Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 15

Irene looked at her granddaughter and wondered how best to proceed in explaining everything because there was just so much to explain. "Yes, Katherine, your grandfather is alive and well."

"When your mother realized she had to split you up it was devastating for everyone. We were out of time and options. With the king and his brother both searching for you it was only a matter of time before they caught up with us so we decided to send Katie to your grandfather and your brothers to your uncle," she said with a deep sigh.

"See, when your parents married, Elizabeth didn't tell them about her family history so they had no idea that she was already nobility in her own right or that she had any connections to them at all. She'd had horrible fights with her father and brother when she fell in love with prince Steven. They wanted her to marry someone else. She begged and pleaded with her father but he held firm. Nothing she said or did made a difference but she loved him very much."

She went on to explain some of the resistance, "Your grandfather is a Duke and descendant of the Royal House of Staffordshire and the two royal families have never gotten along so he refused to permit the relationship or even the mention of it. Elizabeth eventually realized she couldn't change his mind so she ran away to be with him.
I was very upset with your grandfather and also begged him to change his mind. I didn't want to split up our family or lose my daughter and have her out there all alone so we continued to argue over it. After a time I gave up arguing with the stubborn jackass and went to find her myself. I knew how to get there because my best friend from childhood was actually married to the king and was your father's mother; your grandmother, Sarah.
That is how they met actually. Sarah had brought Steven with her to meet with me in secret a few times and I had brought your mother along. We had no idea they stayed in contact and started their own relationship independent of us until they were already in love. Though looking back it is plain to see. How we missed it I have no idea. I guess we were just too busy catching up to pay them much attention at the time. We were just so happy to have a chance to be together.

Anyway, I decided to follow Elizabeth and Sarah helped me once I made it to the island. We didnt dare let anyone know who I was so they never knew of the connection. By the the time we had to split you all up we sent Katie to grandpa and the boys to your uncle Robert. We aren't without our own abilities so we cloaked our appearances and moved around quite a bit.
The boys were the safest since they were boys and no one knew about them but you and Katie were always in a more dangerous position. Since they only knew of you we chose to split you up just in case they did catch up to us so they still wouldn't know you were a multiple birth," rubbing her eyes and shrugging her shoulders she said, "It was so impossibly hard to know what to do or even if we were doing the right thing but without Steven around to help there was no real way to protect you without an all out war among the royal houses.
Unfortunately, your great uncle has brought us very close to that now. We are hearing that he is planning a take over on a grand scale but we aren't able to get many details to find out exactly what's going on just yet," she got up and started pacing. "Now that you've been crowned they will know. They will have felt it when you rose. You will be fully awakened on your birthday," she said looking her granddaughter in the eyes.

"Awakened? What does that mean Nana? I mean, I feel something but I can't quite grab on to it. It's like it's just out of reach but that could be so many things at this point," she said out of frustration.
"Today, Mr. Wilson had a folder that had the midwifes testimony in it. At the time I had no idea that was about me. I had just finished it when old widow Windy came over with her cobbler. I didn't get to finish the folder but I told him I'd be back tomorrow."

"What it means is that you have ancient power that will come in completely upon your twenty first birthday. All of you will once you are reunited. Mr. Wilson actually knows quite a bit and can fill in some blanks tomorrow. Let's try to get some rest tonight. I know this is a lot to take in honey," she said as she reached out to hug Kat knowing this was the calm before the storm ahead of them.

"Okay, Nana. You're right. I'm beat." She bent over to pick up her old friend Kitty and pet her as she did any time she was tired and anxious. "Good night, Nana. I love you," she gave her Nana a kiss and went to bed where she settled in for a restless night.

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