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Faded Magic

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Erix is struggling to find a cure for his mother who is bed ridden with a rare disease where fungus grows from the inside of the body and drains the magic of the host as it grows.

Fantasy / Mystery
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100 years ago my country got divided into 8 classes. My ancestors tried their best to control and rule out dark magic users and f*cked up people. However over the years my ancestors grew weaker and weaker against these two forces and eventually had to retreat to a shielded community. Those who go out either never come back or came back in critical condition, so in turn no one wanted to go out of this safe bubble. Its worse here if you ask me, at least out there you could be free but here, you’re trapped like an animal to its captors. There’s so many standards makes me sick how people measure kindness and common curtesy to how much power you hold. Sure you could die out there but here you still can and unless you’re an amethyst, blue or red mage, there wont be much justice for you. Maybe its not that bad, better than getting slaughtered outside by anti-malanians right? One might think so but for green mages its a different story. You get treated like sh*t for liking nature. Makes no sense, but I guess its “fair” if the other mages are so powerful. This is life here if you cant deal with it you’re free to leave or you could stay and be mistreated for your class whatever applies to you, its your choice to make.
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