Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 17

When the plane was about to land Irene hugged a teary Katherine tightly. "Honey, you saved Mr. Wilson's life. He is doing very well. He is just a little sore and tired but thanks to you he is alive," Kat dried her eyes, feeling like she may never be able to stop crying at this rate. "It's all soooooo much, nana. I'm not even able to stand this, what will happen later? What if I can't do this? What if I let you down?"
"Oh sweetheart! You could never let me down. You are the bravest person I know. You are smart, kind, and loving, gentle and compassionate. How could you ever go wrong? Look at me sweetpea", tilting her face up and wiping the tears away. "If you need to cry, cry. If you need to vent, I'm listening. If you need a hug, my arms are open and my shoulder is ready. You just have to be yourself, everything else will fall into place. You'll see. I have complete faith in you. So whatdoyasay, we go meet your sister, huh?" She said as she poked her nose affectionately.
"Okay," she sniffled. "Can you cut my hair first?" She asked making her Nana chuckle at her. "I think we should leave it until after your birthday and see how it looks then. Apparently, when you awaken your powers it does something to it. I personally think ot looks fantastic but if you want me to cut off the golden ends we can," she said and winked at her precious granddaughter.

"Do you really think so, Nana or are you just saying that?"
"No baby, I really do like it. It is very cute on you. Maybe I'll consider it for my next dye job, whatdoyathink?" She beamed looking excited at the thought.
Kat laughed at her nana and shook her head. "Okay, I'll keep it. For now." Finally smiling and feeling better. She straightened her shoulders, put her chin up, and exited the plane to begin her reunion.

"Are you ready, Kat?" Mr. Wilson asked as they got ready to take the last turn. "Ready or not..." she took a few deep breaths and closed her eyes and thought of her sister and where she was. "Stop, shes here. Like right here somewhere. Pull over, I want to get out."
As she got out she stepped under a willow tree and moved aside the willowing branches a little bit to peek at a girl riding the most magnificent midnight black stallion she had ever laid eyes on. "Midnight," she whispered. This must be Midnight.
As she looked on Katie and Midnight rode like the wind. They looked like they were made to be together, owner and horse were flawlessly jumping and doing tricks. It was an absolute thing of beauty. Kat was in awe of her sister and her horse.

After watching for a while she stepped out from under the tree and coughed to announce her arrival. Hearing the cough both Katie and Midnight turned her way and slowed to a stop. "Katie, it's me, Kathrine, your sister," she said softly but loud enough for her to hear. She trotted over and slid off her horse and turned to see Kat. The two stood staring at eachother in awe, shock, and disbelief. Katie reached up and poked Kat on her shoulder, needing to make sure she was real. "Oh My Goodness! Oh. My. GOODNESS! IT'S LIKE LOOKING INTO A FREAKING MIRROR! Well, I mean, except for the really cool hair and the brighter eyes!" They both laughed then Katie climbed over the fence and they cane together in a hug so tight it brought tears to everyone's eyes. All at once they both touched the others cheek and with that skin to skin contact the warm glow began to eminate from Kat to surround them both. She looked into Katie's eyes, took a deep centering breath and whispered softly..." Remember. Remember me. Remember our brothers. Remember nana...Remember, Katie," as she breathed out the words the light around her head and chest got brighter and brighter. Katherine's hair started blowing around, the gold ends shining brightest then at once the light disappeared into Katie. She fell forward into Kat's arms and sobbed as the flashes of memory ran through her mind like a movie. She remembered chasing her brothers with Kat, them playing hide and seek, sharing snacks, bedtime stories with their Nana and so much more. Overwhelmed, she cried for her loss, she cried for Katherine, she cried for her brothers, her mother, and her Nana, and all of the time they lost. The girls cried together and hugged eachother like they would never let go. After a while Nana Irene came over and touched them both, "can anyone join in her?" Katie gasped, "Nana! I remember you! She threw her arms around her and the three of them stayed in their group hug until Midnight came over and nudged Katie with his head causing them all to laugh and break it up so they could give him some scratches and love.
"Midnight here is a little jealous I think," nana laughed as she pet him. "You ride beautifully, Katie."
"Thabks, nana. He is my favorite. Grandpa let me keep him after I helped bring him into the world. He was a very big baby and his mama labored long and hard. We didnt know if he would make it but he did. It's a long story, one I'm sure we can save for later after you get settled in. Does the old man know you're here?" She asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes as she looked at Nana.

"No, he doesn't. I had no way to contact him to let him know."
With a giggle Katie looked over at Kat, "So this should be fun." Kat looked at her Nana and back at Mr. Wilson and wondered if her nana and grandpa would be like Mr. Wilson and Miss Windy and gave in to quiet laughter of her own with the memory.
" Mr. Wilson! I remember you! You used to visit the old Duke when I was younger. Hi!" She was nodding her head and pointing her finger at him as she recalled meeting him.

Smiling a warm smile at the now grown young lady he said, "Hi! Yes, I used to meet with the Duke when you were younger. It is good to see you."

"KAAAAATIEEEEEE! A deep booming voice called for her. "Well, it looks like we are about to have that reunion" she said as she yelled back, "Over here by old willow granddad!" She looked at the small crowd and took her scrunchie out of her hair and handed it to Kat. Here, quick, put this in to hide the ends and walk over in front of the tree," she said while laughing causing them all to laugh.
" Katiebug, girl where are you?" Kat stepped out from under the tree and turned around so she could meet her grandfather.

"I've been calling you girl, why are you just standing there like a lump on a log?" He walked the rest of the way to her and said, "You need to bring Midnight back to the stables. I have a feeling we have company coming so let's get you inside until we know who it is."
"Okay grandpa," Kat said, knowing it was different than how Katie addressed him before. He stopped and looked at her, "are you okay girl? You seem...I don't know...different. well, don't just stand there, let's go," he reached up to take the lead and guide the horse and wayward granddaughter back to the house but when he turned around to head back to the stable he turned right into Katie. "What are you doing? I nearly fell over you girl." He stopped talking and closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He opened his eyes that were suddenly red, looked at Katie and slowly turned around to see Kat standing there walking onto stand next to her sister.

"Katherine," he said on a choked exhale, grabbing her and hugging her to his big chest while rubbing her head. "My dear sweet granddaughter. I cant believe it! You're finally home!" Taking a handkerchief from his pocket he wiped his eyes. "I've waited for this day for so long," looking at her then back to Katie, "come here Katiebug," grabbing her so he could hug them both. "My beautiful grandchildren," he broke into a sob.
Finally together again they enjoyed their moment when he started looking around. "Is your mother...?" He started to ask when Nana Irene and Mr. Wilson stepped out from under the tree. Mr. Wilson, bowing at the waist looked at the Duke fondly, "Your Grace! Its been a while." Shaking his hand and patting him on the shoulder, "How many times do I have to tell you, it's David. Anyone that puts his life on the line like you have can call me David, Dave, or hell anything," he said with a chuckle.
Looking at Irene he said, "Woman!" She looked up and him and smiled that same mischievous look the girls have and said, "Asshat!" And they began to laugh at eachother causing everyone else to raise their eyebrows and shake their heads.
Kat and Katie looked at eachother and at the same time said, "Old people," and shrugged their shoulders. Everyone cracked up at the two girls proving they are indeed identical.
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