Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 16

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes Kat groaned to see sunlight streaming in her window. It was a rough and restless night. With a yawn and stretch she climbed out of bed to get ready for the day.
As she grabbed her clothes and headed to the bathroom she passed the mirror and froze, dropping her clothes to the floor.
"Nanaaaaaa!" She yelled knowing her Nana usually gets up before the birds.
Rushing in, "Kat? What is...oh my! Wow. Turn around baby, let me see you," she said with a shocked expression.
"Nana, what happened? Look at my eyes! And MY HAIR!"
"'re...stunning sweetheart."
"Nana! My eyes are so green they're nearly glowing and my hair now has golden ends! How?! Why?!" She asked as she stared at her long Auburn locks that was now golden at the bottom. "Can I cut it off?" She asked sincerely. "I'm not sure sweetheart. Why would you want to? It's beautiful," she said on a sigh.
"But NANA!!!" She said exasperated. She grabbed a pair of scissors, looked at her nana, tilted her head and began to cut the bottom few inches of the golden locks off.
When she finished she turned to her Nana with a satisfied smile, "well, that's much better!" Irene shrugged her shoulders and tilted her head to the side as she watched Kat do a victory dance in her pajamas.
Irene rolled her eyes and chuckled at her granddaughter's silliness. "Finish getting ready honey. I'm making a care package for you to take over to Mr. Wilson. Our bags are packed and Kitty's carrier is loaded up. Also, your breakfast is in the warmer," she kissed her cheek and left her to it.

She pulled in to the driveway at Mr. Wilson's and saw a flustered Miss Windy straightening her clothes..."wait...are those the SAME clothes she was wearing yesterday? Why YESSS they are!" She thought. "Sure looks like someone had themselves a good evening last night," she couldn't help but laugh at the two of them standing there acting like a couple of bashful young folks. "These two are too stinking cute! Wait till I tell nana," shaking her head she drove up and parked next to Miss Windy's car. "Good morning, Miss Windy, Mr. Wilson." She greeted them both with a beaming smile and a nod causing them both to turn red as a beet.
Giving a fake cough Miss Windy said, "Good morning, Katherine. I was...I was...ummm...just going to get some allergy medication. If you'll excuse me, I"
Raising a eyebrow at her..."Allergy medication?" She supplied helpfully.
"YES, yes, that's right. Allergy medication. Cough cough..."Okay then, I'll get to it. Have a nice morning!" She said while walking to her car. "It sure seems like you already have," Kat whispered loud enough to be heard and giggled when Mr. Wilson blushed again while shoving his hands in his pockets and Miss Windy drove away.

"Mr. Wilson! You sly old dog you! You and Miss Windy, huh?" She teased.
"Okay, okay you little brat," he chuckled at her teasing. "You've had your fun, let's get inside, we have a lot to cover."

"Nana sent this care package over for ya. Since we won't be hone she cleaned out the fridge so you shouldn't have to shop all week...well, you know...unless you might need another dozen or so eggs or something," she stated flatly.
At that he looked her straight in the eyes for a few seconds and finally gave in to a big loud belly laugh causing Kat to join in.
With a big sigh he shook his head and tapped her hand. I'm going to miss you kiddo."
"Me too, Mr. Wilson, me too!" She said sadly.
Grabbing the folder he put it on the table in front of her. "So, yesterday you learned about your birth, a little family history, and were crowned last night from what I gather," he summarized.
"Yes, last night Nana had a golden box and when I opened it there was a necklace and a tiara inside. When I put them on they disappeared. This morning I woke up with freaky green eyes and golden ends on my hair. It is very strange but otherwise that about sums it up."
"Okay, that's helpful. Your eyes have changed because you've been crowned and are awakening the ancient power that flows through you. You are the first female born to the Kindom. Although the legend has been more or less lost to the kindom throughout time, I am what you would call a guardian warrior and gatekeeper for Mother Nature and the Moon Goddess."
"What?" She squeaked with surprise.
"Do you remember when you moved here?"
"Yes. I was six years old and we had to move but I don't remember why. I just remember being upset because I had to leave my wolf behind. I still miss him every single day. I actually still talk to him under the moonlight all the time because when I was little my mama used to tell me to do that when we weren't together and I was missing her. It always helped me feel better," She recalled with sadness.

"Yes. What you don't recall yet because of the memory cloaking, is that you were in a car accident and kidnapped by your uncles men. You then proceeded to somehow shift into a clone of your kitten and made your way back home on the back of a couple of bears and were brought home by a pack of wolves. Literally.
At that point your power had some what awakened somehow when you were in danger," he explained causing her to gasp as the memories came flooding back. "Oh my goodness, I remember!"
"Good, we will get back to that later. Anyway, by using your abilities it was like a honing beacon for your uncle. So Elizabeth, knowing about me from your father, got word to me that she needed help. What she didn't know was I was already on my way to find you and protect you until it was time for you to rise.
You shouldn't have been able to remember your wolf but nothing I tried could cover those memories from you. I tried. You were so brokenhearted and asked to go back so often that I finally settled for cloaking the pain...or at least numbing it a little," he explained with confusion apparent.

"The daily training you made me do? All of that excessive maneuvering and fighting...the never ending optical courses...all of it, was because of my uncle's men, or my grandfather's?"

"Not entirely, no but that definitely played a huge part in it," he said, scratching his head and rubbing his face. Kat, as a royal there will always be someone out there with bad intentions but as the first born female? You'll have tremendous power. It was given to you to bring peace among the different kingdoms. But, to be able to unite people will also bring danger to you. You need to be ready for anything and be able to handle it.
I believe you are ready physically and mentally," he said while giving her hand a gentle squeeze.
"Your gifts come from Mother Earth and the Moon Goddess. They are many and varied in a wide range according to the legend. Much of what I know is in the file for you to read during the flight. We will talk more when you find your siblings."

An alarm on his watch started buzzing and he jumped up and handed me the folder. "Someone's in the house. You need to go now. I have the jet at the airport ready to go," he said firmly then grabbed her arm and whispered, "If Katie is at your grandfather's country estate I know where that is so hand this to the pilot when you get there. He has orders to stay available for you until you no longer need him," With that we headed to the garage.
He handed me keys to a motorcycle. You'll need something fast. Take this and cut through the back way toward Miss Wendy's place. You should be home free from there," he pushed me towards the bike. "I'll handle them, go." But it was too late. They had the garage covered. They looked at eachother and nodded. It was three against two.

"Stop where you are old man. I'm just going to take the girl with us and no one will get hurt," he said like he was in a bad action movie from the 90's.
"You're trespassing on my property and I'm gonna kindly ask you to leave. Now," he said causing them to laugh.
"Did you hear that Tbone? He said hes asking kindly!" They snickered among themselves as they slowly continued to advance, getting closer.
"Who are you and why should I go with you?" Kat asked as she kept an eye on the trio, ready to pounce on them with a few more steps.
"I'm Tbone and this here is Rocky and his brother Billy. We are friends of the family and we came to bring you home," he said sarcastically while Rocky and Billy chuckled
"Well, I'm not interested in your little family reunion Chuck so why dont you take Bevis and Butthead with you and leave," she said as she took the remaining step and started raining blows to his head before he had an opportunity to move. He threw a punch to her head but she ducked and kicked the inside of his knee, hearing it crunch he went down yelling.
She looked up to see Mr. Wilson had Rocky on the ground and snapped his arm behind him breaking it instantly.
Billy was coming up with a tire iron and swinging it at us both, moving in a circle to keep us away. Mr. Wilson feigned left but went right, punching his head and Kat slid and kicked his kneecap straight on. He went down with a loud crash as he fell against a toolbox, taking it down with him.
When another man appeared in the doorway with a gun and fired hitting Mr. Wilson in his shoulder and chest. Kat screamed and charged at him. He took aim and was about to pull the trigger when she started glowing and light shot out or her hands and he was shoved back through the doorway. She thought he should be the one shot and suddenly the gun was floating in front of him and went off, shooting him in the chest before falling to the ground She spun around and ran back to Mr. Wilson, "Noooo!!! Mr. Wilson! Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay," she chanted, tears streaming down her face. She had to stop the blood. He was losing too much.
Mr. Wilson coughed up blood and tried to talk, "Kat, you have to go. Leave. They are coming for you. They can'," he said as his eyes started to shut.
"NO! I will NOT leave without you, Mr. Wilson," she cried. "Please please, be okay. Pleasssse Mr. Wilson. We have to get you to a hospital!" She argued as he grew quiet.

She put her hands over the wound on his chest and thought about how she wanted him healed and light started weaving through him, the bullet worked it's way out and fell as she kept going. She moved to his shoulder and did the same thing. Sweating and shaking, she pictured him whole and healed, and thought about how much she loved him and needed him. Her hair blew around her head shining brightly and glowing at the ends, sweat and tears glistening on her determined face.
The light slowly started fading and Mr. Wilson opened his eyes and coughed. Speaking softly he reached up and brushed a lock of hair away from her face. "That was amazing, Katherine. I felt filled with warmth and so much love. You are a miracle, child. Thank you," he said raggedly.

"We have to go now Mr. Wilson. You're coming with me. Let's go now before Bevis, Butthead, and ground chuck wake up."
Snorting at her he let her help him up, got in his truck, and headed to the airport.
He called the sheriff and reported what was going on as Kat drove. The sheriff was also a mystic warrior loyal to Prince Steven and was there to protect Kat so he said he would take care of it and meet them later.
Thankfully, Irene was already at the airport waiting for them.
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