A moon tale

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Moon tale is about a girl who keeps the biggest secret she lives in two places but feels that she has no escape ever

Fantasy / Adventure
Emma S Harris
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Chapter 1

I knew becoming an astronaut was the worse job I could ever have chosen to become. I have just found out that I must be the lucky one to go up to the moon this year. I sit on the ship. I am utterly terrified. I took many attempts to escape the moons pull, and now I think I am finally free the moon is going to pull me back again.

I don’t have any friends or family. My co-workers think they are dead. But sadly, no my friends and family live somewhere completely different, and it is a place I thought I would never see again.

The rocket is taking off. I have no way of escaping my doom. I know now that I was never supposed to escape the moon. The ship is getting darker as it leaves earth. There is not much daylight. All my co-workers would freak out if they saw me now. The gravity doesn’t affect me, and I can breathe without using a spacesuit or an oxygen tank.

The ship is so slow getting to the moon. I know I can use my powers to make it get there quicker. But I don’t want to do that either. My moon pearl bracelet starts to react and brings to guide me the rest of the way. The moon rays power the bracelet. I guess I should be happy this was the last present my boyfriend ever gave me before the awful day came. A witch of some sort showed up and made Aiden my boyfriend walk into a time dimension never to appear again. I have searched the ends of the realms looking for him. But I always end up disappointed. I can never seem to find where she took him.

The ship lands on the moon. A whole heap of security is waiting for me when I walk out of the ship. My parents hate when people come pocking around their home. They are going to be incredibly surprised when they see me. The guards are bashing away at the ships door.

I stand up and let the guards grab me. The King and Queen are waiting for me. “Leave the girl with us. We will get to the bottom of this” I laughed to myself “You will never figure out what the humans want.” the King was so surprised I talked back to him “I demand to see who you are?” I look up at my father “Hello dad, long time no see.” “Skyla, I don’t understand why did you run away from your responsibility. Your kingdom needs a good leader” I know what he is saying is true. But I can’t do it alone “I went to find Aiden. I can’t run the kingdom alone. I need help and guidance.” “Skyla please give up on finding Aiden he is never going to come back. You must accept the fact that he is gone” “I don’t want to accept that fact. I know he is still alive somewhere and I will find him.”

I lost all communication with the space tower back on earth. They are probably freaking out by now. All the systems crashed on board the ship, and there is a constant alarm going off. It is trying to transmit a signal, but the moon is blocking the signal getting through.

That night I sit alone in my room. The moon was shining so brightly. I see a person waving at me. My heart leaps for joy. As he gets closer, I must keep looking to make sure it is Aiden. He doesn’t look like he has changed at all. I have never been so happy to see a person in my entire life. I run down the stairs and out the door into his arms, and they had never felt so good. “How come you are back?” “I found a portal that led me back to you, my love.” “I searched every realm I could looking to find you Aiden.” “You would have never found me Skyla. The witch trapped me in a basement somewhere. I never stopped thinking about you, Skyla.” I lay into his arms and look deep into his eyes “I hope we can never be separated Aiden again. I need you to run the Kingdom.” “You are strong enough to do alone, why do you need me?” “I like having you by my side, that’s all.”

The next morning Aiden is waiting for me. He looks different today. I can’t put my finger on it. But I believe something is up with him. We are walking around the garden when he takes my hand in his. He spins me around until I end up in his face. He kisses me so gently. “Where did your travels take you Skyla?” “To Earth. Funny enough, I became an astronaut, and then it dragged me back to here.” “But if you never came back. I would have spent the remained of my life alone without you.” “Aiden what is going on?” “Nothing at all. Why would you think something was wrong?” I shrugged my shoulders and continued walking.

Aiden did surprise me a little while later. I was walking a lot fast than he was. At one stage, he grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me gently back into his chest. He gently kissed me on the head. “I have one wish.” I laugh for a moment “Your wish is what?” I was not expecting the next words at all “To spend my life with you and to be by your side forever” I turn to him, and he is on one knee with a moon diamond ring. “Aiden, I don’t know what to say,” I was speechless “Say you will.” I looked at him and laughed “Yes, of course, I will marry you. I love you so much” I threw my arms around him.

We were married a couple of weeks later. I never returned to earth. All my co-workers seem to forget I was ever there. Aiden and I run the Kingdom, and we could not be happy. He is all I have ever wanted for my life.

Who am I you are wondering? Well, I am the moon princess.

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