The Beta's Sister

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Chapter 25: Elizabeth

Elizabeth stretched her naked body against Michael’s silk sheets. She rolled on to her side and smiled as she watched him sleep. He had one arm shielding his face while he slept, the other beside him. It had been one week since the incident with Meredith. As promised, Michael had sent what was left of her corpse to Matthew’s territory. It had been radio silence ever since, which meant that Matthew was still deciding what to do with the news. Michael had spent all of that time proving his love and sincerity of his apology to her. She accepted his apology right after they killed Meredith, but he insisted on continuing his devotion. She had teased him that she felt like a prisoner in their own house; he would not even allow her to leave the room to get food from the kitchen, he would bring it to her. She trailed her fingers along the muscles in his chest softly. Her fingers hovered over his scenic tattoos, and she began outlining them. Her wolf had woken her up as soon as the sun broke through the night sky. Her fingers slid to his other tattoo and began tracing it as well.

Elizabeth rolled her body on to his and supported herself on her hands. She dropped her head down and kissed his portraits. She felt his body twitch beneath her, and she grinned. She had been awake for the last hour and was growing impatient. She swirled her tongue around one of his nipples, then licked her tongue along his chest. Her lips placed a passionate kiss on her mark on his neck. Her teeth then grazed the mark gently and his body twitched again. Her lips trailed up to his earlobe, and her teeth tugged at it. “Michael,” she whispered. He mumbled something incoherent in response. She smiled at him and pushed herself into a sitting position. She straddled his waist, his awakening erection digging into her thighs. “Michael.”

“Little wolf, it’s early,” Michael’s voice whispered huskily.

“Is my Alpha really going to deny his Luna because he’s sleepy? He sure didn’t feel that way for the last few days,” Elizabeth teased.

“That’s because your Alpha’s stamina burned out from the last few days.”

“Is that so?” Elizabeth grinned. “I supposed I should satisfy myself then.”

Michael growled suddenly and bucked his hips to meet hers. Elizabeth gasped as he readjusted her body to allow his erection entrance into her. He dropped his arm that was covering his face, his emerald eyes dull with fatigue. He pulled himself into a sitting position and cupped her face with both of his hands. “You will never need to pleasure yourself again,” he whispered huskily. He kissed her tenderly, passionately. Elizabeth’s heart burst and she began rocking her hips against him. She kissed him back eagerly, and her moan tumbled into his mouth. He groaned as he swallowed it and began grinding his hips more as his erection drove deeper into her core. She pulled her lips away and her head fell backwards as she began bouncing on him. She sighed as Michael kissed her mark and trailed his lips down to her breasts. She gasped as her orgasm suddenly burst. Michael groaned as his followed suit, his hands gripping her thighs tightly. She lowered her head and captured his lips in a soft kiss.

“You shouldn’t think that your Alpha will make you pleasure yourself,” Michael purred lightly. “That is just out of the question.”

“My mistake, Alpha,” Elizabeth smiled.

“Don’t let it happen again,” he murmured into her neck as he kissed it. “Why are you awake so early anyway?”

“I wanted to be with you.”

“I gathered that, little wolf, but what woke you?”

“Your little wolf,” Elizabeth said slowly as she bit her lip.

“Baby, I am aware that you woke yourself, but what caused you to wake up? After all that we’ve been doing the last few days, sleep should not be so easy to elude.”

Elizabeth laughed and cupped Michael’s face with her hands. She gently brought his face back to hers and she kissed him softly. She slid her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. “Michael, I didn’t wake myself up. Your little wolf woke me up.” His emerald eyes brightened in realization. He instinctively looked at her stomach, then back at her. Her wolf had roused her this morning to tell her that she could not shift anymore, because there was a more pressing matter that her body needed to focus on without additional strain. “You’re pregnant,” he whispered.

“Yes,” she smiled. “Your little one woke me at the crack of dawn to tell me that I can’t shift anymore.”

“You’re pregnant,” Michael repeated. Elizabeth laughed as he began kissing her furiously.

Michael spun her around and pinned Elizabeth to the bed beneath him. He stared down at her in wonder. His hand rested on her stomach protectively, and her heart burst again. “My child,” he whispered.

“Ours,” she corrected him. He dropped his head down and kissed her again. She sighed into the kiss, her lips greedily devouring his. He began making love to her slowly, as if savoring it. She wrapped her legs around his waist and ran her hands down his shoulders. Her heart continued to burst for him, for the love that she had for him. “Michael,” she panted as her orgasm approached.

“Fuck, the things that you do to me,” he whispered as he thrust harder. “I never thought that I would care about someone as much as I care about you. I love you so much.”

“I love you, too,” she breathed. Michael’s lips ravished hers as her orgasm tore through her. His thrusting slowed as he stilled within her. She giggled as he kissed her all over; her cheeks, her nose, her forehead.

“Marry me,” Michael said abruptly.

“What?” Elizabeth laughed in surprise.

“Marry me,” he repeated. He laced his fingers through hers and pinned her hands above her head. “I don’t know how I was blessed to have you as my mate, and now you’re blessing me with a pup. A life like this doesn’t happen to someone like me. You have no idea how much you mean to me, how much I love you. I want to infect the world with this feeling, and it’s all because of you.”

“Michael, I don’t need a wedding,” Elizabeth whispered. “Having you is enough.”

“I want to give you more, a mated ceremony wedding. I want to show off your greatness to the world, my love. Not just to the wolves, but to the humans. The entire world.”

Elizabeth felt a tear escape her eye and slide down her cheek. She kissed Michael softly. One of the most feared wolves had been chosen to be her mate, and he ended up being the gentlest wolf that she had ever met. She did not think that it was possible to fall deeper in love every day, but he had her drowning in it. Michael pulled away from the kiss with a smirk on his face. “You’re crying while you’re kissing me. I’m getting mixed signals, little wolf.”

“Get used to it, daddy wolf. Emotions are going to be a ride for a while,” she laughed. “Yes, I’ll marry you, Michael.”

“Daddy wolf,” he purred. “I’m going to be a father.”

“And a great one at that.”

“And a husband. What am I going to do for you when you tell me that you’re pregnant with our second pup? I can’t propose twice, can I?”

“I don’t think so, but tiaras are pretty,” Elizabeth teased.

“Not a chance,” Michael growled.

“You asked!”

“My love, tiaras are for princesses. You are a queen. You deserve a crown.”

“So do you, my king. My Alpha. My future husband.”

“Wife,” he whispered and purred lightly. “My everything. Both of you,” he added. He released one of his hands and placed it on her stomach. Elizabeth kissed him deeply, arching her body against him. You and our pup are my everything, too, she thought. Forever and always.


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