Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 5 Possible family connections

The next few days were full of researching information on Kat and her family, their property, and who could possibly be after her. "What have we been able to find out so far?" The alpha inquired. Blaze sat across the table from him with his luna and their head of security comparing notes. "It looks like the family is a bit of a mystery," Blaze stated with frustration. "I have a couple of searches still running so I'll get back to you on that once those are completed but so far they aren't showing up in any of the normal databases."
The head of security picked up from there explaining he was able to update the security around the house and the surrounding area with high tech cameras which he designed, that feed directly to their own monitors and will store on a separate storage drive. "All cameras are set to motion activate. I also added an edited version of our app to a phone for Nana, Irene, and was able to set up a silent panic button on each floor of the house, and one on the entrance to the shed, and one on the patio in the garden since that's where Kat and Max like to hang out. I would also like to add that little Kathrine is surprisingly quite protective of our young prince. In watching the live feed of them playing whenever her grandmother or one of her bingo buddies, or even myself drop by she quickly hides him or sends him away."
They all chuckled at that. "You could say that," Blaze mumbled among the chuckles of the king and queen. Looking around the table at the amused faces of his alpha, luna, and the reluctantly amused face of the beta, "What did I miss?" He asked with a curious look at the three of them as they appeared to be aware of the little girls loyalty to the boy instead of just hearing about it.

"Let's just say that Kat is pretty fearless when it comes to looking out for our boy. If danger finds them it wouldn't be because she allowed it to happen for sure," the alpha explained with the others nodding in agreement while smiling. "She is fearless indeed," the luna agreed. "That little girl has more loyalty at nearly six years old than some adults I've known. In fact she may well be one of the bravest people I have ever met, and she is only six!" The alpha explained, much to the surprise of the head of security, saying. "That is high praise, alpha." "She may only be knee high to a grasshopper but that doesn't stop her from attempting to do the right thing, and believe me she will do it without missing a beat" he said with amusement, amazement, and wonder.

"Something else interesting and noteworthy, Alpha. Nana Irene failed to mention that the shed actually has a lower level safe room with a tunnel that leads out into the woods just that side of our border. I'm not sure how we have missed it all these years but it's there. It comes up inside of an interesting and somewhat hollowed out tree. I haven't touched it because it may trigger an alarm from what my equipment showing me. It appears they may need an escape route for some reason. It may be connected to the men looking for them."

"I also managed to track the plane to a large but rather unknown island called Mustique. I checked with some buddies that retired from the council and one of them said it is shielded by some kind of magic and cannot be seen by humans. Without direct coordinates it cannot be found by anyone, human or not because of the shields."
"Word is the King is in ill health and his oldest son and heir has been missing for roughly 5 years. His twin brother will inherit the throne if he is not found soon. He was or is married and his wife was allegedly pregnant but she and the child are also missing. They went missing a few months after her husband. My buddy from the council said the princess had her child, a daughter, on the island but the King had been fed a string of lies about the princess and infidelity, saying the child she carried didn't belong to his son, Prince Steven. So, in anger and outrage when the child turned out to be a very small girl he threw the child immediately upon it's birth and demanded they kill them both. According to my buddy they come from a very long line of boys, often they were twins births being firstborn, as a gift from the Gods so that their line would continue and remain strong. This of course further convinced the King of the alleged infidelity. They have not had a firstborn female since the God's bestowed the gift from what I was told."

Gasps were heard all around the table as the information was given, "How awful!" The luna said with tears filling her eyes. "I cannot imagine how devastating that must have been for her! To lose her husband then be given a death sentence because she had a girl instead of a boy?! That's horrific! How disgusting!" The men all nodding their agreement to the revolting information they had been given.

"Prince Steven is assumed dead at this point. He went missing and left behind a lot of blood but those details are limited except that the body was never recovered. Knowing what we do, it sounds like the King's brother may have set out to have them all killed to pave his way to inherit the crown."

"The only reason we were able to track the plane is because the shields were down for some reason. No one can explain why these human men were able to get there or even see the island unless the shields were somehow removed for their arrival," he said as he laid out a map with the coordinates for the Island of Mystique on the table.

"We have eyes on the plane so we will know when it moves on the radar but for now that's all we can do since we are unable to fly in discreetly and if the shields go back up it could possibly trigger warnings. There is really no way of knowing at the moment. If it becomes necessary we could get there by boat since we have the location but it could be dangerous since it is virtually unknown. We have no idea what we could be walking into." The alpha agreed and said to keep him updated.

After he left the three sat there in stunned silence trying to process what information they had so far. No one liking where this was going. Saleemah was the first to speak, "Those men left because they had a lead on the princess. Do you think the princess is Kat's mother? And if she is why on earth would she go back to that house of horrors?" She asked what they were all thinking. "Why would she go back to an island she escaped death from?" Blaze chimed in, "What if she is a relation but not the princess herself?" "That is certainly possible," the alpha continued to theorize. "Kat said she is five years old so her age would be right for her to be the child and goddess knows she is more than she appears," he said while recalling the way the little girl defended Max and commanded Blaze to do things he didn't want to do and no one could have made him do, with the exception of the royal couple. "Hmmm she could well be the lost princess and heir to the throne or related in some way," alpha Samuel mused.

"The one thing we absolutely know about Kat is that she has a strength and loyalty that are steadfast. She is special whether she is a lost princess, a relative, or not," Blaze said while hoping she would be safe for now at least with the men on the Island.

"Death has a way of bringing clarity on what's important, too. Maybe the King found out what his brother is about and that they are alive so he sent for her?" Saleemah questioned. "It may be a long shot but it's possible," Samuel replied, agreeing it is as good a guess as any other.

"The question I have is who are the people that live on the island? We know Kat seems to be able to compel people, at least she was able to compel me when she was determined and or angry. I'm sure I don't have to remind you of how I was manhandled by the child," he said with a disbelieving huff causing them to chuckle. "No, you definitely don't have to remind us of that. I'm sure I will recall that particular day as long as I live," she said with her mate agreeing, giving into the inevitable chuckles, snorts, and outright laughter the memories always bring.

"This does give us something to go on at any rate. Let's see what else we can dig up on the King and his family history as well. Let's hope we can figure something out before those men return to finish what they started," Sam said as he rolled up the map and put it away.

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