkly. He ripped Meredith from his body and slammed her into the wall. His eyes were fixated on Elizabeth’s. “I have a present for you, my love. The wolf who attacked you also tried to take me from you tonight. I thought that we could teach her a lesson together.”

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