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Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 2 Rabbit Stew with Friends

Over the next few weeks Kat and Fluffy would meet for lunch and after dinner to play and have lessons every day until one sunny afternoon. Kat was busy making them peanutbutter and honey sandwiches and pouring chocolate milk in her pink tea cups while Fluffy made sure all her friends were in their seats. Kat was pulling out the chair for Fluffy next to her when he jumped up and turned towards the woods and started growling. "What's wrong, Fluffy?" To that he tried to bite her shirt and pull her away from the woods. Standing straight Kat turned her head and heard growls coming from the woods getting louder and closer. "Oh no, that doesn't sound good at all. Maybe you're right and we should go."

They were turning to leave when a huge brown wolf burst through the woods, growling and coming towards them. Suddenly, Fluffy started growling back, tugging Kat's shirt, pulling hard to get her to move but finally giving up and moving to stand in front of her and giving a deep growl right back at the huge wolf that was slowly approaching them. With his teeth bared, looking mean, and growling loudly the wolf stared at Fluffy and growled harder. Circling them and getting closer it lunged at fluffy and bit his back leg and shoved him with his nose trying to push him towards the woods. Fluffy growled loudly and bit him back until they were both growling and biting eachother.

Worried for Fluffy Kat rolled up her drawing paper from the lunch table and ran after the big wolf swatting him on his nose. With the most forceful yell she swatted again, "You leave my Fluffy alone right now! Bad wolf!" Swat, "Bad wolf! Bad!" Swat, "Bad, bad, bad!" Swatting the big bad wolf on his snout as she told him he is not allowed to be a meanie and ruin their lunch. "You listen right now! We will not tolerate any meanies ruining our lunch time!" Swatting that huge snout again she continued shouting at the growling wolf until he turned his head sideways and looked at the tiny human child swatting and yelling at him and stopped moving. When the growling stopped she stopped swatting the enormous snout.
Taking a deep breath she said, "Thank you. I'm very sorry I swatted your nose but you are NOT allowed to be here causing trouble and being mean to my Fluffy! We are just about to have lunch and if you can be nice you are welcome to stay otherwise you have to leave right now." She looked the wolf right in his eyes and continued to explain,
"This is my house and those are my rules! My Nana and my mama say when visiting someone's house you must always be on your best behavior or you won't be welcomed back. So, you will stop right this minute and put on your best behavior or I will swat you all the way into those woods and you will not be allowed to have lunch with us." The huge wolf looked at Kat, then back at a still growling Fluffy, back at Kat, then gave a huff and looked behind the trees to where an even bigger wolf that appeared to be watching them sat down with a snort and shook it's huge head while its tail whipped back and forth and body appeared to be shaking and laid down in the sun and kept watch from a distance.

Kat grabbed the giant wolf by it's scruff and guided it to the table. "You can sit here. Since you decided to mind your manners you can join us for lunch." You can have Mr. Bird's sandwich. He prefers fish anyway." The giant wolf looked over to Fluffy like he might start growling again so Kat grabbed her rolled up paper and waved it at him and immediately reminded him he better not even think about starting all that growling nonsense again or she would start the swatting again. Looking at her then back to the shaking wolf basking in the sun shining through the trees, then back to Fluffy, the wolf looked down at the sandwich and chocolate milk in the pink tea cups in front of him, looked up at the sky then calmed down, gave the sandwich a sniff, and began to eat cautiously while Kat explained they already ate all the rabbit stew and they weren't expecting extra company but if they wanted to come again tomorrow she and her Nana could make them some more delicious rabbit stew.

The threesome ate their sandwiches and drank their chocolate milk while Kat invited the wolf to have more, because no one should ever leave the table hungry according to her Nana. "Are you finished?" Kat asked the wolves once it looked like they were done. Both nodded their heads to her and she laughed while she cleaned up.

"Fluffy, it looks like we have a new friend!" She looked at the big brown wolf and smiled, "You are so big and it is very important to have manners and not be mean to my Fluffy so we can all be friends. If you can be good and remember your manners we can all have lunch and play together again. Now that lunch is over it is time for Mr. Wolf's daddy lessons. Fluffy is helping me train Mr. Wolf on how to be a good Daddy. It is very important business you know," she stated matter of factly. "For today you can be the daddy since you are so big." Kat walked over to the big brown wolf and nudged, "Come along now. You have to act like a tree and let us climb on you because that is the bestest thing all daddys are supposed to do." With that the big wolf again looked back at that still shaking wolf in the woods by the trees, let out a deep sigh, and stood tall like a tree as instructed while Mr. Wolf and Fluffy, assisted by Kat, climbed all over it's back and head. A short time later Kat's Nana started calling her so she had to go. "Comming, Nana!" She looked at her new friends and told them, "I have to go help Nana with dinner and finish my chores now." Hugging Fluffy she gave his ears a scratch and said, I won't be able to come after dinner tonight, I'm playing bingo with Nana. I'll see you tomorrow!" Turning to the big brown wolf she said, "I'm glad you stayed and helped us with our very important daddy lessons! You can come back tomorrow, too and I will make sure we have rabbit stew for lunch. My Nana makes the best rabbit stew. I help Nana make it and it is soooo delicious! She ran up and hugged the startled wolf, patted his head, and with a wave she ran back to the house for chores and bingo with her Nana.

The two wolves watched her leave, making sure they waited until they heard the door shut and she was safely inside and turned back to the woods where they were met by the enormous silver and black wolf happily wagging her tail. She nudged both wolves with her nose, licked Fluffy's face, and nudged him deeper into the forest.

"So, this is where you've been running off to every day?" Saleemah said to her son with great affection and curiosity. "You know you shouldn't be going into the human neighborhood, son" she said, chastising her nine year old alpha son and heir to the throne. "I know mother. I didn't mean to but I was chasing a big and mighty rabbit and then I got stuck in the vines in the bushes. She saved me and got me free. We decided to be best friends. I am safe with her, mother. She wouldn't hurt me" he said with absolute confidence. "I saw that, son. Anyone that would dare to take on uncle Blaze with rolled up paper is pretty fierce indeed" amusement lingering she was trying not to laugh over the memory of the entire encounter. With a disgruntled Blaze snorting and grumbling next to her, Saleemah declared she agreed with her son and would talk to his father about it.

Back at the house Saleemah told her son to go get cleaned up for dinner and went to find her mate. Knocking on his office door, "Come in Mate," the alpha said sitting back and tossing papers aside to greet his queen. Opening the door she smelled the woodsy scent of her mate and thought him the greatest man she knew and how she was was blessed to call him her own. "Are you finished, dear?" With a deep sigh he looked at his loving mate, "Thankfully, yes. Those two pigheaded Alpha's would try the patience of a saint once they get together." Nodding in agreement, "I don't know how you do it. All that chest thumping and posturing going on would have me taking after those two hotheads with a garden hose!" Laughing together, "You know, I might have to try that next time. It would certainly bring an element of entertainment to an otherwise annoying situation. So, tell me, did you discover where our pup has been running off to every day?"
Looking at her Mate with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a full blown smile, "Oh yes, we most certainly did!" At that she couldn't contain her laughter any longer and laughed until tears ran down her face while the mighty Alpha looked on, amused and chuckling at his mate who kept trying to tell him what happened between snorts and more laughter.
"Oh, I can't wait to hear this," he said as his Beta walked through the door causing his mate to fall out of her chair, unable to hold her laughter in and laughing so hard she couldn't get up without help.
Looking at his Alpha then his Luna, who happened to be on the floor rolling with laughter he knew he was too late. Shaking his head, "Luna, please! Don't tell him. I'll pay you. Whatever you want it's yours just please, don't. I will never hear the end of it." The Alpha lifted one eyebrow in question and she started laughing all over again. "Oh, no, no, no, no! No way, Blaze!" Between snorts and laughter, "We absolutely HAVE to tell him! In face I'm quite sure I am honor bound to inform your alpha how you went to protect his pup!" She said trying to keep a straight face, and failing miserably.Taking her Mates offered hand she stood up, taking deep breaths and holding her side, "I think I might have hurt something," she said while eyeing the Beta causing him to roll his eyes. "Oh my goodness, it is just one for the books, babe." Rolling his eyes at his Luna again he whispered, "Traitor!" This causing another round of giggles.

"Who wants to fill me in on what the pup has been up to? Since you are laughing I gather at least it didn't involve fighting or mixing it up with wolves bigger than him?" To this the laughter started all over again. "Oh yeahhhh, there was definitely fighting and mixing it up with a bigger wolf than him." His eyes widened, "what?!" "Yep, and a human, and even rolled up paper," she said choking with laughter but trying hard to pull it together. He handed her a glass of water. Taking a drink and trying to control herself she continued, looking at the giant Beta, there might have also been an imitation of a tree somewhere in there. It was really quite...well, something to see might be a bit of an understatement." With a snort from Blaze he shrugged his shoulders. "I do so wish you were there," she added.

Taking pity on his Beta, "Have a seat, Blaze. Apparently we have quite a tale to tell here," he said while squeezing his shoulders and patting the big Beta on his back and guiding the reluctant wolf to the chair. While looking at them both and trying to decide which one he could get the story from his son came running in. " Daddy! Your done with your meeting? Did mama and uncle Blaze tell you about my friend Kat?" Tilting his head and looking at the two seated in front of them. His Mate had wet cheeks from the silent tears streaming down her face, shoulders shaking, trying her best not to laugh, he looked back at his son. No, my boy. We just sat down to talk. Why don't you tell me all about your friend, okay?".
Nodding his head he began, taking a deep breath he began, "Well, I was chasing a big ole rabbit and we were running so fast. I almost had him but he jumped away so I dived after him like uncle Blaze does when he's chasing after the big deer, because it was a really big rabbit and he was gonna get away so I dived at him." His father nodded his head yeah adding, "those big ones can be a little tricky sometimes." This making his son nod his head in agreement, confident he was doing it right he continued. "So, there I was chasing this big rabbit and going in when he went the other way and I couldn't stop in time and crashed into some bushes. I got all tangled up in some vines and my paw got in this big thing and I couldn't get it off. When I looked up Kat was there. She got me free and we decided we would be best friends. She is really nice and we have lunch and teach her friends how to be daddies. She doesn't have a daddy so she says it is important to help Mr. Wolf, Mr. Bird, Mr. Bear, and Mr. Cat how to be good daddies when they grow up. I want to be a good daddy, too so we are training every day." Taking a deep breath he looked up at his father, smiling and waiting for him to speak. The Alpha looked over at his wife and Beta who were excited by the tale since neither had heard how this unlikely friendship started.
Apparently, it was news to them as well so the alpha nodded and motioned for his son to continue. The Luna wearing a big smile winked at her son and looked at her mate while saying, "that is lovely my sweet pup." Beaming from his mothers praise, he looked at his father and continued. "Yes, she is lovely, too. Even though she is human she is nice and she would never hurt me, I promise. Can I still play with her please daddy?"
Looking at his dad he began to get nervous when he didn't respond. "Maxwell, you know humans are forbidden until we know they are safe and will protect us and our secret, right?" To this Max started bouncing up and down on his father's lap, "Yes, sir! But Kat won't tell anyone and she even beat Blaze up with rolled up paper right on his snout when he showed up growling and biting me! She whacked him a good one over and over, right on his nose!" He explained with awe. " Then she told him to be nice or else she would make him leave!" He proudly stated and nodded to his father. Shocked didn't even begin to explain what he felt at that minute. His jaw hanging open he tried to speak but couldn't make a sound. Looking up at his red faced Beta then to his mate who was about to crack and fall on the floor again, barely able to contain her laughter.

Looking back at his son he said, "What?! She hit Blaze?" "Well, she wouldn't have but he wouldn't stop when was growling and biting me and she didn't like it. She did tell him to stop but he wouldn't listen. She told him it was rude and whacked him again because, her Nana says you have to have your best behavior if you go visiting or you won't be invited back. But she stopped hitting him once he quit growling. Then, we had peanut butter and honey sandwiches and chocolate milk in her favorite pink tea cups and Blaze helped us with our daddy training. He was a tree so we could climb on him because Kat says all good daddies let their kids climb on them like a tree. He was a good tree and we had fun. Kat invited us back tomorrow for rabbit stew so can we go daddy, please? Her Nana really does make the best rabbit stew," he said. "He leaned in to whisper in his father's ear, please daddy?! Uncle Blaze won't be mean or Kat will beat him up with her rolled up paper again so we will be on our beat behavior just like Kat's Nana says visitors should be!"
At that his Luna and Queen could not hold it in any longer and gave in to fits of laughter while his Beta and best friend, Blaze was beet red, rubbing his hand over his face, and looking to the sky while begging the moon goddess to help save him from crazy pups, pigtails, tea parties, and laughing Lunas.
Shaking his head he looked at his son, confirmed he ate or inhaled his dinner, as it appeared he couldn't have possibly taken time to chew his meal given how quickly he arrived, and told him to go get ready for bed while he had a chat with his mother and Blaze. "Go on up to your room, your mother and I will be up shortly to get you tucked in and we will talk about your new friend in the morning.
"Okay, dad. I will be good and do all my chores if I can please go to Kat's for rabbit stew tomorrow!" Turning and rushing out the door to get his bath and ready for bed, he was hopeful his parents and Blaze would let him go back to play and have lunch with his new friend.

Watching the little pup take off, the door closed with a bang and the Alpha sat looking at the two people closest to him in silence while he tried to process what he just heard. He started to speak again but nothing came out, closing and opening his mouth, looking a bit like a fish causing more chuckles from his Mate.
Trying yet again, "So, exactly how old is this, Kat?" That was it, his Luna lost it again. Breathing hard and trying to catch her breath "She is about 5 or 6 and about yea high," she managed to squeak out while holding her hand up to her waist.
Glancing over to Blaze with a questioning look Blaze finally gave up and shrugged his shoulders. "What?! She swings a mean paper! That girl could play pro ball with that arm on her. And, her Nana says manners are important for visitors. Shrugging his shoulders again and holding his palms up, "How can anyone argue with that?" While shaking his head in utter disbelief saying, "This is my life", with a disgruntled sigh.

The Alpha with a serious face sighs and says "So, let me see if I understand all this correctly, You, my Beta, that no man or wolf would dare to cross, that is feared far and wide across the globe, were whipped with rolled up paper on your snout and corrected by a mighty midget in pigtails and pink teacups, AND you are invited back tomorrow for rabbit stew?" "Yes, Alpha, and I was a tree," he added.
"Oh right, can't forget that part. You were a climbing tree as a part of...daddy lessons? A tree? Really Blaze? A Tree?"
"A MIGHTY tree, boss. A mighty tree...of the climbing variety, yes."
"In all our years together and of all the things I would have ever thought you might want to be, a tree never crossed my mind," he said with mischief written all over his face. Shaking his head and rolling his eyes, Blaze could tell by looking at them it would be a long time before he heard the last of this one. A very long time.

Finally, the Alpha gave in and joined his luna laughing until his mighty Beta joined in, admitting defeat. " She is tiny but she is fierce, Alpha. She definitely demands good manners at her house. Can't wait to see her all grown up!" They all laughed until their sides hurt and were wiping the tears rolling from from their eyes.

Getting up and heading towards the door he looked back and said, "One more thing, Alpha, she calls your pup, the next fierce Alpha and ruler of the entire werewolf kingdom, Fluffy," he said, laughing and enjoying the shocked look on his best friend and Alpha's face. "That's right, all hail King...Fluffy!" With that he turned and left chuckling all the way to the kitchen to search for leftovers
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