Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 14 The Golden Box

The memories kept coming. Memories most people long forget of their childhood were brand new and fresh for Kat.
Walking over to the window she looked up at the moon. "Are you still out there Fluffy?" She asked while wiping a tear from her eye. "Even today, I still miss you so much." Recalling the days after being kidnapped and how badly she missed him and struggled to adjust to life without him. "Katherine, baby you need to eat something," her mother tried to give her a bite of her favorite rabbit stew. Kat sat at the table quietly, just staring at nothing. "She won't eat, mom. What are we going to do?"
"She just needs some time, honey. It was all very traumatic for her. She will come around eventually."
Days later there was still no improvement. They would get her up and dressed, bring her to the table for breakfast and she would just sit there quietly not talking or eating. "Would you like to go to the toy store and get a new tea set today,? Irene asked her granddaughter. This caused silent tears to stream from her eyes and down her face, still she said nothing but quietly got up and went looking for Mr. Wolf and took him outside to sit in the yard and wish they could have tea together with Fluffy again. She was completely heartbroken and nothing helped to make her feel better. Nothing could fill the emptiness in her heart where her best friend was supposed to be.

"Kat, baby...come inside. Nana made your favorite cookies for you," taking her by the hand, Elizabeth was guiding her to the house when she fell to the ground, lifeless.
Kat woke up in the hospital to the beeping of machines and her mother crying. "I will make them pay for this! They will NOT get her. I will end every single one of them before I let them harm one single hair on her head," she said with an eerie calmness that let her know her mother meant business and those bad men better look out. She decided then and there that would never let them take anyone else away from her. She would make sure her mama and Nana were safe and she would definitely find Fluffy again one day.
"I love you Fluffy!" She sent out into the moonlight as she looked up at the moon shining brightly through her hospital room window.
Unbeknownst to Kat, at that very moment Fluffy was going through the same thing at the pack hospital when the moonlight delivered her message. "I love you, Kat. I miss you so much," he sent back to the moon.
These messages, carried by the moon, were sealed with promises to love eachother forever and a promise to find one another one day making them both determined to grow up to be strong and fierce so no one would be able to separate them again.

With those promises made both children started doing better and were released from their hospitals after a few days.

"Do you still think of me?" She wondered under the moonlight as she hugged raggedy old Mr. Wolf to her chest. "Are you still alive?" She asked, wondering why she was so confident that he was. Shaking her head at her foolishness. She went to find her Nana.

"Nana? We need to talk to mama. When will she be back?" She asked, determined to be ready to find and reunite with her siblings. "I'm not sure, honey." She patted the seat next to her for Kat to sit down and pulled out the sparkling gold box.

"This showed up on my bed today. I thought maybe someone broke in but now I'm not so sure."
"What's in it?" Her voice cracked when she asked."
"There was an envelope for me that simply said, "It is time" on the outside. Inside it said, "You have been loyal and true, my sincerest gratitude and much love to you."
That was it, it disappeared after I read it as if it never existed. I didnt see anything in the box. I think...I think it's meant for you to open it.
Looking at her Nana's serious face she reached out and took the box. The instant it was in her hands the box began to shimmer. The sparkles began to glow and the top gave a little pop and it unlatched on its own causing both of them to grasp with surprise.

With shaking hands she sat the box down, looked at her Nana's eyes as she nodded her head. They looked back at the box and she lifted the lid. Inside the glowing box there was a beautiful gold necklace with an intricate design on an emerald pendant that also resembled an old key but not as long. Turning it over she saw her name inscribed on the back.
She handed it to her Nana who lifted the chain and placed it over Kat's head. Lifting her hair it fell into place around her neck. As soon as it settled around her neck the pendant began to sparkle and glow. The emerald projected a picture of a man in some kind of formal attire with medals adorning his chest and a crown on his head and woman in a stunning burgundy dress with a tiara on her head were embracing eachother. Their love on display for anyone to see with one look.
Irene gasped with her hand over her mouth. "It's your parents!" Kat looked in awe. "That's father?" She asked in a whisper soft and broken voice. Nodding her head, "Yes, this was the day they married. They were so in love." Tears filled their eyes as they looked at the happy couple.

After a few minutes the necklace began to shimmer brighter and faded right into Kat and disappeared.
"What?!" She yelped, "What was that, Nana? Where did it go?" She said getting louder and looking around her and in the box for it.
"I'm not sure honey." Kat glazed over as they heard, "You will understand when it is time." They looked at eachother with shock and turned back to the box. The next item was wrapped in silk. It was a dimond encrusted tiara with emeralds and rubies with the same design as the necklace.
"My darling babygirl. You were always meant for greatness. You are a princess and heir to the throne. It is time for you to begin your journey to take your rightful place," she said while silent tears ran down her cheeks. "My beautiful child, you have no idea just how truly special you really are." Picking up the tiara she kissed it, "Be good to my babygirl and guide her well," she said as she placed it on her head. I crown you, Princess Katherine Grace Jewelstone, hier to the throne of Mystic Isles and the Island of Mystique." With that Kat began to rise, her arms outstretched, her legs loose in the air, the moonlight seeking her out and fusing into her very being. Voices began chanting in her head, her heart felt full to bursting with love, sounds of shock and awe filled her mind. She didn't understand and couldn't make them out but somehow she knew, these were the voices from her ancestors, her kingdom, and her people acknowledging her, welcoming her, and calling her home.
Her grandmother fell to her knees, "Your Highness! I, Jeanne Irene Jones, pledge to you my loyalty, my love, and my life. Long live Princess Katherine Grace Jewelstone and the Mystic Kingdom!" As she said the words golden bonds of light tied them together, a bond strengthened by the oath and promises of the heart.

Slowly the light began to dim and Kathrine floated to her feet. Her tiara faded into her as the necklace before, it had become a part of her. "Rise grandmother," she said as she held out her hand to help her Nana to her feet. She wrapped her Nana in her arms and hugged her tight. "Nana, I feel different. Changed. I feel...strange. It's like anything is possible. What does that mean?" She asked with curiosity.
"It means you are the first born Princess and so have awakened ancient powers that have begun to flow through you." She explained as she noticed the changes that had just taken place. Her auburn hair was silky and longer, her face matured, her eyes held a determined sparkle, and her aura commanded respect while projecting love.

"Your birthday is in a few days. We must meet up with your siblings."
"How? I have no idea where they are, nana." "The answers are within, child. "You are all connected so think of them. Remember them. Then, ask them where they are. Start with your twin sister," she told her while giving her hand a squeeze.

Closing her eyes Kat did as instructed. She thought of her twin. She remembered holding her hand and chasing after their brothers in a garden. She remembered laughing when they rolled down a hill together and then she said the words, "Where are you Katie?" Immediately she heard a gasp and saw her own reflection looking back at her. She was standing in a stable petting a grand horse as black as night. "What? Who are you?" She was asked by her confused sister. "It's me, your sister. I'm looking for you like I promised. Where are you?"
"My sister? I don't have a sister," she said sadly.
"You do but you have forgotten. You must remember soon. Our memories were shielded from us to keep us safe but it is time to remember. Tell me where you are so I can come to you," she told her. "I'm in the stable and grandfathers house in the country. I just got back and came to see Midnight here," She explained to the voice in her head, hoping she wasn't losing her mind but feeling compelled to answer it.
She told her how to find her and promised not to say anything. Kat promised she would be there as soon as possible and opened her eyes.

With one look at her granddaughter Irene knew it had worked. "Where is she?" She asked excitedly.
"She said she is at our grandfather's house in the country. Nana, I didn't know grandfather was alive."

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