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Rench and Nathan have to hide from the librarian, but little do they know that this small mishap would result in tumoil they couldn't imagine, can they complete their mission while trying to overcome the obstacles in their way, read on to find out

Fantasy / Scifi
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“Greetings my king,” said Rakmov with his long slender cunning face full of pride and mischief ,Forza grunted as he twirled the ends of his sleek black mustache touching the ends his pale yellow cheeks “Hmm, unless you like being bitten by snakes and beaten by the Balltek this better be some good news” .

Rakmov now a bit scared by the kings wraith answered timidly “That wont be necessary o king for I have found the unfoundable ,the Portal Of Nashar”.

Forza, though old age had weakened his bones he stood up with such excitement and joy like he had never before ,his smirk revealed about the evils he was thinking of ,he felt a surge of power within for his dream was going to come true ,he asked “Where have you found it?” Rakmov now said in a very cunning way “O king ,to find the portal magic had to be used ,dark magic” .Forza grunted again”Once the we reach to the World Of Worlds all the dimensions will be ours”

“O Lord ,but we will need the bracelet to cross through and nobody has ever been able to find it ,going to the World Of Worlds will not be easy”

“Hard it is but not impossible ,small sacrifices have to be made for greater causes.”

“What you speak is true my lord ,there is nobody to stop us.”

“But there is something that worries me” .

“What is it that the great Forza is worried of ?”

“Hmm, The Nasharantil”.

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