Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 11 Journey Back

Kat woke up and stretched, realizing she is still a kitten. "Where am I?" She asked herself after looking around the cave. Memories of yesterday flooded her mind making her anxious to get started on her journey to find her family. She crawled out from the warm blankets, shook out her fur, and hopped off the bed to find a way out. As she headed through the cave she saw light shining in and decided to follow it. "I wonder where the bear went?" She thought as she continued through the pathway out of the cave. She rounded the bend and decided to run but when she was just about to exit she ran right smack into something that stopped her and knocked her to the ground. Startled, she jumped up hissing and growling while another bear jumped back and fell over at the same time. The bear growled so loud the ground shook.
This was NOT the same bear as yesterday, she said to herself wondering if she would be in trouble. The monster sized bear rolled over and roared at her. Kat had had enough of that business and marched right over to that bear and told him so. "Listen here you big growly old bear! I am hungry, thirsty, and I miss my mama and my Nana! I've had bad men take me, hurt my nana, and maybe hurt my mama so you can stop all that growling and noise making RIGHT THIS INSTANT before I tell my bear friend about your bad manners! My nana says manners are important and you are being rude!" She yelled ferociously in her mind as she marched right up to that great big growling bear with a huff, and smacked him with her teeny tiny paw. "BE NICE RIGHT NOW!" She demanded. Smack! Smack! Smack! She zapped him with her tiny fuzzy paws while trying to look as ferocious as a fuzzy little kitten could.
She looked up at the shocked bear that had indeed stopped his growling and noise making right that instant.

Kat heard a crash behind the big bear and looked beyond the giant monster to see her friend that rescued her from the water falling over and shaking. He looked at the tiny kitten that just gave his father, the meanest bear on the entire planet, a talking to, a swat, and reminder lesson in manners!
Oh could this day get any better? He thought as he couldn't stop himself from laughing hysterically as he saw the look of complete and total shock of his father and how he and the ferocious little kitten locked horns.
In his entire life no one but his mother has ever dared to talk to him that way, let alone get away with it. He was the King of Bears and just got told by a teeny tiny little white kitten! How he wished he had security cameras so he could preserve this moment for the rest of his life.
He tried to stand up but fell down again when she raised her tiny head in the air and hissed at his father.
"You better be nice! If you aren't nice, nobody will like you and you'll be a grumpy growly old bear for sure then!" She scratched the ground with her paws, flinging dirt behind her, then sat down to look at the two of them.
Oh he really loved this little kitten! Too bad she's in a hurry to get home. He would love to keep her, he thought with grand amusement.
"I am sorry I ran into you growly old bear. I know I should not have been running in the house but I've gotta go now so I can find my mama and my Nana and make sure they're okay. They will be worried about me with the bad man so I have to be going." She looked over to her friend and said, "Thank you for rescuing me from the water yesterday and letting me sleep in your big comfy bed. Maybe one day I can come back and we can go fishing together. I've always wanted to learn to fish. I was teaching my friend Mr. Bear how to fish in his daddy lessons so he could grow up to be a good daddy bear but I don't really know how to fish because I don't have a daddy either," she rambled on, "But it's important for Mr. Bear to learn how to fish so he can teach his cubs so I told him what I know. Maybe I can bring him when I come back and we can all fish together!" She said excitedly.

The bears looked at eachother and back at Kat and nodded their big bear heads at her as she started walking away. "Be careful of the bad man. He is still out here. He didn't know I got away and he has a gun so if you see him you better hide. Bye bye bears!" With that she wondered off, heading to find a phone. The bears decided maybe they should follow her and see where she was going so they trailed behind her as she embarked on her journey.

After a few hours she stopped and sat down. The bears realized she was tired and wanted to help. Her friend walked over and nudged her. "I'm so tired Bear," she looked at him with her sad face so he picked her up and put her on his back so she could rest while they continued in the direction she was headed. After a while they heard sad howls in the distance. Kat, got up, turned her head, her ears twitching to pick up the sound. "There it is, it's Fluffy, it's Fluffy!" She yelled so loudly the bears heard it echo in their minds. Shaking their heads and trying to figure out how this little kitten is able to talk to them and who is Fluffy? "I don't know dad but I wonder if it's a wolf. I don't hear anything else, do you?"
"No, just the howling of those annoying wolves. Will they ever shut up?" He said while shaking his head. "I guess we will find out soon. I hear them getting closer."
"I wonder why she can't hear us all the time?" He asked his father.
"I'm not sure son, she is one very interestingly unique little kitten."

Kat was so excited she started jumping on the bears back to try to see better. Big Bear can I climb on your back and see if I can see my Fluffy please?" She said to the grumbling bear next to them. He leaned over and picked her up and sat her on his shoulders and stood on his hind legs to give her the best view. "I see them! I see my Fluffy!" She yelled as the wolves came into view. The burly bear lowered himself back to all four paws and told his son, "It's those insufferable wolves. It appears we will have to tolerate them for a little bit." He had no desire to spend time with those dogs.

The Alpha King, Blaze, and the young prince had been searching the area nonstop since Kat was kidnapped but so far they found nothing but dead ends. They needed something to go on. Anything. It was hard to keep going so the Alpha decided they should take a break and get some rest. He looked at his exhausted son who had kept a diligent and tireless pace with the adults as they searched. He was so proud of his boy and knew he would make a great leader one day. "Son, we need to rest for a little bit. Let's take a break now and we will continue on in a little while."
"But dad! Kat is out there with the bad man! We have to find her!" He said as his whimpers filled the air.
" We will son, we will. We will find her I promise. " Max sat down and let out a series of heartwrenching howls, letting everyone know of his sorrow filled heartbreak. The wolves in their search party echoed his howls letting him know he was not alone, they were there for him, loved him, and that his heartache was their heartache.

He dropped down to his tummy, his nose between his paws, and cried. His whimpers could be heard echoing throughout the forest. His father licked his face and laid beside him. "I love you, son."

After a short break they headed further in the forest with renewed energy he led them with howls for Kat. Howling to let her know they were there and looking for her. Sending her love and hope as they searched everywhere for her scent and any clues to where she was taken.

"Dad, do you smell that? It's the kitten! It's Kat, I just know it!" With that he took off running as fast as he could with his father putting on a burst of speed to catch up with him. "Son, slow down. She may not be alone," he said sternly. At that moment he noticed the two bears and linked Blaze. "Shit. Here comes trouble. It's those damn bears. Stay alert," he said. "We don't want any trouble."
"Got it boss," he replied, none too happy about running into them himself.

"Alpha, is that, the Bear king with Kat on his head?" He asked in utter disbelief then began to laugh when he saw her running zoomies up and down his back while jumping excitedly at the turns.

As they approached the bears Kat jumped off the bear King and landed on Blaze and jumped right in the air yelling, "Fluffffffyyyyyy!!!! Fluffy! I knew it was you! I just knew it!" She said, while she jumped down to the ground and stood on her hind legs and started rubbing her face all over his head while he licked her face and yipped with his tail wagging happily. The warm glow started surrounding them again as the others watched in shock and awe as it spread out, reaching everyone and filling them with feelings of love and happiness before receding back to Kat and disappearing altogether.

They all watched the reunion of the tiny kitten and her wolf while thinking of how special this tiny female was.

Once they finished their greetings Kat turned to see the bears that helped her and walked over to them purring and rubbing herself against them, weaving between them. "Thank you so much Bears! I will love you forever!" She said excitedly.

The big bear and the biggest wolf stood facing eachother. "Bear," the alpha said with a nod of acknowledgment.
"Wolf," the bear replied with a nod. Only the royal Kings and Queens were able to mind link with other species typically. That's how they all decided that this kitten was special. There was just something about the tiny bundle of personality they found hard to resist.

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