The Beta's Sister

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Chapter 6: Michael

Michael growled in frustration as sleep continued to elude him. The shower was perfect, but sleep refused to greet him. His muscles ached and throbbed beneath his black comforter. He quickly tossed it off his body and sprawled on to his stomach. His thoughts buzzed in his mind like a hornet’s nest, and all of his thoughts seemed to gravitate toward her.

He loathed the idea of Elizabeth staying with him while Matthew visited. Matthew was adamant on getting whatever he wanted, and Michael knew that Matthew would try to have her. Matthew made fucking a game of pride; every time that he saw a bitch that fucked, Matthew would make sure to verbalize it, whether she was committed to another or not. Matthew saw she-wolves as of instruments for the release of pleasure. At least I don’t need the announcement to satisfy my ego, Michael thought. His discretion with she-wolves was its own game. The she-wolves got off on being his secret, taken or not, and he got off knowing that they would do anything that he asked. After Matthew finished with one she-wolf, he would degrade her for sleeping with him, but they always returned to him. Michael, on the other hand, acted as though the she-wolf never existed, and it became a game of cat and mouse. The Alpha aura is strong; resisting it is like resisting the moon.

Michael rolled on to his back. He did not want Elizabeth to suffer the fate of Matthew. Somehow, she had resisted Michael’s aura, but he was not sure if she could resist Matthew’s. I wonder if she succumbed to Vincent’s aura, he thought. His wolf growled at the thought. A door slammed suddenly, and Michael shot into a sitting position.

Grayson had returned shortly after Michael’s shower, and there had been a fair amount of yelling between the siblings. He had been slightly surprised that Vincent’s voice was not part of the trumpeting exchange between the siblings, but he knew that Vincent had years of experience with the siblings. Michael pushed himself out of bed and slipped into his sweatpants. He purred lightly as he wondered if Elizabeth slept nude as well, but quickly shut down the thought before the dream could birth in his mind. He exited his room and heard two male voices arguing in Vincent’s office. He crossed through the living room and found the balcony doors wide open. He stepped on to the balcony and noticed a pile of clothing crumped on the dirt of the balcony floor. He looked out to the beach but did not see her anywhere on the beach itself. His eyes then trailed to the ocean with the moonlight illuminating its surface. Among the moon’s glow, Elizabeth’s head broke through the water.

Michael jumped over the balcony’s railing and began walking down the beach. He contemplated approaching her in the water but decided against it. She was already pissed off; she did not need to any worry for his own safety due to his inexperience of swimming. The moonlight outlined her body as she cut through the water. She swam elegantly, aggressively, like a predator attacking its prey. He stopped at the shoreline, just out of reach where the gentle waves met the sand. He tucked his hands into his pockets as he pursed his lips and whistled.

Elizabeth’s head jerked into his direction. She turned herself around and began her journey to the shore. Michael closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. It was so quiet, so peaceful at night. Even the ocean was calmer. He was not sure if he would ever truly grow accustomed to the noise of everyday life on the beach, but at least the night life could be his world of serenity. City Pack would have been brutal with all of the noise. He had initially debated on asking Matthew for refuge, but Canyon Pack resided in Arizona. His pack rather enjoyed being in California, and Vincent’s approval granted Mountain access to their mountainside home. Whether they directly lived on Mountain or not, it was home.

“What are you doing out here?” Elizabeth asked. Michael opened his eyes, and instantly growled. She was wearing a white lace bra with white lace panties to match. She was walking along the shore of the ocean as she exited the water. Water cascaded down her body, the moonlight highlighting the swell of her breasts and her curvaceous hips. Seeing her in a bikini was a treat but seeing her in lace was torture. Her nipples were prominent as she shivered under the chill of the night air. How easily it would be to rip the lace from her small body and claim her. His wolf and the pounding of the blood flowing to his manhood was begging him to succumb to the temptation just once. One time was all that he would need, and then it would be out of his system.

Michael cleared his throat. “I wanted to check on you.”

“Don’t think that I’m strong enough to handle my brother?” She snapped suddenly. His eyes widened in surprise, and she continued. “You know, I’m sick of being treated like some delicate, China doll just because I’m the Beta’s sister. I was trained by the Alpha and the Beta himself, and they think that I will get hurt by you or by Matthew. It’s fucking annoying.” Michael flinched slightly as she stood before him. Vincent and Grayson were not wrong to be worried. Physically, she did not stand a chance against either himself or Matthew, and both of them had hurt enough women emotionally while indulging in the Alpha Aura. She could claim that she would protect herself, but both Alphas were known for eating she-wolves alive.

“He’s your brother, of course he will worry,” Michael said softly. “Matthew and I…” he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “You know the stories of us. I’d be worried about my sister being around the likes of me as well.”

“You’re not that bad, not as bad as Matthew.”

“I’m just nice to you, there’s a difference.”

“Either because I’m the Beta’s sister, or because you want to get into my pants,” she snapped. “No one can just be themselves around me once it’s either or.”

“Elizabeth, I’m nice to you because of you, not because of anyone else or my dick,” Michael said.

“Yeah, right. You can’t deny that fucking the Beta’s sister would not be an ego boost, and a trophy to add to your mantel.”

“Stop it,” Michael growled. He grabbed her hips with his hands as his gold eyes burned into her blue ones. “You would be the trophy, not because you’re the Beta’s sister, but because of who you are.”

“No male will ever know. They either shrink from the fear of Vincent and Grayson, or move on to the next she-wolf when I decide to not put out. I had a couple of the males try to convince me, and now some of the males fear me, too.”

“There’s nothing wrong with them fearing you.”

“It gets lonely. I’m one-hundred years old. Call me pathetic, but it’d be nice to feel something permanent before I die. Physical pleasure is one thing, but it’s all I’ve ever know; I haven’t met a male wolf yet that would be suitable to potentially be the Beta’s spouse. I can’t get myself invested in a male-wolf if that isn’t there, and male wolves typically don’t like to stay with a bitch who doesn’t put out frequently either way.”

Michael clenched his jaw and studied Elizabeth. She was upset because she was not being seen as an equal, by anyone. Out of all of the she-wolves that he had met, he had never encountered one with such resilience. But she’s not a normal she-wolf, he reminded himself. She’s a she-wolf of power, the future Beta. She wanted to be more than a play toy to males, she wanted to be a partner with one that could potentially take over the pack with her. Like any true Alpha or Beta would need. Michael cupped her face with one of his hands softly and her eyes flashed gold defensively. “How has Vincent not claimed you as his Luna yet?” he whispered. He felt her body tense in his grasp. She has had the same thought, he realized.

“Hit me,” Michael said suddenly.

“What?” Elizabeth scoffed.

“You helped calm me down before, allow me to help you calm you. Fighting is very therapeutic.”

“That’s why I was swimming, I was fighting the ocean.”

“Are you really gong to pass up hitting me? It’s a free shot—” he was cut off as her fist connected with his face. He grinned at her as her gold eyes brightened. He released his grasp from her and took a step back. “Take as many as you need.”

“Fight back,” she demanded. He opened his mouth to argue but simply nodded. She wanted a fair fight, not one that he allowed her to control.

Elizabeth blocked both of his fists with her arms and delivered a punch to his chest. He kicked into her ribs, and she grabbed his leg and swung him around. His back hit the ground but he quickly jumped to his feet. He charged at her and entangled his hand in her hair as his other hand began punching her face. She punched feverishly at his arm that was binding her hair. His hand released her hair to wrap around her throat lightly, to which she countered by jumping and kicking both of her legs square into his chest. The force of the kick released her from his grasp, and she hit the ground. She grinned and sprinted at him. He held back his urge to wrap his arm around her neck to choke-hold her and allowed her to punch his chest repeatedly. Her gold eyes were fire as her canines descended. She is happy, he thought as a smirk formed on his face. “Too much of a pussy to hit back?” she taunted. Fuck it, he thought. The full strength of his muscles exploded into the fist that connected with her face.

Elizabeth’s body immediately hit the ground, the sand absorbing the thud as her back connected with it. Michael knelt beside her and she began laughing. “Fuck me, that felt good,” she said as she laughed. She looked at him and punched him in the throat. He fell on to his back beside her and chuckled.

“It really did,” he said. “You’re okay?” he asked as he rolled on to his side and looked down at her.

“I feel fucking amazing,” she laughed. “No one will fight with me. Thank you for that.”

“Any time, little wolf,” he smiled.

Elizabeth grinned and closed her eyes. Michael’s eyes trailed her body in appreciation. She seemed so fragile, and yet she was quite the fighter. Both physically and mentally. He was genuinely curious why Vincent had not made her Luna yet; she would be a great one. Maybe Vincent saw her as more of a sister than a potential partner, not a Luna to share his life with. “Beautiful out here, isn’t it?” she whispered with her eyes closed.

“Yes, beautiful,” he whispered back as he stared at her.

Elizabeth’s blue eyes opened as she looked at him brightly. “When was the last time that you slept outside?”

“It has been a while,” Michael answered. It was a part of his wolf that had not been satisfied in months, actually; a bed was a blessing, but the wolf craved the moon and the stars. “Are you asking me to sleep with you?” he grinned.

“Just outside. The beach is big enough, you can sleep wherever you want.”

“You need to get dressed then. If your brother catches you around me dressed like this, it will not end well,” Michael said. Grayson was not the real reason behind him telling her to change, he could kill her brother before she could even blink; his wolf had been scratching beneath the surface to ravage her, and he was worried that he would fulfill it soon enough.

Elizabeth bit her lip and nodded. Michael stood up and helped her to her feet. She walked back to the house, and he followed. As she jumped the railing, Michael rounded the side of the house that had no windows and faced away from the beach. He wanted to sleep outside, but he was not trying to get wet by sleeping too close to the water. I’d love to feel how wet she could get, he thought as he growled. His cock had become painful with the need for the release that he was denying. Tonight was going to be a long night.

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