Royal Eclipse

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Chapter 9 Goodbye

Exhausted from the day and her attempts to get help Kat jumped down from her mothers lap and climbed up on the sofa, curled up on her blanket that Nana always kept there for her and fell into a deep sleep.

She later woke to hear Fluffy and Grumpy calling to her and then a louder voice said, "Kat? If you can hear me, come to the garden." She looked around and saw both her Nana and mother had fallen asleep sitting up in the reclining chairs in the livingroom. There was no way for her to get out without waking them up.
"I'm sorry, but I can't get out," she said with much frustration. "Okay, listen to my voice and do as I say. I want you to think about what you look like. Imagine your face, your hands, your legs and your feet. Imagine you are unzipping a tent and on the inside of that tent is where you are."
"Okay, I will." She thought about it and heard him say, "Now I want you to unzip the tent and let yourself out."
"Okay." She proceeded to imagine what she looks like and unzipped the tent to gree herself. To her surprise the second she unzipped the tent she changed back into herself with a loud pop and burst of adrenaline she fell forward, knocking into the coffee table and waking her Nana and mother. Instantly they were wide awake, "Kat!" Elizabeth was first to throw her arms around her. "My baby, my baby! We were so worried about you! Oh my darling girl where have you been!" She said between sobs.
"Give nana a hug babygirl. We were so worried about you! Where did you go?" She followed Elizabeth's questions with her own. "

"I was a cat! I was in the shed hiding from the bad men with kitty and wished I was a cat like her so I could climb a tree and hide like a cat and then I was a kitty, too. I was stuck, mama. I tried to tell you but I couldn't. I was right here the whole time.
Elizabeth and Irene were shocked. "What?!" They said at the same time.
"I was so scared, then I was a kitty, and now I'm hungry. Can I have pancakes with berries please, Nana?" She asked while walking to the bathroom.
They looked at her and nodded then looked at eachother and headed to the kitchen to make pancakes. "We have to leave mother. It has already started. We won't have much time before they all start coming for her. She's only 6! I thought we would have more time." Wiping the tears from her eyes and cheeks she turned to her mother. Let's eat breakfast and start packing. We need to get going as soon as possible. Now that it has started we need to go to Dad and check on Katie. "Did you tell her about Katie yet?" With a sad shake of her head she said, "No, I didn't want to take any chances. She has no idea yet."

"Okay, you call the sheriff and let him know she is here while I get breakfast and we will get started packing and closing the place up."

After breakfast Kat hurried out to the garden to collect her friends and talk to Fluffy. When she got there Fluffy was gone so she collected Mr. Cat, Bear, Bird, and Wolf and headed over to the spot where she first met Fluffy. She picked up Mr. Cat, placed a rolled up picture she colored of her and Fluffy together that said Kat loves fluffy forever with hearts all over it, neatly in his collar, and hugged him tight.

Crying hard she said, "Mr. Cat, you have to look out for Fluffy! Love him and teach him all about being a good daddy. Mama says we have to go now because the bad men are after us." Sobbing and trying to catch her breath she continued, "I don't want to go," she said through the sobs. "I will miss you and Fluffy and even grumpy so very much!" She sniffled as she hugged Mr. Cat one last time and slowly sat him down. "Please tell Fluffy he is the bestest friend and I will love him forever and ever!" She stood up and looked up to the sky, "Oh Fluffy! I wish I could see you one more time." She took a deep breath, straightened her shoulders, put on her brave face and walked back to the house to help clean up and pack.

"Alpha, the security camera kicked on, it's Kat. She's back but said they are leaving, look." He played back the footage. The alpha looked to his mate, who had tears running down her face. "He's going to be heartbroken. Let's go tell him, maybe we can catch them before they leave."

"Son, we just found out Kat and her family are leaving soon. If we hurry we may be able to catch up with them before they leave." Together they raced back to Katherine's house and saw them loading up their car. He needed to let Kat know he was there so he gave a soft howl just for her. "Kat, I'm here. Wait! We came to say goodbye!" He poured his heart out and sent a mental push to her mind hoping she would hear him.
Kat stopped in her tracks and took off running, ignoring her mother and nana calling after her, she ran as fast as she could around the house and saw them standing there. She ran and threw her arms around her wolf. "Fluffy, my Fluffy!" She cried, "I was so afraid I wouldn't see you before we left! We have to go. Mama says the bad men will keep coming until they get me so we have to go now. I wish I could stay but we can't. My nana promised we will come back one day when it's safe. I will miss you with my whole wittle heart! Mama says whenever I would miss her to look up at the moon and know she is missing me too." She looked at her Fluffy, "Look at the moon when you miss me Fluffy and know I am missing you, too! We can be together under the moonlight until I can come back," she cried with wracking sobs while hugging the whimpering prince.

Her mother and grandmother came around the house and saw her surrounded by wolves and panicked. "Katherine, come here right this instant!" Her mother said firmly causing low growls from the wolves as they formed a protective circle around the children so they could finish their goodbyes.
"I love you Fluffy! I left Mr. Cat to watch over you." She turned and saw her mother and Nana looking on with fear. "It's okay mama, these are my friends. They won't hurt you." She stopped to pet grumpy, "Be nice Grumpy. Be good to Fluffy and watch over him. Remember to be a mighty tree for his daddy lessons because they are important so he can be a good daddy when he grows up!" She said while wiping her eyes and nose with the backs of her hands. "You are such a good friend. I'll miss you, too." She turned to the king and queen and pet them both on the head but looked the king in his eyes and said, I'm sorry I growled at you and I know it was you that helped me. Thank you! Please help Grumpy look after my Fluffy!" She threw her arms around the giant beast and hugged him as best she could. Turning back to Grumpy one last time she said, "If anything happens to him I will be very angry so be nice!" Then she blew them all a kiss, "I will be back when I can. I love you!" She slowly walked back to her mother and Nana as she gave in to her tears.
Scooping her up in her arms Elizabeth hugged her daughter close and rubbed her back, "Shhhh it's okay baby. Mama's got you," she repeated as she slowly backed away from the wolves. The youngest trying to follow while whimpering as he was stopped by the bigger wolves around him.
When they got in the car Kat rolled down her window. Crying and promising Fluffy she would be back. He howled out his broken heart with a shockingly powerful howl that caused every wolf in the pack to respond. The air was suddenly filled with sorrowful howling that shocked them all. At that moment Kat wished she could respond only to let loose her own startling and gut wrenching howls the instant the thought crossed her mind.

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