Mafia king Innocent Luna

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Alice Pov

After the hectic schedule, Alice came home and changed into comfy clothes and came to the dining table and said Mom sorry for the morning. Mom replied, "It's ok son, well I am going to a party, son." Priyank said okay mom, have fun.

When mom left and the servants also left, he came to his bedroom and started working. I love to do hard work, this is my passion. He never feels passion for anything except his work. He works hard to live largely.

Alisha Pov.

Where are you lucky? She came outside with lucky for fresh air, but he ran away. God knows where. She was looking for him for an hour and she was very far from her orphanage in the pitch dark surroundings.

Somehow, I saw lucky in someone’s garden. I also entered into the garden by hissing myself from guard but that idiot entered the house. I wondered for some time whether I should enter the house or not. My mother always said ``Enter inside someone’s property with permission ``But lucky is also important. Somehow I managed to enter the house. When I saw the house I was shocked. It's very beautiful. Then I saw lucky running upstairs. I also ran and then lucky entered the room. I also entered Inside it…


At that time when he was working in his office, I saw a dog entering Inside my bedroom. How can a dog enter the property? What was the guard doing at that time? He said, "I am going to kill that guard today." Then he saw a girl also enter my bedroom. He becomes angry but when he saw her face my breath stopped.

She is so pretty, probably 18 or 19 years old. She has a very cute face white skin, red eyes, and she is wearing shorts and a top. Her milky legs are on display. He didn’t know why at that time I started feeling to protect her and that she is mine and like she is mine angel.

What happens to me is why I’m feeling possessive for someone and that someone is a woman. It's new.

Alisha thinks after seeing Alice “when I entered the room I saw a man sitting on a chair. The room looked like a library but this man feels uneasy to me. He has a strong body and looks older than me. He has black eyes which are seeing me like I am a portion of food. Immediately I grab my lucky and say "Sorry" to the man.

Alice - " When I heard her voice I lost my senses.” Her voice was very sweet. I am thinking about how she will sound under me. Oh Alisha, grip on yourself …

Alice replied " What a sorry girl, how dare you enter my house.” Alisha became scared and replied, “My Lucky came here, so I have to come here to take him.” Alish started feeling jealous of the dog. How dare he touch my angel and why is she hugging him. What happened to me is why I am saying she is mine. Priyank shouted and replied “Don’t make excuses bitch I know you came here for me. You are a gold digger.”

Alisha was scared by his shouting and replied ``what are you saying, what is the meaning of bitch and gold digger sir.” Alice remained her reply.

I recovered from shock How she didn't know the meaning of these words.

No ... No she is portraying herself like this "Alice thinks ..."

Alisha gathered all her courage and said "okay sir I am going I took my lucky from here…thanks."

ALICE was very jealous of this dog.

Alisha starts going ...

ALICE shouted and said, "stop.”.

Alisha stopped in her tracks. .and saw backward and said'' “ yes sir...

ALICE asked " You

know me ..."

Alisha said" No sir .”

Alice became shocked how this girl did not know him as the youngest billionaire...

Alice said," You are lying ..."

Alisha replied like a child and said "Mother told me never lie ...why would I lie to you."

Alice thinks" This girl is half crack ."

Alice grabbed her waist.

Alisha was holding Lucky and trying to remove his hands...

Alice said in a husky voice "Don't struggle, angel."

ALICE was also shocked by his behavior. He never likes women. It's not like he is not interested but no one makes him interested in her like this angel which was standing In front of him making him feel.

Alisha said," I am not an Angel sir mother said angels are those who die, and then they become angels ....but I am a living person, sir."

ALICE became shocked by her reply and said" Do you have any mental problems' angel.”

Alisha became angry and replied, "I told you I am not an angel I have a name that is Alisha, and yeah I have no mental problem, and yeah you can't call me angel you are mental.”

Alice after listening to her replied call her name in mind Alisha, it's pretty as her.

But then her other words came into his mind he became angry. How dare she call me mental and what she said I can't call her angel... I can call her what I want to.

ALICE squeezed her belly above her top.

Alisha gasps in pain and tears start flowing from her eyes.

ALICE feels pain by seeing her tears. And he thinks Her tears are also mine what is happening to you Alice she is not yours.

My mind replied, "Yet...”

ALICE said," Don't cry angel why you are crying..."

Alisha replied in a crying voice "your hand on my waist it's hurting me please leave me...".

Alice tightened his grip more and smirked.”

Alisha started crying more…and said" Leave me it's painful.”

Alice said, "So tell me I can call you what I want angel ...tell me. ."

Alisha said," But angels are for dead people, but I am alive."

ALICE dug his nails on her belly. He felt Alisha's top become wet and when he saw its blood. And then Alice shouted and said, "Tell me I can call you what I want ..."

Alisha starts crying more. Alisha while crying said" why are you doing this? My waist is painful..."

Alice felt pain in his heart also and thought why the hell I am feeling pain why ...but he pushed his thoughts.

Away.....and shouted and said Tell me, angel, I can call you whatever I want …”

Alisha cried more and nodded...

ALICE said, "Speak up angel speak...”

Alisha said," okay,please leave my waist."

ALICE didn't leave her waist but loosen his grip, and said So tell me why you came here, angel. And in this night why are you out huh ...and why the hell you are wearing short clothes.

Alisha was now crying and didn't reply...her dog bites on Alice's hand.

ALICE said fuck and leave her Waist and shout" How dare this low life bite me .how dare he Alice was now shaking in rage...ALICE was already feeling envious of the dog because she was keeping him close. and now he bite him also."

Alisha said "Sorry sir. I'm really sorry please don't do anything to us, sir."

ALICE said" TSK ... Tsk. You are wrong here the one who did mistakes always gets punished. Alice took his gun out and shot the dog...and Lucky got killed....".

Alisha shouts and starts crying more with the lifeless body of her dearest pet, Alisha was shaking with fear, and she was soaked in blood also.

Alice said, “oh didn't cry angel I will not kill you, till you didn't do something which triggered me to do."

Alisha didn't listen to anything, she was in immersed pain.

Alice shouted and said, "Answer me dammit".

Alisha didn't listen to him.

Alice grabbed her by her hairs "Answer me bitch.

Alisha didn't listen to anything, and then she faint faints Alice's embrace with Lucky. In her hands."

Alice called the guard and said, "Took this dog away and burned his body also, and I will talk to you later about what didn't think that you will not get punishment ".

The guard starts shivering. He knows how his master is, but he took the dog.

Alice took Alisha to his room and made her lay on the bed with blood-soaked clothes.

Alice thinks "what are you doing with me? I never took anyone in my room, I didn't touch any women but see what you made me do. Then he sees his clothes and thinks about bathing because his clothes are also stained with blood. he then thinks ".

Her clothes and body are also stained with that dog blood.

And then he took her to the bathroom.

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