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Leon is a fallen Dutch Angel Dragon who lives outside of the small village known as White Blossom. His friends Silver and Luna are a team that work together at the village guild. They've been friends for about two years but Leon is just now discovering something about himself that he's sort of scared of. What is Leon so scared of and why is he hiding it from his own family and friends?

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It all started that day when Leon decided to gently knock on his front door. He could hear someone rushing down the hallway to unlock it for him and his family. The polished wood door flew open. Silver stood there with a radiant smile stretched across his face at the sight of his best friend standing outside his house. Leon was a Dutch Angel Dragon with white fur and blue hair, eyes, feathers, and underbelly.

“Leon! I’m glad to see you were able to come,” Silver exclaimed joyfully. He gave Leon a quick hug, which was quite unexpected. He peeked over Leon’s shoulder to see that his parents had decided to accept the invite. Silver had heard of Leon’s parents before, but he never actually met them. “Oh, hi. It’s nice to meet you.”

Leon's father is a large, bulky Angel Dragon with dark grey fur that fades into a light green underbelly. He has white horns, light green feathers, and almost black eyes. Leon's mother is also an Angel Dragon, who has white fur and feathers, a long, dragging tail, and blue hair and eyes.

Leon’s father pushed the young wolf to the side and stormed into the house without muttering a single word to anyone. Leon offered to help Silver up, but he just brushed himself off and got up on his own. Leon’s mother sighed and smirked a little, but Silver didn’t seem too amused.

“Sorry, he doesn’t get out much. Almost none of us do besides Leon over here,“Leon’s mother explained while she ruffled her son’s hair.

“No, I totally get it. My dad doesn’t get out of the house either, but hey, at least he doesn’t just sit around all day,” Silver chuckled. They all let out a friendly laugh into the warm spring air.

Silver led Leon and his mother into the house. Although the place looked small from the outside, the interior was pretty spacious and well furnished. Leon and Silver had been friends since the first day they ran into each other in front of the village guild, but Leon never imagined going over to Silver’s house for dinner.

“Wow, this place is lovely,” Leon’s mother admired. Silver ushered Leon and his mother into the living room, which was right next to the kitchen, where Leon's father had already found a place to sit.

Silver’s mother and father were in the kitchen, working hard to prepare the dinner. His mother was a short wolf, with light gray fur, lavender eyes, and speckles of white on her shout. Silver’s father was about the same height as Leon’s, with dark grey fur covering his whole body, red eyes, and a scar across his right shoulder. Silver was a mix of the two, with speckles of white on his ears, red eyes, and almost silver fur (thus his name.)

“Oh, hi sweetie. Would you mind helping your father out really quickly,” Silver’s mother asked politely? She looked up from the stove and locked eyes with Leon. “Hi there! Sorry for the delay but dinner will be ready in a few. Could I get you something to drink in the meantime?”

Silver and his parents were such wonderful people. They had invited Leon and his family over for dinner so they could get to know each other a little better. And now that the day had come, Silver parents have been working non-stop all day cleaning the house and preparing the dishes.

“No thank you. I was actually wondering if I could do anything to help out,” Leon offered.

“No, you d-”

“Leon! Could you please help me out over here?“Silver shouted.

Leon hurried into the kitchen as he watched Silver attempt to take multiple trays out of the oven at once, almost dropping all of them on the clean floor.

“I got it! Don’t worry,” Leon reassured. He snatched two of the trays before they could leap out of Silver grip. Leon and Silver quickly threw the trays onto the counter top before their hands burned off. They looked over at each other and snickered childishly.

“That was a close one,” Silver exclaimed.“Like usual, thanks for helping me out.“Leon gave Silver a embarrassed smile.

A sweet, warm, familiar scent filled Leon’s nostrils. His heart warmed as Leon caught a whiff of the fragrant smell that was coming from whatever they had just taken out of the oven. Leon stared at the sweet-smelling crepes and then slowly met Silver eyes again.

“Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve had a crepe,” Leon murmured. “Did you bake these yourself, Silver?”

“Um, yeah. They were supposed to be a surprise for later but I guess that’s ruined now,” Silver laughed awkwardly.

Everyone was interrupted by a loud banging sound coming from the front door. Silver and Leon glanced over at each other worriedly and sprinted out of the kitchen. Leon yanked open the door, almost prying it off its hinges.

“I don’t have time to explain, but we need to go!”

“Luna? Is everything-”

“Hurry up!” Luna yelled, grabbing Leon by the wrist, pulling him behind her as she sprinted away from the house.

Luna was the third and last member of their team. She was about the same height as Leon and had Violet colored hair, with light brown fur, covering her body. She had darker spots on her too, with a dirty white underbelly.

“Luna! Can you please explain to us what’s happening so we can better understand the situation,” Silver insisted.

Leon and Luna were running side by side, Silver trailing behind them. The two turned the corner and then Leon saw why they were running. The sky above the guild was blackened, the blazing flames crackling under the large smoke clouds. Other members of the guild and near by residents were evacuating the area in panic.

“Oh my god,” Leon blurted. “What happened here, Luna?” She looked into Leon’s eyes and the over at Silver’s, both with a look of horror in them.

“I don’t know. All I heard were the screams and then I saw the smoke moments later,” Luna explained frantically.

The three of them didn’t know what they could do. The guild’s entrance was blocked by the raging blaze, and they had no knowledge of what the levels underground looked like; for all they know, the rest if the guild could be untouched by the fire.

A dragon who looked to be in his fifties stood next to Leon. He had faded blue scales, with green scales on his underbelly and under his wings. The dragon gazed at the flames with tears in his eyes, his bony hands trembling in fear and distress.

“Leon! Thank goodness,” the old dragon cried. “My daughter went in there not long ago. I’m afraid something terrible’s happened to her and-” Leon knelt down, clasping the dragon’s cold, bony hands.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get your daughter out of there safe and sound, no matter what it takes,” Leon comforted.

“Do you promise she’ll be okay?”

“I promise. We’ll do all we can to make sure she gets out unharmed.”

A loud, booming sound came from the guild as the roof started to collapse in on itself. The whole place transformed to rubble, the fallen debris extinguishing most of the flames. Silver and Luna looked over at each other and then met Leon’s eyes. He let go of the elder’s hands and the three of them hurried over to examine what was left of the guild entrance.

“We’ll have to be cautious, but we can reach the underground level by going down the main staircase,” Silver explained. They gave each other a nod of agreement and steadily made their way down the ash coated staircase. It didn’t take long to reach the landing that lied before the final flight of stairs, where the crackling sound of flames could be heard, along with muffled screams.

Leon came to a halt. “Okay, our top priority right now is getting everyone out of the building safely, that includes you two,” he explained. “Once we’ve all evacuated make sure everyone finds their families, alright.”

“Right. Leon and I will try our best to gather everyone in the facility. Luna, you make sure everyone gets out of the building safely,” Silver directed.

Leon and Silver hurried down the last flight of stairs and looked around them in horror.

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