The Beta's Sister

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Chapter 7: Elizabeth

Elizabeth returned to Michael with two blankets in her arms. She had changed into a white tank top with a pair of black shorts. She had chosen to go braless and commando for comfort, but relishing in the knowledge that she was getting a rise out of Michael was not a bad reason, either. She laid down the first blanket and put the second one on top of it. Michael was leaning against the house with his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes closed. She drank in the sight of the Alpha before her. His tattoos were illuminated by the moonlight, which defined his muscles further. His black hair was tousled, and she wanted to rake her fingers through it. Her eyes trailed down to his perfectly sculpted abs, and she bit her lip at the bulge that was failing to conceal itself beneath his pants.

The more time that she spent with him, the more she wondered if this was a façade for her. He would have to be one hell of an actor, she thought. I wonder if he feels at ease around me as well. Something about him made her relax, even made her trust him. Fighting him did not help diminish these feelings; if anything, it amplified them and drew her into his charm even more. He understood her better than anyone else, and he was an outsider to her pack. If this was his genuine nature, it scared her; she felt herself slowly beginning to fall for it, and she was afraid that he would drop her behind like the other males. For a reason that she could not fully begin to fathom, she wanted him to stay.

Elizabeth gently placed one hand on each of Michael’s arms and he opened his eyes. Her fingers traced the packs of wolves on his skin. She then gently pulled his arms away from his chest and stroked the mountain scenes on his pecks. She looked up at him and he drew in a sharp breath. “I kept meaning to ask about these. How bad was it?”

“Worst pain I’ve ever felt,” he whispered, his eyes locked on to hers.

“I can imagine,” she murmured as her eyes shifted back to his tattoos. “Laced with silver.” Her fingers danced along the mountains as she caressed them. She smiled as she felt his body tense beneath her touch. “They’re beautiful.”

“You should visit Mountain in person,” Michael said. “It truly is magnificent.”

“Like their Alpha,” Elizabeth smiled. “I don’t know of any other Alpha that would let me kick his ass.”

“Yes, I let you, little wolf,” Michael smirked. “Don’t get cocky.”

“Right,” she laughed as her eyes flicked down to the bulge in his pants and back up to his eyes. “Only you get to be the cocky one.” Michael growled and wrapped his arms around her waist. He pulled her body into his, and she gasped as she felt his erection probe against her stomach. His gold eyes burned intensely as he looked down at her. “I have good reason to be cocky,” he purred darkly.

Elizabeth bit her lip and traced his tattoos again. She was walking a fine line by provoking his attraction to her, but she could not help it. She had an attraction to him as well. “Your reputation says that you are always cocky,” she said slowly.

“Not like this,” he said through gritted teeth. “This is different, and this is a part of my ego that I shouldn’t stroke.” Elizabeth felt her wolf nuzzle against her skin suddenly as a thought crossed her mind. She bit her lip again and her eyes flashed gold. Michael’s jaw ticked suddenly as he stared at her. Her fingers traced the bulge that pressed against his sweatpants. “Then allow me to stroke it,” she breathed.

Elizabeth slid her hand underneath the waistband of his pants. His heartrate spiked suddenly at the contact, and her wolf purred in approval. She slid her hands down his bare hips. She gasped as her hand wrapped around his pulsing erection. His swollen, thick, erection. She slowly worked her hand from the tip to the base of his erection. The rational part of her brain screamed to retreat, to walk away, but something about Michael lured her in. She had fought against the building attraction, and she wanted to give into the fight for a moment. “Elizabeth,” he growled deeply. She licked her bottom lip as her hand pumped along his erection again. Her wolf shuddered as the silk of his pre-cum slipped along her fingers. She leaned forward and squeezed his erection gently. “Consider it stroked,” she whispered. She removed her hand from his pants and licked her fingers.

Elizabeth squealed as Michael hoisted her off her feet and then dropped her on to the blankets. His gold eyes were bright as he gripped her hips tightly. He nuzzled his face into her neck while he suckled softly. Elizabeth moaned and arched her body into his as his canines grazed her skin. It was like electricity was passing from him into through their skin. Her worries of being hurt were automatically drowned out by the pounding of her heartbeat in her ears. She craved him. Her hand found its place once again beneath his pants and gripped his erection tightly. She began working her hand up and down slowly. She squeezed his erection as her hand worked, more of that divine silk coating her fingers. She gasped as Michael’s hand quickly slipped beneath her shorts. “Fuck,” he groaned against her neck. “You’re not wearing underwear.” He promptly slid a finger inside of her slick entrance and she moaned. “And you’re so tight and so wet for me, little wolf,” he growled. He began thrusting his finger into her core eagerly, and a second finger joined. His thumb positioned itself on her clit and began rubbing small circles. She felt pressure begin to build in her core. “Michael,” she whispered as she worked her hand along his erection even faster. Her breathing hitched as she felt the pressure threaten to release. Michael’s lips trailed up to her ear, and he whispered, “Cum for me, baby.”

Elizabeth cried out as her orgasm rocked her body. She felt his erection spasm in her hand as silk exploded all over her fingers, a throaty groan bellowing out of Michael. She stroked his erection a few more times to wipe most of the silk on to his pants. When most of the silk was diminished, she removed her hand from his pants as he removed his from hers. He sucked on his fingers and groaned again. “I can’t wait to taste more of that.”

“Mmm,” Elizabeth murmured as she licked the last of his silk off her own fingers, “I second that.”

Michael growled deeply and kissed her suddenly. She sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck as she melted into the kiss. She opened her mouth to allow his tongue entrance, and her tongue began to battle against his. She was amazed when she allowed his exploration of her, but he felt right. Someone so wrong feels so right, she thought. She knew that she would get hurt if he lived up to his reputation, but she kept seeing sides of him that she had never thought were possible. The gentle, compassionate Alpha, who came to check on her in the middle of the night after a fight with her brother. He even surprised her when he did not rip her clothes off and have his way with her; he lowered her to the blanket and proceeded slowly.

Michael kissed her hungrily, tenderly, and Elizabeth returned the kiss with greed. Fuck, he can kiss, she thought as she moaned softly. She scratched her nails down his back and he growled again. Her wolf purred in response. It seemed like everything she did to Michael pleased him, and that in itself pleased her.

Elizabeth pulled away from the kiss reluctantly to catch her breath. Michael’s lips worked down her throat, to her collarbone, and settled on her shoulder. It was like he needed to kiss every inch of her skin, and it scorched her heart. “Michael, tell me something,” she whispered.

“Anything, little wolf,” he mumbled against her skin.

“I need to know…will this end like your other flings?”

“Why does it have to end?”

“Right, because you’ll want to keep only me,” she said as she rolled her eyes. She was attempting to be detached to him with the situation, but her heart yearned for her responses to be wrong. She did not want to be another fling, she wanted him to be with only her, but she could not show him her emotions.

“Would being with only you be that bad?” Michael asked as he brought his face back to hers.

“What?” Elizabeth asked breathlessly.

“Little wolf, I told you that I would not lie to you,” Michael said after he kissed her briefly. “I can’t describe what I feel for you, only that I’ve never felt it with another, and I don’t want anyone else.”

“I feel the same way,” she admitted softly. “It’s like you’re the light in the darkness. All I see or feel is you.”

“I never thought that someone would describe me as light,” he chuckled. “I think that you’ll re-think that after you see the true me.”

“All of you,” she corrected him. “Unless you mean to tell me that you’ve lied to me this entire time.”

“Never, little wolf,” Michael repeated. “I may lie to others in front of you, but I will never lie to you directly.”

Elizabeth inhaled suddenly and looked into Michael’s bright emerald eyes. “I need to tell you something that I haven’t told anyone...I’m a virgin, Michael. I’ve experienced physical pleasantries, but not that one.” If he was going to be honest with her, she needed to be honest with him. Whatever this is between us, he has a right to know, she thought. His body tensed against her, and she cocked an eyebrow at him. The brightness of his eyes diminished into a cold void. His body language shifted to a barrier as he clenched his jaw. His eyes flared gold as he studied her, as if trying to determine if her truth was actually the truth. He transitioned from a gentle wolf to a cold wolf in a split second. She felt her eyes melt into gold defensively. He looked pissed. “No,” a deep growl emerged from his throat. He ripped himself away from her and jumped to his feet.

Elizabeth shot to her feet as well and glared at him in disbelief. “What the hell do you mean, ‘no’?”

“I mean no. About this, about us. No.”

“So, you saying that what you’ve felt for me, that all that you want is me, was just complete bullshit?” she snarled. Her fingers twitched as she fought against her claws from brandishing. She had been rejected countless times before, and she had done the rejecting, but this was different. She had finally trusted another male wolf enough to reveal her secret, and her secret is what fueled his rejection. “God, I was so stupid. You’re quite the fucking actor.”

“I told you that I would never lie to you!” Michael snapped. “I sure as fuck didn’t lie about how I feel for you.”

“Then what is it?”

Michael groaned and ran a hand through his hair harshly. “I’m not who you want to venture this path with.”

“Why not? I’m not the first virgin, I’m sure,” Elizabeth said before she could stop herself.

“Don’t you date compare yourself to them,” he growled as his eyes brightened with rage.

“How can I? You’re not letting me compare.”

“Elizabeth,” he warned lowly.

“Just tell me what it really is.”

“I’m not good for you.”

“Let me decide that.”

“No!” he shouted. Elizabeth felt her claws push through as Michael growled deeply. She knew the risks, of possibly being a trophy to him, and still she wanted to experience this part of her life with him.

“Elizabeth, I have killed members of my own pack like it was nothing. I have killed four of my own Betas for doubting my intentions. I’m trying to fucking save you from the monster that I am.”

“You’ve killed Betas?” she asked softly. She knew that he had harmed his own people for doubting him, but she did not know that he was killing them for it. I wonder if anyone actually knows, she thought. “Why are you telling me this? You could have had your way with me and never said a thing.”

“Because you’re different.”

“Would you have told me all of this if I hadn’t admitted that I am a virgin?”

“No,” Michael answered through clenched teeth. “Because how I rule my pack is of no concern of yours. But giving your virginity to someone that you barely even know, that is a concern of yours.”

“Don’t give me that shit, Michael. I’m not the first virgin you’d have slept with.”

“You’re fucking different!” he snapped.

“And how you rule your pack is my concern if we’re going to be neighbors,” she continued.

“No, it’s not. You’re not Luna. Aside from the conditions that your Alpha has set forth, they are my pack to rule how I see fit,” Michael said. “They are not your concern.”

“Then I won’t be your concern, either,” Elizabeth stated.

Elizabeth understood that Alphas ruled their packs differently, but she could never fully support his way. We are all wolves, trying to survive. We should be concerned about all of the wolves’ well beings, she thought. She suddenly understood why Vincent had not yet asked her to be Luna; a Luna needed to worry about her own pack over other packs, and Elizabeth worried about them all. She watched as the fire dimmed in Michael’s eyes, his gold eyes dull as the passion eluded them. “It’s what you wanted, right? To keep me away from you,” she said. “You’ve seen who I am. I’m not one of your she-bitch wolves who will sit and roll over and watch you kill your opposers to make a goddamn point. The week that I need to observe you and Matthew, leave me alone. I’ll bite my tongue so that neither of you react, but I don’t want to be a part of your world while I’m there.”


“No, just no. I’m not a fucking child, Michael,” she said. “I will be there to do my job, and then leave. You won’t have to bother with me again.”

Elizabeth turned around and walked into the house. She was furious with herself. She thought that she had finally found someone who saw her as an equal on some level, as more than just the she-wolf that was the Beta’s sister, but she was wrong. How can he claim to feel so strongly for me, only to tell me that what he does is not my business? She thought. Is it like that with all Lunas; they are just there to agree to their Alpha? She snarled and entered her room. And he was not planning on telling me any of it, she remembered. Most she-wolves accepted being left in the dark, but not her. She grew up with the Alpha and the Beta, and they included her in business because they respected her. He kept saying that she was different, but he made it clear that she was not.

Elizabeth closed her door and slumped against it as she sat on the floor. Her heart ached at the knowledge that she had ended whatever the hell this was before it started. Part of her did not care that he was a killer, that he was as calloused as stories had portrayed him to be. He wanted to protect her from that part of himself; it was the other part of him that truly hurt her. To say that how he ruled his pack was irrelevant to her, and that she could tell that she would not be able to speak her mind to him. He would treat her like she was just another bitch, and that was what hurt her the most. She had spent her life proving that she was not a bitch, but a wolf. She would be damned if she ended up with a male who treated her as anything less.

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