The Little Cheese Boy

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Isabel Jones is a normal 14-year old girl who struggles as the Great Depression keeps approaching America. It is especially hard after losing her mother recently as she tries to help her father sell wood in the nearest town, Akron Ohio. Life is difficult and uneasy until one day her father (Daniel Jones) who goes by Mr.Jones wins a pair of tickets to the world's most amazing still traveling circus despite the Depression in Cleaveland, Ohio. Isabel was never fond of clowns and freaks until she meets an unusual freak that stands out to her out of all of the performers. Hugo Horvart was never a cheese boy until he was cursed into one and was forced into working with the circus and it's evil owner known as Mr.Munink. Isabel meets Hugo at the circus and she agrees to help him find the "clock-maker" who can be able to get rid of his curse using time and she can use to bring her mother back. The outcomes and adventures are yet from small as they try to discover the true meaning of life.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was a warm summer-like all the summers in the area, too warm, but never too hot.

The breeze that came with the season made Isabel’s hair flow along with its rhythm as she swung from tree to tree. Isabel Jones was a tomboy and was little feminine like the rest of the girls in town.

She had twigs and leaves stuck in her thick and red hair as she laughed feeling her body swing in midair. She was slightly criticized in town for her lack of social skills despite her beauty according to most of the folks who knew her but that didn’t stop her from being herself. She kept doing backflips on each branch as her arms grabbed onto the next one and her laughter filled the skies.

“Isabel Marie Jones! Get down here this instant you are going to get hurt!” called out her father Daniel Jones best know to folks as Mr.Jones.

“What makes you think that dad?” she said giggling as she held herself backward on a branch.

“You are not five years old anymore why can’t you go to the cinema with friends or something like girls your age would do?” he said sighing, he wasn’t usually strict but in some cases, he did get ‘paranoid’ as Isabel described it.

“Well I like being myself in that case,” she said jumping on top of another branch.

Naive just like her mother,′ he thought from behind his head.

“Look if you come down and help me sell some wood I’ll show you the surprise I got you,” he said giving her a smirk as her eyes widened in curiosity.

“What kind of surprise?” she said still on top of the tree.

“Well if you come down and help me sell some wood in town I’ll show you,” he said temptingly. Isabel gave the tree a kiss on its trunk before heading down, it was hard to leave that tree especially since it was her favorite one, and called after her mother.

Her mother had passed away last year due to the depression getting closer every day, her body simply didn’t have the strength and took her last breath. The memory sunk into Isabel’s heart as a few tears strolled down her cheeks and her father seemed to notice.

“Are you okay honey?” Mr.Jones asked worriedly.

“Yeah I’m fine,” she lied. “I miss her too honey but she’ll always be in our hearts and never leave you,” he said giving her daughter a tight hug.

“Thanks, daddy I needed it,” she said as she wiped off her tears.

“Now how about you help me load off some wood that we can take into town,” he said smiling.

“Sure thing dad,” she said as she went off with her father.

Getting a job wasn’t easy especially as the economic crisis began flooding America slowly making it harder to search for jobs every day in the year 1930.

It was slow but steady and every day would simply become worse. Mr.Jones, on the contrary, tried his best-selling wood to the folks of Akron, Ohio.

Some people were still considerate and although wood was not needed as much during the day it was needed at night when the warmth of the sun left the Earth. Isabel rode with her father on the wagon as their horse Cherry walked steadily on her way to town. Isabel always helped her father load the wood every morning yet rarely went on his trip to town. Although Isabel wasn’t fond of going to town, she enjoyed feeling the summer breeze hit her hair as Cherry kept strolling. She also enjoyed her father’s company who always told her stories about a magical world in the woods.

Isabel never got tired of her father’s stories he had been telling her since she was five along her mother’s side. It was a nice memory and she always treasured her father’s stories about circus freaks that ran the magical place.

Finally, both Isabel and her father arrived at the town as they strolled down through the rusty and old streets of Akron. A lot of stores and shops were beginning to close and some people were even starting to sell their own personal valuables in order to get some money to buy food.

Her father first stopped at George Anderson’s small apartment which bought the most wood from town. Dr. Anderson was a nice fellow, always jolly if you asked anyone, and reminded Isabel more of a candy man than a doctor.

“Hello Daniel and young Isabel,” he said in a cheery voice.

“Hello Dr. Anderson, I brought your everyday order of freshly cut wood logs,” Mr. Jones said with a smile.

“Oh well, thank you very much will that be the same price?” he said.

“Of course,” Isabel’s father responded.

With that, Dr. Anderson nodded and took out two dollars from his pocket as he handed them to Mr. Jones and he began to unload the wood and take it inside his home. After helping her dad unload the wood into Dr. Anderson’s home, Isabel and her father rode off throughout town as they continued offering wood. Some people bought a piece or two to keep themselves warm for the night but selling was never that easy but Mr. Jones always managed for the sake of his daughter.

The sun eventually began to set and that meant that it was time to call it a day and end to selling to Isabel’s relief. On their way back home, Isabel glared at her father who still hadn’t told her what the big surprise was until she finally broke the silence.

“So dad what was that thing you said you were going to show me if I went selling wood today?” Isabel asked with a hopeful smile.

“You’ll have to patient until we get home,” he said with a smirk.

Isabel only pouted and crossed her arms in defeat, if her father said ‘ patient...’ that meant she wouldn’t get anything else from it.

Upon arriving home, her father unloaded the remaining unsold wood for another day and went inside the small cabin to prepare something to have dinner with.

Isabel soon followed him after petting Cherry on her orange mane and continued to wonder what her father had in store as the forest’s breeze played with her red hair. Inside the cabin, Isabel’s father had already set up two small plates with canned beans.

Isabel sat down as she continued to look at her father with suspense.

“Eat up you’ll need it tomorrow for...drum roll please!” he said playfully as he drummed his fingers on the table and Isabel smiled at her father’s playfulness.

“We are going to The Outlander’s Circus!” he said excitedly.

“A circus?” Isabel asked raising a brow.

“Yes! They were giving away some tickets yesterday morning for only a few individuals and I managed to get myself two,” he said with a glow in his face.

Isabel had a slight disappointment on her face, she was fourteen not five and she wasn’t fond of clowns and circus freaks but she thought about how hard her father might have tried to get those tickets so she smiled and hugged her father happily.

“Thank you, daddy, but tomorrow?” she asked.

“My friend said he will borrow us his car for the trip to Cleveland but the circus is on the outskirts of the city so we have to take a train to get there,” he said in response.

“At what time do we have to leave?” Isabel asked hoping she wouldn’t have to wake up early tomorrow.

“We leave at six in the afternoon tomorrow so you can sleep in,” he said with a smile.

“Okay thank you, daddy I can’t wait,” Isabel said trying to sound excited.

“Now go to bed we have a big day tomorrow,” he said as he finished up his beans to put the plates on the sink.

Isabel did the same and kissed her father goodnight before heading to bed for the journey she would have to make the next day, at least she would get to go and see the city for once instead of town and that excited her a bit.

The next morning, Isabel woke up feeling a bit refreshed as she put on her same outfit and signature blue bow that she styled with her red curly hair.

Mr. Jones did not go to work that day decided to stay with her daughter until they would depart for their trip to Cleveland.

They went out to walk around the dim early morning covered forest, talked about different things, and went fishing to the nearby pond as Mr. Jones told Isabel jokes and ate cooked fish after that.

Once it was time to head out, Mr. Jones and Isabel rode the wagon as Cherry made her way to Akron to reach her father’s friend’s home and borrow his car. Isabel wasn’t too thrilled about going to a circus but she had to admit she had never been out that far before and that somewhat intrigued her.

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