Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 3 Danger and Declarations of Love

Once alone, the pair looked at eachother and had another good laugh. "You should have seen it, babe! There he was, the big bad and most feared Beta of all time getting his tail handed to him by this tiny little human girl who was defending our pup and threatening to whip him all the way to the forest if he didn't stop and show some manners right that instant! Her tiny little hands were swatting his huge wolf's snout with not a single care in the world except for protecting Max and reminding him about his lack of manners! Then, the fearless little thing walks right over and grabs him by the scruff of his neck and brings him over to the table for lunch of peanutbutter and honey sandwiches and chocolate milk! And those little pink tea cups? It was just too much!" He laughed hard imagining his rather large and usually feared Beta in that situation.

"Oh you should have seen it! She was absolutely magnificent and fierce as they come, that one! Then, to scruff him with those tiny human hands and put him at the table by all of those those raggedy stuffed animals for lunch. Oh honey, I don't think I have EVER laughed so hard in my entire life!" Taking a deep breath and enjoying the reflection of the afternoon she looked at her mate, "It would break their hearts if we say no. I know she is human but there is definitely something special about that little girl. I think we should let him go. One of us can go with him to keep an eye out," she said to her Mate while holding his hand. "It is against my better judgement since she is human but I will agree to let him go tomorrow. I think I'd like to meet this little spitfire myself," he said to his mate as they shared smiles and chuckled together.
"Let's go tuck him in and tell him the good news then," reaching his hand out to help his mate to her feet, putting his arm around her and kissing her head they left arm and arm to find their son together.

The next afternoon Max was excited because both his parents and Blaze were coming with him to see Kat. "Remember son, you cannot change in front of her." "Okay, dad, I promise I won't," he said excitedly as they headed off towards the forest. Once deep into the trees they changed into their wolf forms. Max was a fluffy black with white and silver paws, Blaze was a rich brown, his mother was white and silver, and his father was black with white and silver on his chest. The colors of royalty. Only the royal wolves have those colors on their body making them distinguishable from anywhere when they wish it. As a royal they also have the power to change their colors when necessary to protect themselves.
They trotted off on four paws to meet Kat and keep their pup and future Alpha King safe.

Max and Blaze went ahead while his parents hung back to observe and keep watch from the trees.
As they approached the garden they smelled the delicious aroma of the promised rabbit stew making both stomachs growl with anticipation. Max was excitedly spinning in circles when Kat came running over throwing her arms around him and squealing, "Fluffyyyyy!!! How is my most favoritest cutest fluffy wolf everrrr!?" Scratching him behind his ears and running her fingers through his fluffy fur. "I love you Fluffy! I'm so glad you could come!" Hearing a snort she looked behind him and saw Blaze come through the bushes. "It's Grumpy!" Running over to Blaze she threw her little arms around the massive wolf, "Hello Grumpy! Welcome to my house! We made rabbit stew. My Nana makes the bestest rabbit stew. You will love it! I help her add the gredients. Nana says that's the most important part," she said with her five year old self making Blaze smile a wolf smile at her cuteness. He turned his head and licked her cheek causing her to laugh and wipe her face "Awe, you are very nice when you're not all growly!" She petted his side where she could reach and watched him look at the table that only had Mr. Wolf in his seat. Looking around Blaze realized she had Mr. Cat in a little bag around her waist, Mr. Bird was perched up in a tree branch, and Mr. Bear was laying at the garden entrance with his face pointed out. He walked over and nudged him with his nose and looked back at Kat wanting an explanation, which she completely understood and said, "Mr. Bear will guard the gate while we have lunch and Mr. Bird will keep watch from the air. Mr. Cat is still training to watch his claws while being held so I'm keeping him safe right here," she said patting the pouch around her waist. "Come on, let's eat. I'm so hungry for my Nana's rabbit stew. I might waste away if I don't eat it soon." They walked back to the table and hopped up in their chairs while she served them all ladles of what was indeed the best rabbit stew ever.

During lunch Kat rattled on about how she loved helping her Nana make meals and how she always helps her mama when she is in town. "I love helping mama most because when she cooks she puts the music on and sings and dances at the same time," she said with the innocent joy only an innocent happy child could express, complete with happy smiles and a sparkle in her eyes. Looking at us she announced it was time for daddy lessons and proudly stated, "Mr. Bear and Mr. Bird said the house is safe so I think it is a good time to clean up this mess and begin our lessons for the day." Scooting off her chair she began to toss the bowls into the trash and said, "Fluffy you should also learn to clean up your mess, too. A good daddy would always clean up after the mommy makes the meal." With a snort from Blaze and a huff from the little royal he grabbed his bowl with his teeth and followed her to the trashcan. "Very good Fluffy! You are going to make such a good daddy one day!" She said while excitedly petting his head and his puffed up chest as he stood a little taller, happy for the praise. "Dads are very important you know!" She began to explain while going to collect Mr. Bear and Mr. Bird from their posts, and Mr. Wolf from the table.

"Today we are going to play hide and seek!" She explained, "Daddys have to play hide and seek so they teach their children about numbers and how to hide in case the bad men come. If I had a daddy he would teach me all about counting very high and all the best hiding places to hide from the bad men." She stated practically yet sadly with a sigh. "My mama and Nana have to teach me, but I think I would have more fun with a daddy because dads are also very strong like trees and they don't get tired so quickly!

Looking stunned for what this cute little spitfire had just revealed and her insight for such a young age, Blaze gave out a little whimper and came up to Kat and licked her cheek and nuzzled her with his big snout. He was determined to help her as much as he could even if it meant being a tree. He would be the best tree he could possibly be while Max stood there wishing he could tell Kat she could share his daddy with him because he was big and strong and really really smart about hiding places and how to take care of the bad men!

"I've never met a man before but..." looking around and dropping her voice to a whisper, leaning into Max and Blaze she went on to explain, "I saw the bad men that came and tried to take me away because I was hiding under the bench in the wall. I could see through a tiny hole. They were scary looking. I know mama said that not all men are bad and the ones that are had very bad daddys that didn't teach them better, and their mama's didn't know anything about raising up good men. That's why I am gonna make sure Wolf, Bear, Bird, and Cat all learn the important stuff." She announced while putting her little hands on her hips.

Eyes glazing over it was obvious to Max that Blaze was talking to his parents. "It appears our little Kat has someone after her. It may not be safe for Max to be here unattended. We need to find out more if we can. Maybe have a couple of the guys help keep patrols crossing the area, what do you think, Alpha?" Blaze asked while listening to Kat explain the rules for hide and seek. "I think that's a good idea. We can talk more when we get back to the pack."

"Okay, today we play hide and seek. Fluffy you have to be the finder so you have to turn around and face the trees and count to 100 while we find some place good to hide, okay?!" Max nodded his head causing Kat to jump up and down cheering and saying she would find the best place. After Max turned to face the tree, Kat collected Bear, and Bird and Blaze picked up wolf with his teeth and they ran around the garden hiding them. Finally all the animals were hidden so Kat decided to climb under the bush where she first met Fluffy. Pulling and arranging the vines and branches so she wouldn't be seen she kept watch and waited. After a few minutes Fluffy had found Bird, Cat, and Bear. Kat thought he was really good at this game so he must have a really good daddy.
Just as he was approaching the bush they all heard a twig snap and froze in their hiding places while Fluffy darted under the bushes with them when a man in dark sunglasses, dressed all in black come into the garden. He walked over to the table and saw the stew so he started looking around. Blaze informed the Alpha and Luna of what was going on so they spread out and called a couple pack warriors to meet them by the property on the border of their land.

After a few minutes another man dressed the same as the first one came through the garden gate causing Kat to gasp. "It's him! It's the bad man that wants to take me away from my mama and my Nana," she whispered to Blaze and Max causing them both to give a low growl to which she nodded her head.
"I don't see her out here anywhere but she couldn't be far. The toys she carrys everywhere are here," he said while pointing to them, "And there is a container of something that looks like stew on the table. My guess is she's around somewhere close by and just wondered off."
"Let's go have a chat with her grandmother and see what we can get out of her. It has been a while since I got to have any fun so I'll do the talking," he said with an evil smile. "Fun? Yeah right. You dont know how stubborn that old bat can be but it I'll definitely be fun to watch." Both men chuckled as they headed toward the house.

Once the men were out of sight Kat started to climb out of her hiding place and both Blaze and Max bit her shirt pulling her back and shook their heads trying to get her to stay but she wasn't having it. "They are going to hurt my Nana, let me go!" She said fiercely. "I promised my mama I would look out for my Nana and she needs me, NOW!" As she finished something happened and both Blaze and Max had no choice but to let the little girl go, causing both to whimper and shake their heads.

"Alpha, she is heading to the house. Something happened I don't know what the hell is going on but this is about to go south quickly," he informed them." "The two men are on the side of the house now talking to another that just showed up," the Alpha said while opening the mind link so Blaze could hear what was going on. "Boss says to leave them for now. We've got a solid lead on the princess but we have to leave now to make it on time. The plane is ready to go. We have 30 minutes to get there." "Damn, I was looking forward to chatting with that old crone. I still owe her one for the last time," he said causing snickers among the other two. "You'll get your chance to settle the score, but not today." With a nod of his head and a sigh he said, "okay, let's go." Looking back at the house one last time they left to catch their plane.

Kat snuck in through the back door and listened to see if she heard the men but they weren't there so she ran to her grandmother. "Nana, the bad men are here! Hurry, they are coming!" She yelled to her Nana. Dragging her by the hand she rushed out the side door where her grandmother saw only the back end of an SUV driving away. "Shhhhh it's okay sweetheart. You hide here in the shed. I'm going to call the sheriff." Grabbing onto her grandmother she begged, "don't go Nana, don't go! Please don't leave me!," she cried while hugging her Nana and refusing to let her go. "Okay, child but hold on to my shirt and be very quiet. My phone is in the kitchen." Calming down and nodding her head she would do as instructed Kat agreed and set off to call the sheriff with her grandmother.
Overhearing the conversation the Alpha mind linked the sheriff who was also a pack warrior to let him know the call would be coming so he could personally come out and find out exactly what was going on.

Later that evening after the sheriff had assured them the house was empty, the grounds were safe, and that men matching the description were seen boarding a private plane both Nana and Kat relaxed. Sheriff Joe talked to the grandmother about updating their old security system to include the grounds and gave her the number of their pack security expert as instructed by the Alpha himself. Since this family meant so much to his son he would add it to the permanent patrols. It is literally on the borderline of his pack so they would include these additional acres of land from here on out. Blaze, make sure they own the land. If not make arrangements to buy it. We will add it to pack property to make it easier for patrols." "Yes, Alpha," he replied, already having made a mental note to do so anyway, anticipating the Alpha King's move in advance as was his job.
Kat made her way to the garden and called for Fluffy. "Fluffy! Flufffffffyyyyy! Flufffffyyyyy!," she called. After a few minutes Fluffy came running over to Kat and they crashed to the ground with her hugging him and him licking her face all over and rubbing his head all over her while she ran her fingers through his fluffy hair and cried. "Oh Fluffy, I was so scared! What if those bad men hurt my Nana?!" She cried, her voice cracking as more tears streamed down her face causing Fluffy to whimper with her. Fluffy looked at Kat with her wet face and continued to cry with her and licked her falling tears and nuzzled her neck resting his head on her shoulders.

Blaze and the Alpha pair stood silently in the cover of the tall grass and bushes of the garden watching the children comfort eachother. "Oh Fluffy! I don't know what I would do without you," she said while brushing the last of her tears away. Fluffy cocked his head to the side, ears perked up, and he thought to himself, "I will always be here when you need me. That's how best friends work and thought about them hugging and standing side by side." All of a sudden Kat smiled a big smile and radiated with warmth and happiness as she had the exact same thoughts. "You will always be with me when I need you because we are best friends forever?!" She exclaimed while reaching over to hug Fluffy just as she had imagined a moment ago. The three adults all looked to one another and back to the children. They had heard Max and seen his vision only to now see it reflected back by Kat and her actions.
"Alpha?" Blaze asked questioning what they had all just experienced with the two small children in front of them. "I know, Blaze, I know. I have no idea what just happened either but it appears they have just sworn an entenal friendship somehow." "Impossible, she is human," the Luna said while shaking her head in disbelief. They are babies barely from the womb." "I am aware, yet here were are. We all saw it as is tradition with any oath a mature wolf gives it is projected to the pack leaders and becomes a binding, bonded, protected, and treasured oath," the Alpha responded with the same amount of shock and disbelief as his mate and Beta.

"I love you, Fluffy," she hugged his neck, "I love you, too, Kat," Max said as he nuzzled her neck on the opposite side at the same time. At their declaration of love for one another a warm glow started from Kat's chest and radiated out to encircle them both causing the Alpha, Luna, and Beta to gasp. The glow got brighter and the warmth spread to them and encompassed them all, somehow bonding and linking them together with the oaths of love and friendship from the tiny children. Unbeknownst to them they had become a part of this bond when they each silently pledged to themselves to protect this tiny little human child and fell in love with her cuteness, bravery, and loyalty. Little did they know they were witnessing events that would change life as they knew it.

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