The Beta's Sister

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Chapter 24: Merge

As soon as they finished their halves of the heart and their lips touched, the room electrified with desire. Michael grabbed Elizabeth roughly by the throat and kissed her deeply. He finally understood how she was his mate; she kept him calm, but, when threatened, she was just as vicious as he was. He groaned into her mouth as her hands found the front of his jeans. She laced her fingers through his belt loops and jerked him tightly against her. Michael’s erection was painfully swollen. He craved to be released from his denim prison to bury himself deep within his rightful place; inside of his mate.

Elizabeth broke away from the kiss and bit Michael’s lower lip. He growled and tightened his grip on her throat. He brought his lips back to hers, but she bit them again. She understood why he did it, why he kept the female present the way that he did, and she was thankful for it; she had killed the assassin that was meant for her, with her mate by her side, but that did not change the pain that she felt with his actions. The mating bond only made her pain worse; it amplified the agony and betrayal that she had felt because he was her mate. True mates are never attracted to another wolf again once they find each other. Her heart was shattered at the possibility that Michael no longer saw her as his mate.

“I told you that I will never lie to you,” Michael whispered. “But I had to lie to her. I could not allow her to leave after realizing who she was.” Michael snarled suddenly as Elizabeth’s hand grabbed his thick cock through his jeans and squeezed tightly. She ran her tongue over his bottom lip. “Stop fucking thinking about her,” Elizabeth whispered as she squeezed his cock again. “This type of lying stops now, or you will lose me. I cannot endure that type of pain again.” Michael’s wolf howled in pain, in the realization of how badly he had hurt her, of how real her words were. It is a promise, he thought. “Never again, Luna,” Michael swore.

Elizabeth gasped as Michael tossed her on to the bed. He quickly stripped out of his jeans and climbed on to the bed. He crawled to her on all fours as he stalked toward his prey. She purred as her eyes drank in the lust-filled god before her. His swollen muscles with the blood of their enemy coating them amplified his magnificence. Arousal pooled between her legs as her eyes fixated on the engorged erection that awaited her. A light sheen of pre-cum glistened on the head of his erection, and she bit her lip. His claws descended suddenly, and he promptly shredded the clothing from her body.

“I vow to you, my Luna. That will never happen again. No one is worth losing you,” Michael whispered. “I love you too fucking much.” He dropped his head down and captured her lips with his. He kissed her deeply, desperately, as if he had been starved and finally found sustenance. He groaned as her claws dug into his back and his tongue penetrated her mouth. His tongue made love to hers, caressing it as his lips devoured hers. He had prided himself of being an Alpha who will never bow down to another, but he would bow down to her in a heartbeat. His pride was meaningless if it drove away the one good thing in his life.

Elizabeth cried out into Michael’s mouth as he thrust himself harshly into her core. His mouth continued to make love to hers while he began slamming himself harder into her. It was the perfect blend of her mate, making love and fucking her at the same time. She felt desperation in his actions, the need to prove his worth to her, and she realized that her threat had terrified him. I never thought that I would see him afraid of anything, she thought. She locked her legs around his waist and drew him even deeper into her. She cupped his face with her hands and arched her body to his. She felt overwhelmed with the need to assure her Alpha that she was not going anywhere any time soon.

Michael broke away from Elizabeth’s mouth and peppered kisses down her neck. His muscles tightened as he continued to fight against the building orgasm that his cock was begging to release. He fell back to his knees and quickly flipped Elizabeth on to her stomach. He thrust his cock back into her from behind swiftly. Elizabeth moaned and bucked her ass into him. His hand tangled into her hair, and he yanked her head backwards toward him. Another moan from his mate prompted him to pound into her even faster. He slid his tongue over his mark on her neck. His mark. His tongue trailed to her earlobe, and he sucked on it softly. He snarled lightly as he felt her walls begin to tighten around his cock. “You will never leave me,” he breathed huskily into her ear. “I will never let you go.” His lips fell to her neck, and he buried his canines into his mark.

Elizabeth screamed out as stars exploded across her eyes. Her orgasm ripped through her body. Michael’s grasp on her tightened to prevent her convulsions from bucking him off. He buried his canines deeper into her neck. He snarled deeply and she felt his orgasm pulsate as he spilled into her. The reverberation from his growl tore through her skin and she shuddered. She moaned as he tore his canines from her neck and rolled her on to her back. “Michael,” she breathed as he began pounding into her again.

“I will never let you go,” he growled darkly.

“You will never have to,” she whispered. She cupped his face in her hands. “I love you too much to be without you.”

Michael kissed Elizabeth and groaned into her mouth as another orgasm tore through him. He melted as she kissed him back passionately. He had never been afraid of anything, he ruled by instilling fear in others, but the mere thought of her leaving him shook him to his core. I can’t lose her, he thought. I’ll go mad. I need her. Elizabeth’s hands trailed down his shoulders and arms. His fingers interlaced with hers and he pinned her hands above her head.

“I need to breathe, love,” Elizabeth whispered as she broke the kiss.

“The hell you do, we’re immortal,” Michael growled in protest. He nuzzled his face into her neck. Elizabeth smiled and turned her face into his neck as well. She kissed her mark on his skin, and he shuddered. She grinned and plunged her canines into her mark. He snarled and gripped her hands tightly. She gasped as his canines penetrated his mark on her neck again.

Michael began slowly rocking into his mate again. He never wanted this moment to end; both of them claiming each other over and over until they were unable to function. He groaned as he felt her tongue glide along his neck as her canines remained rooted in her mark. The assassin may be dead, but he still had to deal with Matthew. It was not enough to kill the assassin, he needed to make the hitman pay as well. We are immortal, he repeated to himself. I will spend the rest of my immortal life doing whatever is necessary to keep this goddess by my side. And I will destroy anyone who tries to get in our way.

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