Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 18 Sisters

It was so weird Kat thought, standing there with her grandparents and a sister she didn't know she had a few days ago.
She looked over and realize there wasn't a dry eye among them. This day has definitely been emotionally charged, she mused to herself. She was actually looking forward to getting some rest after all of the craziness of the last couple of days.

"Come on, let's get Midnight stabled up and head in. We have some catching up to do." He lead his granddaughter's horse to the stable and tried to pass him off to the groom but the stubborn beast refused until he could go to Kat and Katie where he insisted on putting his enormous head on both of their shoulders until they pet him. The Duke watched, amused at the horses antics. "Katherine, this horse doesn't usually like anyone but Katie. He tolerates me as well as a couple of the grooms but he has never treated anyone like he does Katie before." Katie laughed, "It's true. Isn't that right boy?" She scratched his ears and pat the side of the amazing beast that stood nearly 7 foot tall at the shoulders making him one of the tallest horses alive. It was phenomenal to see such a magnificent creature being so gentle and loving when ordinarily he was apparently ornery and particularly fond of biting and nipping at people that dared to get close to him. After petting and praising Midnight he allowed them to stable him with a groom.

Kat followed her sister and grandfather into the huge house with Mr. Wilson and Irene following closely behind. Once everyone settled in a grand family room the sisters turned to just look at eachother. Both randomly poking the other while the others looked on and laughed.

"Have you seen the boys or Elizabeth? I haven't been able to contact her for a week now," Irene asked with concern.
"No, she was supposed to be here a few days ago but never showed up. Cook said she heard a couple of ladies in town talking about a few strangers staying over at Mrs. Miller's so I've sent someone to look into it." With obvious concern in his voice Kat and Katie stopped poking eachother and turned to look at their grandfather.
"Old man?" Katie said, lifting her head to meet his eyes, enquiring, "Why didn't you say anything to me? You know I can search".
"That could be dangerous right now. The fact of the matter is, Katiebug, if this is who I think it is, that could be a problem and alert them to where we are far too soon."
"Care to explain exactly WHAT is going on? I find out not only do I have an identical twin sister and two brothers I knew nothing about but I also get the feeling there is a whole lot more to this little story that you have conveniently forgotten to tell me about," she said in an annoyed tone.

Feeling bad for his granddaughter, "I'm sorry Katie girl, we had no other viable option in order to keep you all safe. I understand this is going to be hard and a lot of information coming at you at once but unfortunately with your birthdays coming up we are running out of time. We hoped we wouldn't have to do this without your mother but she must have ran into some kind of complication or she would be here by now."

"Please grandpa, just explain it to me..."
At that time their bags were brought in from the car and left for them to unpack. Kat looked over and saw her golden box. When she looked at it it began to glow causing everyone to gasp. Kat began to slowly stand and walk over to the box. Once she touched it her tiara and necklace became visible and began to shimmer, stunning everyone.
Bringing the box to the table in front of Katie she retook her seat next to her gasping sister and took her hand. On contact Kat began to glow, her crown and necklace sparkling and her hair started blowing around with its golden ends shining brightly. The flow of warm light surrounded the two of them. Kat's green eyes grew bright, the light shot out of her chest towards both the box and Katie. Eyes wide Katie started having flashes of the life forgotten. He sister and brothers playing together, having meals together, happily laughing and rolling down a hill together in a race to the bottom. Tears started streaming down her cheeks as she remembered their last night together and Kat's promise to find them and reunite them one day. Their pact and promises to love eachother forever as they joined together hand and hand and fought the inevitable sleep they knew would claim their memories.
Irene knew what was happening and looked on with both joy and sadness as the pain of loss and joy of the reunion was in progress. Her granddaughter's were indeed very special.
Kat reached forward and wiped away her sisters tears and handed her the golden box. "Open it, Katie, it's time."
With shaking hands she accepted the box and looked to her Grandfather who nodded for her to go ahead and open it. Opening the box she found a stunning gold necklace lined with precious gems that resembled an old key. Katherine took the necklace and placed it over her head and adjusted it so it lay in its proper place.

Then she pulled out a matching gem lined tiara that sparkled and glowed from gem to gem. Diamonds, opals, and sapphires wrapped around the tiara. Kat took it from her and placed it on her head. Welcome home sister. I, Katherine Grace Jewelstone, heir to the throne of the Mystic Isles and Island of Mystique hereby crown you, my precious sister, Princess Katie Anne Jewelstone, my second, my warrior, and leader of the guardians. " Gasps were heard from around the room as they all fell to their knees.

The opal and sapphires began to shine brightly. Katie stood in shock while the glow began to surround and encompass her and Katherine. She began to rise lifted into the air by the light as it intensified and shot out of her to mingle with the rays of sunshine coming through the windows, touching, meeting, twisting together to connect both Katie and Katherine, weaving together a tightly knitted pattern that rebuilt the broken bond and restored their memories along with knowledge of their kingdom and history bestowed by their ancestors voices and memories flooding their minds as their gifts began to wrap around them and fill them with previously unknown power and abilities that mixed and mingled with the new knowledge now bestowed upon them.

Their joining together completed the start of the oldest yet forgotten prophesy of their kingdom. The gift of twin girls, twin boys, and a quad born together yet of different days that will bring about a great change and unification of species to restore peace and prosperity, and expel evil.
"It is always darkest before the dawn," was heard by all. It was the voice of the moon Goddess again. "Welcome back, Katie Anne. The days to come will be wrought with challenge, doubt, and uncertainty. When you are faced with these you must look inside yourself for strength and the knowledge you'll need. You will know what to do when the time comes." Katie felt the words connect with her soul and a warmth and love overflowing from her heart. A gentle breeze was felt caressing her cheek, "You are my little warrior, your skills will unmatched by any but your sister. Never doubt yourself my child. Go forth with love," she said as her voice faded away and Katie dropped to her knees in front of her sister and vowed her loyalty and cemented her place at her sisters side. As her words were spoken the golden threads weaved among the group trying them together and faded away.

With clear eyes Katherine looked around at her family gathered together, "Rise, it is time to find our brothers." They rose as one, and agreed. Kat took Katie by the hand and hugged her tightly as they looked at eachother their necklaces and tiaras faded away shocking Katie, the Duke, and Mr. Wilson. "Weird, right?" Kat said with a chuckle causing her to look to her grandmother as they laughed together, remembering their reactions.
"Yeahhhh you could say that." As she joined in with the others laughing.

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