Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 13 The Truth Begins

Sitting at the table Mr. Wilson took out a red folder and slid it across the table. "Inside this folder there is information that won't be easy for you to see. It will be upsetting but you are ready. Your 21st birthday is next week which means you will encounter many challenges in the weeks ahead," he said with love and sadness reflected in his eyes.
You are a bright girl with a big heart so it isn't easy for you when you see injustice in the world. I've watched you grow and mature so I know no matter what the world throws at you, you will be successful. Just remember when the world seems out of control and crazy to center yourself, don't lose your focus. Hold onto your love and compassion but also remember to hold firm to justice and follow your instincts."

Looking down at the folder he flipped it open for me to see. The first page was written testimony from a midwife.

"At the birth of the heir to the throne the King came in and took the underweight newborn girl from my hands, looked down, saw it was a girl, and proceeded to cuss and hit the princess. He grabbed her by her hair and smacked her face. He told her she was a lying dirty whore and wouldn't be passing this bastard off as his son's child. She tried to tell him it wasn't true and the child belonged to the prince but the king refused to believe her because he said, "she gave birth to a puny little female when his line only produces male first born children."

He was so enraged he threw the baby onto the bed of the princess without a care causing the newborn to cry loudly. This upset the princess who was already in great pain and near death after a very hard labor.
The King told the guard to get the little bastard and the dirty whore out of his sight and to kill them both.

The palace guard that he ordered to kill the princess and her newborn was fortunately my nephew so he helped me get the princess and her newborn out of the palace.
We took her to my secret hideaway cottage in the woods. Once we arrived he helped me get the princess into bed but she started screaming from pain and blood shot down her legs. Upon checking I noticed there was a head already crowning. Shorty after, another female child identical to her sister was born."
Startled and shaking, Kat clutched her chest, "How could anyone be so cruel? What an awful man! How could he do that to them? An innocent baby? He's disgusting!"
Nodding his head, "keep reading," he said as he pointed to the next page. Turning the page she continued to read how more children were born that night and into the early morning hours of the next day making it a total of four children born on different days. Two identical girls and two identical boys. Two sets of identical twins and a quad birth all in one. Amazing!

The midwife continued, the following days were very difficult. We almost lost the princess several times. She lost a lot of blood and was very weak from the difficult births. Having to move her in the middle of the delivery didn't help.

After almost a year later the King was seriously injured and demanded to know about the princess and her child. We thought we escaped unseen but a guard loyal to the king saw us leaving and told him they were alive so he put together a search party to recover them.
By then the king suspected his brother of lying and trying to kill him, and wanted to recover the child so he would have an heir, even if it was a lowly runt of a female. He would rather give the kingdom away than to see it fall into the hands of the man he not only now believes responsible for his sons death but also the attempt on his own life.
He had little to no proof so he could not successfully imprison his brother but he could secure the throne and work to uncover the truth.

My nephew's wife was a servant in the palace and overheard the search plans and let us know of them and that his brother had also found out of the king's plan and put together his own search party.
We were able to escape the island before we were found but they were not far behind. We ran for nearly a year. Just before their second birthday's the princess knew she must split up the children or risk them all. As long as they didn't know about the multiple births they could be safe from the kingdom until they were old enough to unite and reclaim their birthright and rightful place as rulers of the kingdom.

I helped the princess escape and secure resources to split the children up. Where they went from there I do not know. We decided it would be best if only the princess knew.

This is my sworn testimony.

When she finished reading she sat in shock. "That horrid man! First he listens to lies, then he tries to kill them, then he hunts them down until they had to separate?! It's too much!" She said while wiping tears from her eyes. "Those poor children! It's just so sad!"
While he gave her a few minutes to collect herself there was a knock at the door, it was Miss Windy. "What do we have here?" Mr. Wilson said as he stepped aside to let her enter.
Looking up at the scene before her Kat couldn't stop the amused smile that lit her tear streaked face. "That little devil. It worked like a charm," she thought to herself.

"Hi, Miss Windy!" Kat said with amusement as she looked down to see her holding a large cobbler in her hands.
She closed the folder and excused herself, "I was just leaving. I forgot my Nana needed me to pick up something for her. Good seeing you. Mr. Wilson, she said with a nod. "Come back tomorrow girl. We still have work to do and much to discuss," he said gruffly. "Yes, sir. I'll be here bright eyed and bushy tailed first thing." As the door closed behind her she snickered knowing these two were having a Merry dance.

Kat arrived home in time to see her Nana closing up a beautiful sparkling gold box and hiding it up in her closet. "What's that, nana?" She asked with curiosity. Her nana didn't usually care much for flashy things so that box was definitely sticking out like a sore thumb.

"Now Katherine, you scared the daylights out of me! What in the world are you doing sneaking up on an old woman like that? Are you trying to give me a heart attack young lady?" She said while looking around nervously.
"What's wrong nan, are you okay?" Her heart started racing, this wasn't like her Nana at all.
"I'm okay child, you just gave me a fright is all."
"Okay nana, can I get you anything?" Kat asked to soothe her Nana since something was obviously not right but she didn't want to talk about it.
She took a deep breath, "No thank you baby girl. I think I'll just rest for a little bit," she said as she sat down on the bed.
"Okay, nana, just yell if you need anything." She kissed her Nana's forehead and closed the door behind her.

Something weird was definitely going on. She would have to keep an eye out for her Nana. She walked into her room, kicked off her shoes, grabbed a change of clothes and headed to the shower to wash away the pond water. When she came back out of the bathroom the noticed a sparkling golden envelope sitting on her pillow. She looked around her room but nothing was out of place. Her shoes were still in front of the door where she kicked them off so clearly no one came in her room yet she would swear that wasn't there when she walked into her bathroom to shower. "So weird," she thought to herself.

Walking over to her window she pulled back the curtains and looked outside. "No sign of anyone out there and the window is locked. Silly. Nana must have left it for her. Maybe it's an early birthday gift from her or mama," she thought as she stood in the moonlight. "Well, I guess we will just have to open it and see then, won't we?" She mumbled as she walked over to her bed and reached out to pick it up. At the same instant her Nana opened her door, "Kat, I was just about to make some tea would you like.... KAT NOOOOO! DON'T TOUCH IT!" She yelled. Only it was too late. Sparks erupted around her, a warm glow started up in her chest and spread around and throughout her body getting brighter until it shot out of her arms and chest and connected to the moonlight shining through her window.
A beautiful voice spoke, "Katherine Grace, you are the first born female of my line, it is time to awaken and rise up. Time to become what you have always been meant to be. You are needed to fulfill your destiny my child. You must find your sister and brothers and unite as one before it is too late. Remember them." She said and a flash of memories played in her mind which was linked to her Nana so she saw and heard everything as well. Four babies playing, sisters holding hands and kissing boo boos, two brothers tackling sisters, two sisters tackling brothers to kiss their face with "yucky kisses", their mother chasing after them for bath time, story time while tucked in bed with her sister and brothers, their mother explaining to them they had to move away and live separately, crying and wanting her siblings, her mother crying and saying there wasn't another way and ending with the last secret birthday visits when they were four and they held hands while someone said some weird words none of them understood but would ultimately hide their memories to protect them from their grandfather and great uncle. Katherine fell to her knees in tears. Her heart aching for her siblings, overflowing with a need to fill the emptiness with their presence.
"You must be strong now my child, they are depending on you. Remember your promise to them." Flashes of their last birthday together and her telling her crying siblings, that all knew and understood that when they fell asleep that night they would wake up with no memory of one another. She promised to love them forever and find her way back so they could be together again.
"How will you find us if you forget us?" Her little brother asked her. "I'm the oldest so I will find a way. It's the job of the big sister and I'm the big sister," she said while trying to be strong for her siblings as they clung to one another while falling asleep with their hands and arms locked together. The last thing they said to each other was, "I love you" before giving in to sleep.

Wracked with sobs and hiccups, she tried to catch her breath. Her grandmother fell to the ground beside her and held her tight as the voice faded away saying, "You are stronger than you think and are more than you believe, you can do this. Remember to have faith in yourself." As the light receded Kat collapsed in her grandmother's arms and started crying all over again while her Nana rubbed soothing circles on her back and kissed her while telling her it would be okay.

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