Running From The Thrown

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For 23 years Aminah was kept hidden from the outside world. She was locked away in the castle. She was okay with that, if the people of Tessitura knew what she was, what she was capable of, there was no way they would want her as the heir to the throne. Aminah is faced with the challenge of controlling herself, and keeping what she is a secret all by herself when shortly after her 24th birthday her parents are killed in a catastrophic accident.

Fantasy / Adventure
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"Absolutely Not!!"

“There is absolutely no way I am going to be the Queen Theodore!!” Aminah shouted from behind her locked bedroom door. “It was only two days ago my parents’ bodies were found in the north sea. I will not take on my mothers role. Ask Zuriya.” Theodore sighed,” Aminah, she’s the youngest. You’re the rightful heir to the throne, Zuriya is not. The people are expecting you as the next Queen of Tessitura.”

Aminah sighed looking around her simple room to find something to put this conversation off with. “Aminah! You need to come out, we need to talk about your coronation.” Theodore banged on the door once more. “ABSOLUTELY NOT!” Aminah shouted through the door. “Theodore, go away. I’m not doing this!” Theodore sighed and brushed off his coat,”I will give you a little time to think about it, I’ll be back tomorrow Aminah, Be ready to talk about this again. I’m not taking no for an answer Aminah. After a few moments of silence Theodore left her room and headed towards the main hall to continue his job.

Aminah sat down on her bed and glared down at her hands, wrapped in silk royal green gloves. “Why me, why did they pick me? I just want a normal life as a princess. Or even as a commoner. I just don’t want to be like this anymore.” She thought to herself. She looked at the small round clock on her wall,8:43 am.

Getting up and walking to her closet she opened it, peering in. Dresses, long coats, skirts, gloves, hats, belts, her closet was full of clothes she would never wear. Grabbing old pants and an old shirt she quickly changed. She slipped on some socks and boots and walked over to her window.

Clicking open the lock and pushing up the window she slowly and carefully slipped through her window. Sneaking across the roof and avoiding windows she snuck into a hidden courtyard. The courtyard had stone walls about 12 feet tall, and covered in vines. There were charred trees, icy bushes, water soaked cement, and bricks covered in wind erosion.

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