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The sea has never felt like home

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Riva is a mermaid but when a boy falls over board on a whole new life is opened up is riva really ready to help him

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It seemed like today was the worse day of my life. I was walking along the beach. I was eating an ice pop that melted all over my white dress. I look like a complete and utter fool. My dress with was once white is now a bright pink colour in one part because of the ice pop.

My little sister is playing with a new friend she had just made, and there are making sandcastles that I must judge at the end.

There is one very fit guy that is doing laps up and down the beach. He is not afraid to show off his perfectly toned body. I watch as he runs through the water and doesn’t care if he gets wet or not.

I can feel the water calling me as I belong there, but I don’t understand why. The waves are gently rolling in and out. The sea looks like glass no movement from it at all.

I held my hand in a fist. The water was beginning to separate, and I could see any underwater kingdom. From some reason, it looked familiar to me like I had seen it before.

I told my sister a little while later. It was time to head home. She told me to meet her by the little church. She wanted to stay goodbye to mum and dad. The little church on the hill was where it all happened. Our parents were coming home from work one winter evening. Something made my father lose control of the car, and there ended up crashing into the wall of the church. It had only been a month since the accident. Personality I wasn’t ready to return here yet, but my sister wanted to.

My sister never came out of the graveyard. She disappeared into thin air.

I searched high and low for my sister. But no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find her. I come to the end of the pier and look out to sea. I think the worse and jump off the pier into the water.

As soon as I hit the water, the strangest thing happened. I become a mermaid. I can’t find my sister. A merman comes up to me “Welcome home Oceanna ” I am so confused. I know this person but from where my memory is so fuzzy. “Why I am your father. You got taken from us years ago and got raised on land.” “What about my sister?” “She doesn’t exist; it was all part of the human’s plan to take you away from your home.”

Dylon and his parents were starting their month-long cruise holiday. They had been all excited except for Dylan. He had many dreams that something was going to go wrong. He tried to talk his parents out of going on the holiday, but nothing was working for him. “Come on Dylon get a move on. We are going to be late.” “What happens if something goes wrong” his parents looked at him and laughed. “Nothing will go wrong Dylon, please stop worrying.” and began making their way to the boat. They board the ship, and we are all excited.

The ship had left the dock about 3 hours later. The water was kind and gentle and calm. Dylon thought he had been silly. Suddenly the weather changed. The winds picked up and were always rocking the boat backwards and forwards. There was a storm-force gale.

It was challenging to keep balance on the decks because they were so slippery with the waves crashing onto the boat. Dylon grabbed onto the railing. Dylon was getting closer to the water the whole time.

Dylon looked below him and saw a whirlpool opening. Dylon was getting scared. As Dylon began to hit the water and began drowning, he thought he was something shiny coming towards him.

It took Dylon a few hours to wake up. Dylon noticed that he was on a small desert island in the middle of nowhere. Dylon couldn’t see the ship or anything. He sat up and brushed the sand off his clothes. He wondered how in all of gods earth could it have happened.

Dylon started to look for a way back to the cruise ship. There was no way off the island unless you swim. Dylon wasn’t a good swimmer. As he was looking in the water, he saw something sparkly that kept catching his eye.

The girl came up to the surface a couple of seconds left. She looked at Dylon “I am glad to see you are okay” Dylon looked at her “What are you?” “I am a mermaid. I rescued you from drowning” Dylon laughed at her “No such thing as mermaids, now would you kindly bring me back to the ship where my parents are?” “Why did I bother rescuing you?” “I would like to go back to my parents now.” she looked at him. “I should make you find your way home. I am no one’s slave.” “Oh, come on, girl It’s getting late. My parents will be getting worried about me.” Oceanna thought differently but never the less brought Dylon back to the ship.

As Oceanna and Dylon were in the water, he started to see her differently. They swam up to a hidden part of the ship “You aren’t a good swimmer, are you?” Dylon looked at her “No, I have a fear of the water” Oceanna laughed “You are on the water? Why” “My parents booked this holiday for us. So, I am stuck on this boat.” the weather started to change again “I better get home Dylon. My father is looking for me” Dylon climbed up onto the boat and ignored her.

Oceanna returned home a little later that evening. Her father looked furious at her. He was so cross that his eyes were popping out of his head. “You saved that human from the storm why?” “I couldn’t let him drown.” ” Oceanna, he laughed in your face. He will never accept who you are. You must keep away from him.” “Daddy, I can make him come around to the idea of us becoming friends.” her father looked at her for a moment “That is an awful lot to do Oceanna. It would require you to give up your powers and live on land for many years.” “Father, I want to be given a chance to try and make things right.” her father was dead against the idea “Please dad, I will be careful. I promise” still her dad wasn’t budging.

Oceanna father went up to the surface later that evening and could hear the young boy ranting and raving about a girl that had saved him from the water. No one was believing him of course and were all laughing at him. Oceanna father felt a little sorry for the boy.

Dylon was standing on the deck of the boat looking out at the water. He began noticing a few moments later when he put his fists together a whirlpool started to appear. Dylon wondered what was going on. Dylon’s powers scared Oceanna’s father, and he quickly made his way back home. “Oceanna I will grant you going to live on the surface on one condition.” “What is it, father?” “You are to strip that boy of his powers.” that got Oceanna thinking. “Could Dylon be one of us?” her father wouldn’t hear of it. “No, not at all. Now strip the boy of his powers and then come home to us.”

A couple of seconds later, there were rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning. Oceanna was lying on the beach. She was no longer a mermaid. “You can only return when you fix what you have done.”

Oceanna walked for a few hours before she spotted Dylon. Oceanna knew that years had passed since she had seen Dylon. But he looked so completely different. Oceanna tried to approach him. One of his friends made a joke at Dylon “Looks like that one like you Dylon.” Dylon looked around at Oceanna “I have never seen this girl before in my life.” she tried to take his hand, but he quickly pulled away and repeated the question. “Wow, Dylon this girl won’t take no for an answer” they all laughed and began to walk away. Oceanna took a breath and answered his question “Yes, you do know me. I am Oceanna. The girl that rescued you from drowning years ago?” Dylon’s friends turned back to her “Look you are getting a little freaky stop making up stories to get close to him. It is never going to happen.” Oceanna was a little confused she couldn’t understand why he Dylon was letting his friends be this harsh to her. He looked at her for a moment “Off you swim now.” his friends looked at him “She did rescue you then?” Dylon laughed “Maybe a small bit, but I don’t understand why she has come back. We parted ways years ago, and I have never thought about her since.”

Dylon started to walk home when Oceanna caught up to him. “I know you were horrible before, but that was so uncalled for.” Dylon looked at her and laughed “I don’t even know why you are here? It has been five years since that cruise. I told you back then that you were a fake and you are still a fake.” “Sorry, I thought you remember me, that’s all.” “Prove you were the one that saved me all those years ago” Oceanna lowered her head “I can’t since you said mermaids don’t exist you have gotten me sent away from my home and my powers are gone” “I don’t see how it was my problem.” but in that very moment, he looked at her. “You could never understand. You are only human.” Dylon laughed “Yes, I am a human, so what?” Oceanna never answered him and kept walking.

Dylon head back to his home “I am home” he called out to his parents and pushed the door closed behind him. His father looked at him “Something wrong with you, Dylon?” “I met a girl today, and she said she was the one that saved me from drowning” his dad laughed for a moment “Dylon the lifeguards rescued you from the water.” “I am sorry, dad something doesn’t seem right. If the lifeguards rescued me, how come I ended up nowhere near the ship?” his dad was a little speechless “Is that what that girl told you?” “No dad, I remember that myself from the day it happened. Now, what are you keeping from me?” his dad was nervously laughing. “Why would I be keeping anything from you, Dylon?” his dad never answered and walked away.

Dylon walked up to his room that night and fell asleep. He saw how Oceanna had rescued him from the water and dragged him to the island.

That night after Dylon went up to bed. He heard the rain hitting off the room. He thought about Oceanna sitting out in the cold, wet, windy weather, and it made him feel awful. He looked out the window and saw her huddled under a tree trying to keep dry. He walked out to her “Come into my house for the evening; otherwise, you will die” Oceanna was very confused “You don’t have to give me your pity.” “I am not trying to give my pity Oceanna. I am trying to save you from getting soaked to the bone.”

They both walked into the house, and Dylon’s father flipped “No way is your little friend staying here.” “Dad, she has nowhere else to go, and it is bucketing outside.” the dad finally agreed to let her stay.

That evening Dylon and Oceanna began to get a lot closer. “Is it different, living at the bottom of the sea?” “It’s not that different you still have parents bossing you around and not letting you make your own decisions.” “What do you mean by that Oceanna?” “I only wanted to come back here to make sure you were okay. My dad wants me to steal that power inside of you. So, you can never return to the sea and claim it for your own.” Dylon laughed “I think you have read a little too much fishy fairy tales.” “I believe you are one of us. My father won’t believe me, though. He thinks humans and other creatures should stay far away from each other” Dylon’s father butted in a few moments later “I like how your father thinks Oceanna. Keep us human far away from those horrible, disgusting creatures.” Oceanna began to lose her temper “How can you judge other creatures when you have never met one of them?” “I don’t need to justify myself to you, girl and another word from you and I will kick you out of my house for good.”

The next morning Dylon saw that Oceanna wasn’t in the house anymore. He thought it would be a good idea to go and find her. He found her a little while later sitting on a stone staring out to see. “You miss home, don’t you?” she jumped for a moment and saw Dylon “Yes I so desperately want to return, but my father won’t allow it. Not until I take her your power and admit he was right that humans and other creatures couldn’t live alongside each other” Dylon looked at her “Take my power if you want. I won’t ever need it.” Oceanna kept shaking her head “No if I take your power with me. I will never be able to find you again. I also don’t believe you belong with humans.” he was so confused “I am a human, what are you talking about?” Oceanna reached for his hand and stepped off the stone into the sea below them.

After a couple of seconds later, Dylon developed a tail. “See you’re a merman.” Dylan was so surprised “How come that happened?” “You were to young the last time I rescued you for it to reactive, and you need a mermaid as well.” “How come you are not a mermaid anymore?” “My powers were taken away from me.” Dylan got so afraid and annoyed “I don’t know what sort of dark magic, but I am not a merman.” “Okay if you don’t want to accept the truth of what you are. Say three words, and I can take your powers and go home” he looked at her. “What three words do you want me to say?” “I hate you” Dylon looked at her for a moment. “I am sorry I can’t lie; I don’t hate you.” “It is my only way home.” “I am sorry, but that is not my problem Oceanna.”

Dylon got up and walked home. He felt awful that he wasn’t helping Oceanna. He wanted to help her but didn’t want to lose her either.

That night Dylon came back down to the beach “Is there any other way of getting your powers back?” she looked at him and shook her head. “No not unless you give up yours or you say you hate me.” “I know this is going to sound a weird question since your powers are gone, but would you like to go for a swim?” she looked at him.

They both entered the water and had been swimming for hours. Dylon had challenged her to a swimming race, and when she beat him, he whispered, “I hate you”, and that is when Oceanna’s magic did fully come back. She looked at him “You can go home now.” she looked at him for a moment. “Thank you.”

A couple of seconds later, a whirlpool appeared. “Why is there a whirlpool?” Oceanna looked at him for a moment “It is my way home.” Dylon’s stomach began to turn. He wanted to stop her from going but knew it was selfish. Oceanna had dived into the sea and was about to head home when Dylon put a necklace around her neck. “I made this for you last night, in case I never see you again” she looked at the seashell necklace “Thank you, but I know you will see me again” and within a few moments, Oceanna was no more in his sight.

Dylon got more depressed as the day when on after Oceanna disappeared. He was sitting on the stones one night when someone caught his eyes. He looked at her wearing his necklace and never felt happier. “You don’t know how much I have missed you” Oceanna looked at him “This will be the final time I see you. My dad said we are going to be under attack soon and we have to leave these waters.” that broke Dylon’s heart even more “Oceanna is there no possible way I can go with you?”

Oceanna disappeared a back to her home. “Dad Dylon wants to know can he leave his human life behind and join our pod?” her dad looked at her “You have to make sure he realises that if he joins here, there is no going back, we will make it that everyone forgot he ever existed, and I would like to meet him as well.”

A couple of minutes later Oceanna’s dad appeared on the surface “Is this the young man Oceanna?” she nodded her head “It’s lovely to meet you, Sir, I am Dylon.” “You seem to mean a lot to my daughter, and that is important to me.” “Your daughter means a lot to me, Sir.” “I have no problem with him joining our pod Riva, now let’s all go home.”

Dylon forgot about his life on land and was happy with Oceanna. Start writing here…

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