Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 6 Birthday, kitten, and Elizabeth returns

The days went by with Kat and Fluffy meeting for lunch and playing with the Mr.'s Bird, Bear, Wolf, and Cat until one afternoon when Fluffy arrived to see Kat sitting at the table with tears in her eyes. He walked up and nudged her with his nose as if saying what's wrong? He whimpered and put his head under her hand and leaning into her until finally she looked him in his eyes with her sad face, "Oh fluffy, what am I going to do? Mommy hasn't come back yet and it's my birthday! She promised as he would try to make it but she hasn't. What if the bad men found her?" She asked with a sob, rubbing her hands through his hair and scratching his ears. She bent over to hug his head, "I'm so happy I have you and my friends, and my Nana to help me celebrate my birthday but I miss my mommy!" With red puffy eyes and a tear stained face she wiped her nose with the back of her hand and said, "I need to be strong for my Nana like I promised mama but sometimes I can't help it."
Fluffy stood up on his hind legs and licked her face all over until she started laughing at him then he nipped her shirt and bounced back with his head down and tail in the air and lunged at her with a bark several times. Sniffling she rubbed her nose, "Okay, okay, I'll play." And they took off running around the yard and gardens until her Nana called her back to the house. "I have to go now, Fluffy. I have to go shopping with my Nan for old Mrs. Baker down the street. My nana always does her shopping for her so I gotta go but she made me a kitty cat birthday cake so we can have some cake later!" She said with excitement over the Kitten cake that was the same white color of Mr. Cat and the kitten her mother promised her upon her return home. With a pat on his head and ear scratch she said, " love you Fluffy!" And skipped off to the house to shop for old Mrs. Baker.

Later that evening Fluffy found Kat outside with a basket. She was unaware of his presence as she continued talking to the basket. Stopping and turning his head sideways with his ears perked up he listened to hear what she was saying. "Those bad men won't get me. We will hide in the best place!" Thinking she was talking to one of her friends he bounced over to her with his head down and his tail in the air wagging playfully, startling her, she jumped which fluffy thought was funny. Turning she laughed, "There you are, my Fluffy! You will never guess what my Nana got me for my birthdaaaaayyyyyy!" She sang as she hugged him. The basket started moving and Fluffy let out a tiny growl. The basket jerked and tumbled over causing Fluffy to growl louder and a little white furball to tumble out hissing with it's back curved and fuzzy hair standing up.

"Oh no! No Fluffy! Don't scare my kitty!" The little kitten bounced around hissing while Fluffy growled. The little kitten charged Fluffy and Fluffy growled louder trying to make it stop. He was going to be a mighty alpha one day, he wasn't going to let a little kitten scare him! Just when the kitten ran up to smack him with its tiny paw he turned his head and grabbed the kitten in his jaws and Kat screamed, "Stoooop it right now!" Both of them froze at her command and looked at her. She had a glow surrounding her again only this time it traveled to the kitten and Fluffy to encompass the three of them. "Now I love you both so that will be enough of that fighting! We are going to be best friends together! Fluffy put kitty down. Kitty, no more hissing! Fluffy is sorry he frightened you. Fluffy, kitty is just a baby so my Nana says we have to teach her how to be a good kitty. That means no biting!" The wolf pup and tiny kitten looked at eachother and looked back at Kat as if agreeing to be nice. Fluffy dropped down on the ground with his nose between his paws and gave a tiny whimper so Kat crawled over and sat on the ground beside him and kitty crawled up on her lap. She sat petting them both and explained to them how much better it is to be nice so they could all be friends.

After seeming to come to an agreement they would all be besties Fluffy walked over to where he originally was when he first saw Kat and picked up his birthday treasure he brought and walked back to Kat and nudged her hand with his nose to get her attention. Looking at his mouth she asked, "What do you have there, Fluffy?" When she held out her hand he dropped a beautiful shiny moon stone in her hand causing her to gasp as warmth and tingles shot throughout her body.

It was his birthday gift to his best friend. He only wished he could explain to her how special the stone was to him. It was part of a set that had been passed down in his family for generations and was said to come directly from the moon goddess herself, and he wanted to give it to her so she would always remember him and know she wasn't alone. He hoped one day he could tell her all about it.
"Thank you Fluffy! I LOVE IT! It is so BEAUTIFUL, I will treasure it ALWAYS!" She squealed and hugged the shiny palm sized stone to her heart causing a burst of joy to shoot through them both. The Black, silver, white, and grey colors were the colors of the royal wolf family and the stone was far more than anyone knew.

For the next week the three were together every chance they got. Kitty and Fluffy became buddies so when they went on adventures climbing the garden rocks or jumping over big puddles the tiny kitten would usually climb up on the wolf's back and hold on or one of them would carry her so she didn't get hurt, lost, or dirty and that's how they were discovered by the Beta and his parents one afternoon.

"Well, look at that Alpha! Is that our next fierce Alpha warrior king...with a fuzzy little kitten curled up on his back?" Causing snickering from the Luna. It certainly appears to be the mighty king and his half pint bestie. What in the world does she have him doing now, the king said with a laugh while shaking his head. He looked at his mate with laughing eyes, "These two! Tell me baby, how does she do it? She has our boy carrying around a kitten! A KITTEN!" Rolling her eyes while matching his smile, "I have never seen anything like it but they are definitely adorable." The beta took out his cell phone and snapped a few pictures. They hung back and watched them play for a while wondering if their son would notice them.

With everyone distracted they didn't see the woman run around the side of the garden shed until she was in front of it. "Katherine!" She yelled. "Katherine baby where are you?" Kat looked up and took off running, "MOMMY! Mommy you're back!" She said as she ran and jumped into her mothers arms hugging her tight and kissing her face all over.
"My sweet baby girl! I missed you so much! I swear you've grown in just a few weeks! Let me have a look at your beautiful sweet face!" Beaming with happiness Kat smiled at her mother. "Mama, I was playing with my friends and my kitty!"
At that time there was a loud crash, "Nana!" Kat yelled and jumped out of her mothers arms and tried to run to the house.
"No, baby! Go to the shed and stay there until I come and get you. I'll go check on Nana. "
"But mama!"
"No, go now!" With a little push towards the shed Kat agreed and went to hide in the shed.

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