Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 7 Bad Men

"Where is she you old bat? I won't ask you again!" He yelled in Jeanne's face. "Where is the little girl?" He demanded as he squeezed her hand hard enough she knew if she tried to move it would surely break. The pain was intense. She had to think of a way to get loose and warn her girls. Looking at the table where the cookies she was baking sat there wasn't really anything she could easily use as a weapon but the cookie sheet and cookie jar was there so she decided she would try to knock them to the ground and hope it would cause enough of a distraction that she could get loose. "I don't know where she is," she said while backing into the table. When she went to grab the cookie sheet she realized it was cool enough to touch so instead of knocking it to the ground she grabbed it with her left hand and swung it at his head as hard as she could then brought up her knee and nailed him between the legs. As soon as he let go of her hand she punched him in the throat, kicked the inside of his knee causing it to crunch and him to fall to the ground in agony yelling. "You're dead!"
Stopping Jeanne in her tracks, she realized she couldn't leave she would have to finish it. She reached over to the shelf and grabbed her much loved cast iron frying pan and swung it at his head killing him instantly with the force of the blow.

One down two more to go. She headed out towards the garden crashing into Elizabeth. "Mom, are you okay? We heard a crash."
"Yes, I killed one there are two left. Where's Kat? Hurry, we have to get out of here before the others show up."
"I sent her to the shed, let's go."

At the shed Kat hid behind a shelf next to the escape route she was to take if they didn't come for her soon. She was so worried about her mama and Nana, tears ran down her face. She reached her hand in her pocket and rubbed her moon stone and prayed. "Please let them be okay!" She rubbed her kittens head, I wish I was you right now my sweet kitty! I would be able to run and hide anywhere then!" Immediately a warm glowing light began to build and surround her, shooting out of her arms and legs. In a matter of seconds Kat was no longer standing there but a mirror image of her tiny white kitten. "Meow" Kat stumbled trying to understand, she had paws! "Meow." Bumping up against her and rubbing her face along Kat, her kitten was nudging her towards a small hole at the back of the shed. "Thank you!" She thought as she squeezed through and raced towards the house.

The alpha king and queen were watching from the shadow of trees as the shed began to project that glowing light and then watch as Katherine's kitten ran out and headed towards the house. So far Kat was still safe inside inside where her mother sent her. They knew of the escape route and began to wonder if Kat had used it. The family was guarding the shed so the alpha mind linked his patrols to keep watch over the exit and to send some guards to the house in clothes so they could help.

The two men came from each side of the house heading toward Elizabeth and Irene, "Are you good, mom? We are going to have to take them out."
With a nod she said, "Let's go." They decided the one on the right would be closer and posed more of an immediate threat. Looking at eachother they nodded in agreement and faded into the shadows of the trees on that side to trap their prey as the hunted became the hunters.

As the man approached the trees he looked around and his confident look began to change as the hair at the back of his neck and arms stood up he knew they had lost the element of surprise. He looked around trying to spot what had changed when he saw a tiny white kitten racing towards him. He knew it was the brat's birthday present and had intended to catch it to lure the little girl. He started to go after the cat when he entered the shadow of a tree and was hit from the side knocking him off balance. He turned to see Irene coming at him with a frying pan and kicked her as she swung again. Elizabeth came from behind him and landed a kick to his kidneys and another to the back of his knee, knocking him forward to land on on knee. Out of nowhere the kitten came running up, jumped, taking her claws down scratching his face, leaving bloody tracks. "Son of a bitch! I'll fucking kill you! All of you!" With that Irene swung the cast iron frying pan at his head with all her might. He saw it coming and managed to roll out of the way just in time to save his head but not quick enough to miss entirely. It hit his elbow shattering it instantly. He yelled in pain as he got to his feet.

The other man heard his scream and came running over. "Butch!" He yelled without thinking. They turned together sizing up their new opponent when he came into view.
"All we want is the kid. Let us have her and we will let you live." Kat was so angry! How dare they threaten her mama and Nana! She raced towards him and jumped, digging her claws into him she ran up him like he was a tree and scratched his face quicker than lightening. He had no chance to grab her or knock her away. She raced up to his head and down the back of him scratching him as she went, digging deeply into his skin even through his clothes as she wished her claws to be like knives so she could keep them away from her family.

Seeing the opening given to them by the kitten, Elizabeth raced to land several kicks to his head, stomach, and crotch until he was knocked to the ground. Irene quickly swung her frying pan at his head.
Behind them the other man had gotten to his feet and managed to limp away.
Kat saw him getting away and went after him. As she rounded the side of the house she saw a man getting off a motorcycle racing over. She was just about to launch herself at him when a huge wolf came from the side and grabbed her by the scruff while another landed on the newcomer biting his neck and crunching until he stopped moving. "Grumpy!" Kat thought and instantly he stopped and looked at the eyes of the kitten as she hung from the jaws of the king. He didn't have time to think about it as he turned to stop the remaining man from getting away. He was too late. The man may have been beaten by the girls but he managed to get away.

The king dropped the hissing kitten onto Blaze's back and backed away, looking down at the bouncing ball of fur that was still clearly angry as it continued to hiss as it bounced about on top of Blaze and finally settled down after a few minutes. There was something strange about this kitten he thought as he and Blaze dashed back to the trees to reassure his son they had saved the cat by delivering it personally.

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