Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 10 Kidnapped

Startled to hear her daughter's howling she turned to look at her tear stained face. "Shhhh it's okay baby. We will come back. I promise. " Kat looked at her mom and began to wipe the tears from her face when she screamed, "Nana, look out!" When a big black SUV slammed into them, spinning their car in a circle and causing it to hit a tree, blocking the passenger door, and causing Irene to hit her head on the window. Irene was losing conciousness and Elizabeth was trapped.
At once they were surrounded with two men on either side of the car. Kat looked for a way to hide or escape and found nothing as a big hand reached in the window and grabbed her my the hair. "I've got you now you little brat! Get out of the car now or I will shoot your mother," he said as he pulled a gun from the waistband of his pants. "No!" She yelled frantically, "Kat run, hide!" Her mother said, "No!" She runs, you die!" He said as he cocked the hammer on the gun. Kat screamed, "Noooo!!! I'll go, I'll go! Don't hurt my mama!" She looked at her mother and put on her brave face. She knew she had to go. They had talked about this many times before. Katherine knew if she had to go somewhere she didn't want to she would follow their rehursed safety plan so she walked willingly with the man.
Once he pushed her in the car and put it in gear he told them, shoot her!" And drove away with Kat screaming mad as they drove out of sight.

As the men approached the car to carry out their orders they were blasted with balls of fire hitting each of them in the arms holding a weapon. As soon as that happened wolves poured out of the woods and attacked them, not stopping until the three men were dead.
As the sheriff pulled up the wolves ran back into the woods allowing him to help Elizabeth and Irene. Elizabeth climbed out, "Please go after them, they took her! They took my babygirl!" She begged.
"I have officers already on it and we have the entrance to the highway covered. He won't get away," the sheriff reassured. "Let's get Miss Irene out and over to the hospital while they track down your girl."

Anxious, she looked at her mother who opened her eyes. "Mama they took her. They have Kat!" She said in a panic. Irene looked at her daughter and said, "Go! Go get her. I'll be fine. It's okay honey. I'm okay...a little concussion. I have the phone, call me when you know something." With that Elizabeth spun around just in time to see a big burly man heading towards her and nodding to the sheriff.
"Blaze, this is Elizabeth, Elizabeth this is Blaze. He can drive you," they nodded to one another and headed to the shiny black muscle car. She had no idea what it was but hoped it was as fierce as it looked. "Thank you, Blaze. They have a head start of about 5ish minutes. They're in a black SUV with tinted windows. License plate not visible. One man and my daughter, Katherine, are inside. The man is armed and my daughter is only six years old. She is frightened but she is a trooper. As long as she is free to move she will jump and run the minute the car slows or stops."
"She sounds like an amazing and smart little girl," he said while racing towards the town's one exit. Nodding her head, "Oh she is. She is more than she knows...more than any of us know," she said so low that he wouldn't have heard her without his sensitive wolf hearing.

Knowing they wouldn't be able to get out on the main roads the kidnappers had set up camp a few miles down the road. There was an abandoned barn in the woods so he made sure no one was following and took the path they had discretely marked and hid the suv to wait until they could meet back up and leave in a different car.
"Come on brat! Let's go, I haven't eaten and you are on my last nerve with all that racket you've been making." Grabbing her before she could open the door and run. Shoving her in a room, she landed on her hands and knees, crying about wanting her mama and Nana. "You'll shut up if you know what's good for you you little brat " he snarled as he closed the door, locking it from the outside.
The only windows were up high so he wasnt concerned she would be able to escape since the room was empty except for her and the blanket she clutched in her hands.

As he went to fix his lunch and wait for his buddies, Kat looked around and told herself she had to be brave so she could get back to her mommy and her Nana. She knew she couldn't reach the windows and wished she was a cat again because then she could climb up the wooden wall of the barn like a mighty tree. With that thought she began to shimmer and within a second she was a tiny white kitten again. She ran and jumped up the wall, digging her nails in and clinging to the wood as she climbed higher and higher until she reached the windowsill. "I did it!" She thought to herself, proud that she made it when she feared she would fall. She looked around, making sure no one was near and jumped from the window to a nearby branch and from that branch she jumped to another and another until she was able to jump from tree to tree and get far away from the barn and the bad man.

It was getting dark out but Kat kept going until she came to a Creek with water flowing to a small waterfall and decided to get down so she could get a drink of water.

She walked slowly over to the water lost in thought, wondering if her mother and Nana were okay. "Please let them be okay! I have to find my way back to my mama." She was so lost in her thoughts she didn't hear the twigs snapping until it was right next to her. She looked up and jumped with a hiss as a huge brown bear was right next to her dashing into the water to catch a fish. She jumped so high she lost her balance when she fell and landed in the water with a splash and scared the bear's snack away. She swam next to a rock and fussed at the bear in her mind. "That wasn't very nice! You scared me and now I'm all wet! Bad bear!" She screamed in her head. The big bear startled and fell into the water right next to her with a huge splash causing her to get caught up in the stream and head towards the water fall. "Help me Mr. Bear, help!" The bear tilted his head to the side and shook his head as if he were hearing things and looked at the tiny kitten headed for the falls. He jumped up and ran using faster than normal speed and grabbed the flailing kitten and brought it to his chest and ambled out of the water and up the bank to settle near a cave entrance where he liked to go to be alone and think. He picked the tiny bundle up and looked in her eyes, "You're okay now little one," he said while wondering how it was he was able to talk with the little thing.

Reassured she was okay and felt safe she buried herself into his fur, started purring, and fell fast asleep. He carried her deep into the cave he used as his personal get away den and laid down on a big soft bed he brought up to the cave once he decided to make it his den. He had a bed, some food, water, books, a side table, a kitchen table, a chair, and a big rug decorating his den with minimal comforts but everything he needed when he just needed to get away from all of his responsibilities for a while.

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