Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 8 Stuck

"We have to check on Kat," Elizabeth said to her mother. "Are you okay?" She asked her mom. With a nod, "yes, go. Go check on her. I'm going to go turn the oven off before the house burns down." The smoke alarms were blaring over the burning cookies in the oven so she headed back inside while Elizabeth headed to the shed to get her daughter.
Opening the door she called out, "Kat? Baby it's over, you can come out now," she said as she looked around but didn't see her daughter. "Katherine, baby where are you? Come out right now!" She said panicking. At that moment The tiny white kitten rushed up and rubbed around her legs. Looking down to see the kitten she recalled how fiercely it went into the fight with them so she bent down and picked her up. "Thank you for your help earlier you sweet thing. Do you know where my baby girl is?" She asked while petting her soft fur. She walked outside and called again, "Kat! Katherine, come out! It's okay, it's safe now baby, come out!" The kitten started bumping her head against Elizabeth repeatedly as she called for her daughter. She headed back towards the house calling her as she went but there was no sign of her anywhere. "Mom, have you seen her? She's not answering, she wasn't in the shed, and the escape route wasn't activated. Where could she be?" She asked, starting to panic more as she walked through the house calling her. Every time she called her name the kitten would hit her with her head or paw but it went unnoticed for the most part. After searching the house she told her mom, call the sheriff. I'm going back outside to search the property again."
"She may be hiding in the woods, check there." She said as she reached for the phone to call the sheriff.

Three hours later there was still no sign of Kat. The wolves had searched the woods and surrounding properties as well as the exit for the escape route from the shed and came up empty as well.
Elizabeth, Irene, and the sheriff couldn't find a trace of her either. He left hours later after the bodies had been removed with the promise to find her and keep his men on patrol around the house.

"I don't understand, alpha. The video is motion activated so it should show any movement at the door. We didn't put any cameras inside because there are no windows. The only exit is the escape route , which was not utilized. Neither camera picked up any movement. I'm sorry but I have nothing," the head of security shook his head and shrugged his shoulders in frustration. "The equipment is above grade and phenomenally sensitive. It's hard to imagine it glitching. It has multiple back up resources that prevent failure and glitches. It has never happened before," he said while searching and testing them for any breaks in the feed.
"Okay, keep searching the feeds from town to the highway. Let's see where the one went. We need to find him and get some answers."
"Yes, alpha, I'm on it."
Walking out of the security room he headed to see his mate and son.
"I have to go back! It's after dinner and time to meet, Kat. She will be there, I just know it," he said to his father, begging to return.
"Okay, let's go. Blaze come with us. Saleemah, I'll let you know if we find her," he said as he hugged her. "Please do," she said as she bent down to hug her heartbroken son. "You know we will find her. Have faith," she said as she stood to watch them go and said a prayer to the moon goddess to look out for her family and this little girl that had stolen their hearts.

As they approached the garden they noticed the kitten sitting on the table with the Misters Cat, Wolf, Bird, and Bear but there was no Kat in sight. Whimpering he approached the table with his father and their Beta. Each of them sniffing around to see if they could find any clues when they heard meowing coming from the shed and proceeded to walk around it to discover the kitten caught up by her collar at a hole at the bottom of the wall behind it.
"This crazy kitten is fast. It managed to get itself stuck pretty quickly. It's a good thing they were there to meet Kat or who knows how long it might have been there. The beta grabbed the kitten's scruff and lifted it off of the splintered piece of wood it was hung up on and sat it down. As soon as it hit the ground it took off running to the table and jumped up and started rubbing along Kat in soothing strokes and stopped to lick her sad face.
Following behind the kitten the alpha, beta, and young prince were startled to see the two identical kittens in the center of the table. Looking at eachother with glazed eyes the prince knew they were excluding him from their conversation so he went up to sniff the kittens. They smelled exactly the same but as soon as he was close Kat ran and jumped up and put her front paws on his head and started purring and licking his face. "Oh Fluffy! What am I going to do? I'm stuck!" She cried. Unbeknownst to her he actually heard her but mistakenly didn't understand it was coming from the kitten cuddling him. Turning to his dad he told him, "Dad! Kat said she's stuck somewhere. She mind linked me! We have to help her!" His dad and Blaze both heard what he said and told him to ask her where she is so they could help her. He tried hard but got no response causing him to whimper. "I'm here," she said as the kitten nudged his chin but he didn't put it together and continued to whimper and try to reach out to her.
"I'm right here Fluffy! I'm stuck! Please help me!" She thought while nuzzling his face. When he didn't figure it out and asked again where she was she bit his ear causing him to yelp and jump back. She then jumped off the table and onto Blaze thinking, "Mr. Grumpy help me, I'm stuck!" He stopped moving and linked his alpha, "Alpha, I heard it, too. She just asked me to help her and said she was stuck," he said with confusion written all over his wolf's face. "Open your mind to me and ask her where she is."
"Where are you, Kat?" He asked with his mind now open to both the king and prince. "I'm right here! Please help me!" She yelled and bit the scruff of his neck and smacked her paw down on his nose.
"Alpha, this kitten is getting crazy," he said. The alpha stopped suddenly and looked at the kitten. When the kitten looked into his eyes and held his stare he let out a little growl letting it know it needed to submit and stop it's foolishness except that little kitten stood up on Blaze's back and hissed back at him as ferociously as the tiny ball of fuzz could and continued to bounce sideways and back while hissing and growling back. "If only I was a mighty lion and I could roar I would show him!" Instantly a lions roar came out of the tiny spitting kitten causing them all to jump back with tips and growls causing the ferocious little kitten to fall off the top of Blaze. Reaching out she managed to reach out and dig her claws into his side and climb back up on to his back. She stood up and growled back at the alpha King. "Oh my goodness! I'm so scared, please help me Grumpy! That mean old wolf just growled at me! Doesn't he know that's not polite?! He needs to stop that growling RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" She yelled. All of them stopped, frozen to the spot and looked at eachother. "Kat? Are you...are you a kitten?" He asked in disbelief. "Well, I think so. I need help," she said again, sadly.

Unfortunately, at that moment Elizabeth was headed in their direction calling Kat. "Katherine! Katherine, where are you?!" Upon hearing her mother calling ahe took off running to her mother again, hoping this time she could get help. "Mama! It's me I'm here! Help me, I'm stuck!" She thought as she jumped into her mothers arms.
"Where is she kitten? Do you know?" She asked as she continued to search again for her daughter causing the wolves to retreat back into the woods. Anxious to help but unable to do anything but watch as her mother searched for her.

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