Full Moon King (FMK): The Novelization

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Silver Heart is a teen with a checkered past. His whole life he’s had to fight to survive, but it’s only in death that his whole world is turned upside down. He learns he is something known as the Full Moon King. A being that could lead everyone to their salvation, all to their damnation, or down a new path. The question is: what path is he walking down?

Fantasy / Adventure
Raven Diamond
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Hello, it has been a bit since I published here. I wanted to let everyone know that FMK has moved platforms to Mythrill (available on android and apple). I will be releasing all my previous chapters with new content (fully edited) as well as all new chapters and continuing the story. I have the first 86 Episodes written. The platform also allows lore cards with awesome art, so you can see what characters look like as well as more information. I do not have a hard release date for the Mythrill platform, but in the meantime, you can read my story God of Gears on Mythrill.

God of Gears: A simple watchmaker in the steampunk land of Virtuoso has an accident and suddenly he can hear voices and thoughts of machines. He even begins to develop the power to control them, but as rumors of his power travels, so does the fear of what he could do to the world and the people in power.

You can read the first 9 chapters for free then unlock episodes for free with tickets (1 a day for log on and 1 a day for ad) with the exception of the latest 5. Those are coin unlock only (depending on the package only costs .03-.16). It updates twice a week (Tues/Fri). As of 7/24/22 there are 43 released episodes of GoG. The first season is still ongoing.

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