Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 4 Meeting The Parents

Kat hiccuped as she calmed down from all the crying and laughed while Max snorted and licked the remaining tears from her face, the glow surrounding them slowly fading away leaving them all with a feeling of warmth, love, and hope. Kat untangled her hands from Fluffy's fur and said, I'm sorry lunch was ruined because of the bad men." This causing Fluffy to bark and spin in circles causing Kat to laugh. "You are silly!" She stood up and started spinning in circles, too. "Ahhh the resilience of the youth," the Luna said with a laugh. They stood silently watching and amused as the two continued spinning in circles then trying to walk and crashed to the ground like a couple of drunkin sailors.

It was getting late so the Alpha told Blaze to show himself and collect Max so they could head back to the pack. As instructed Blaze stepped out of the shadows while the kids were spinning and sat there for a moment until Kat noticed him. "Hi Grumpy! We are spinning, you should spin, too! It's lots of fun!" Shaking his big head back and forth she said, "Come on! Dont be a party pooper! It will be fun," she said.

With a small whimper to his Alphas for putting him on kid duty, he stood and started spinning with the children prompting the alpha couple to laugh at the massive wolf playing spinning games with the children. Kat squealed and spun harder once Grumpy joined in their antics. Fluffy was the first to stop spinning and try to walk. He made it about four steps before he fell to the ground with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth looking silly and silently laughing. Kat was next with three steps, which meant in order to win Blaze would need to make it five steps. One, two, the laughing kids counted though only Kat could be heard out loud, three...stumble, four..."he is going to make it!" Kat yelled, startling Blaze on his fifth step. "Yayyyy!!! You did it Grumpy!" On the completion of his step he lost his balance and crashed down on his butt right onto the special cactus her Nana grew.

Blaze jumped up with painful whimpers and started legitimately chasing his tail trying to get the thorns out causing everyone to laugh before realizing he was stuck full of the thorny cactus. Kat got up and walked over to Blaze. "Shhhhh it's okay Grumpy, let me see. You fell on Nana's cactus so I need to get the thorns out," she calmly said full of concern. Blaze shook his head no, making Kat put her hands on her hips and demand he stand still and let her remove them.

A battle of wills ensued, Blaze trying to avoid her and Kat demanding he stand still so she could get the thorns from his tail while Max and his parents watch on amazed at how this little girl was so fiercely taking on the most feared beta in the entire country as if he were a small dog.
Finally, she had enough and walked up to Blaze and grabbed him by his scruff and looked him in the eyes, "Now that's quite enough Grumpy pants! You are hurt and I am going to help you so you are going to sit still right now while I remove these thorns. Nana says they can cause swelling. You don't want your tail to look like a red balloon now, do you? Nana has some salve we can put on you to stop the burning. I'll go get it as soon as we are done and you will be good as new. That's what my Nana always says."
At that he was again compelled to listen to the tiny little girl and stopped moving.

Kat quickly started removing the thorns, making a pile of them to her side. The Alpha King and his Queen looked at eachother and back to the scene before them in utter shock while Kat continued to remove the thorns from his tail at a rapid pace. Finally she got down to the underside of his tail and started shrieking, oh no, oh no, oh noooo!!! You have too many stuck on you! Your butt swelled up like a balloon already!" Poking his testicles and proclaiming the thorns are responsible! Fluffy HELP! His butt is hurt, Fluffy! His butt is really hurt!!! His butt is hurt so bad it swelled up huuuuuugeeee! She squealed loudly. "He has a big balloon between his legs, hurry, help me get them out!" She yelled as she poked him again causing Blaze to yelp loudly and jump with each repeated poke. "Stop moving!" Poke. "Your butt is huge," poke. "We will definitely need Nana's salve!"
She scruffed the big beast and dragged him down to the ground on his back and started quickly removing the thorns while Blaze lay on the ground wimpering and yelping, paralyzed and unable to move for some reason. Looking over to Fluffy she saw him on the ground rolling around shaking and noticed the bushes moving about when all of a sudden two of the biggest wolves she ever saw fell to the ground on top of eachother and joined Fluffy shaking and trying to stand only to fall over again and again while she removed the thorns and poked his boy parts convinced he had badly hurt his butt.

Blaze cried louder until Kat glanced back at him and sent soothing words of how brave he was being, how she was almost finished, and she could go get her Nana's salve and that would fix his butt right up and he would be all better. This caused another round of shaking and falling down on top of eachother for the royal family.

"Done!" She finally proclaimed his butt to be thorn free and clapped her tiny hands together and cheered her success. "I'm sorry your butt is so swollen. My Nana's salve will have you fixed up and right as rain in no time. That's what she tells me all the time." She said while coaxing him to stand up, "it's okay, you're free. You can stand up now. You stay right here and I'll be right back!" She said as she ran back to the shed to grab the first aid kit and brought it over to the unhappy beast who started growling out his protest. "Now you stop that this instant! I'm just going to put this on your bottom because you can't do it yourself," she said causing him to whine and look to his Alphas begging to please stop this madness but they were of no help at all as they continued to fall into eachother shaking, unable to even form a coherent thought, let alone offer any aid to the humiliated wolf.

"We are almost done, I promise. Just be a good brave wolfy for me for one more minute. Lay down here and roll over," she said while tapping the ground by her feet. He let out a big snort and sigh and rolled over to finish his humiliation off because he could do nothing else as her command shockingly compelled him to do as she said. Thankfully she made quick work of applying the salve to his burning bottom and testicles and declared him all better, which to his shock and amazement he was. The burning immediately stopped and he took a deep breath finally free of both the pain and the embarrassment. Blaze stood and walked over to Kat and put his big head on hers for a second then bent down to lick her cheek to thank the little spitfire for the aid, although embarrassing in the extreme he was also thankful because that salve was magic on his most precious areas and he knew without a doubt he would have otherwise been feeling that burn for days.

With her mission complete she turned to the two new massive wolves and said, "Hello there! Welcome to our home!" With a smile she greeted the two who finally managed to stand. Shoulder to shoulder with one being a head taller than the other she approached them cautiously. "Are you nice wolfys, too? Have you met my friends, Fluffy and Grumpy?" This was met with more shaking from the wolves. "Are you okay? It's okay, I won't hurt you, don't be afraid. I promise I didn't hurt Grumpy. I was helping him because he hurt himself while we were playing," she said reassuringly as she slowly came closer to the royal couple with her hand out to let them sniff her so she could pet them. "You are so beautiful! I think you are the most perfect colors I have ever seen! And you match my Fluffy!" He is my bestest friend and Grumpy is my friend, too. Would you like to be friends with us? You have to be nice to Fluffy and Grumpy because friends have to look out for eachother," she explained. "My name is Kat, I'm very pleased to meet you." The royal wolves looked at eachother and bowed their heads low enough for her to pet them. "Oh my goodness! You are as soft as Fluffy!!! She ran her fingers through their soft fur and declared they were all going to be best buddies forever.

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