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In the bathroom.

Alice Why I am doing this while taking her to the bathroom thinking.

"Maid can do that also, but she will touch her. I didn't want anyone to touch my angel...what the fuck is happening why the hell this is coming to my mind she is not mine."

My conscience said, "No she is yours ."

I retort back" No! She is not ."

My conscience mocked me and said, "So why the hell do you want to give a bath to this girl. You even didn't know she would not like this. Any man cannot give a bath to any girl if she is not his. I blocked all my thoughts and think No I am going to do this no matter what."

Then I entered the bathroom and prepared a bubble bath for my angel. And then I removed her and mine clothes and entered inside the bathtub and make her sit on my lap and start washing. She is very soft, her red hair like her red eyes, everything is alluring.

No. No control Alice. Just control***. No woman can seduce me, but this little angel is alluring me without doing anything. Then I washed myself and took her with me outside and then I made her wear my shirt without any garments. Her womanhood is clearly on display in her nipples also. Then I make her lay on my bed and I wear boxers. I always sleep on them. I lay beside her and took her in my embrace. It feels like she is made for me, taking her in my arms. what is happening to me?

Furthermore, I never share my clothes with anyone but I also never have any siblings to share. But I didn't share my room with anyone not with my one and only best friend also. But she is making me do things that I never. I never touch any women but see? what I am doing. I am helping her with a bath.

My conscience says "Without her consent”.

"Yeah whatever" Alice replied.

And then I changed the bedsheet because it has some blood strain and made her lay on the bed and I changed my clothes also, and I'm doing something for someone means I never did anything for anyone not even for my mom and my best friend. But this angel makes me do...go to her beauty is something else when I bathed her smooth and silky long hairs everything about her is just beautiful... I saw many women's who wants me, but I never want them, but I want this angel, and whatever Alice Sharma wants he will get it at any cost no matter what and then a smirk crept on my face and I make myself even closer to her and sleep beside her.

In the morning.

Alisha, when I wake up I feel like I am in someone's embrace, and then I see that man.

“Who killed my Lucky and then I saw I had only a shirt not my clothes and I also didn't have my undergarments.

I started crying And thought he killed my love.

Alice wakes up from sleep after listening to the cry sound and shout "Who the hell guts to wake me up... want to die."

Alisha listens to his shouting and then starts crying more...

Alice listens more hard crying and then he remembers he have his angel here ...her voice is music to my ears even her crying also ...Then he wakes up and took her in his lap because if taking her with this sudden action her shirt got to lift little he ignored it and with a dominant voice he asked "Why! Are you crying, Angel"?

Alisha in a crying voice said, ''leave me you murderer you killed my love"

Alice became angry and said who the hell is your love angel tell me.

Alisha said ''My Lucky”...

Alice said who the hell is that lucky...

Alisha said, "My dog.”

Alice's anger became less, but he felt a little jealousy said "How can call a dog your love".

Alisha said, "He is my love, so I will say like this mother said he is my brother".

Alice thinks "Oh her mom said her like this"

Alisha said, "let me go why you change my clothes mother said no one means no one can touch me without my permission".

Alice then thinks "I bathed her also"

Alisha said And yeah " I am not a baby how can you take me in your lap. I am 18 yrs old".

Alice, thinks "this girl lost her screw for sure".

Alisha took the opportunity and stand up from his lap.

Alice became angry and said with gritted teeth "Did I tell you to stand up angel".

Alisha said," You are not my teacher who will give me permission to leave his class or stand up like that I am not even in school I am in college sir".

Alice sigh and said, "I am not sir my name is Alice and I am 25".

Alisha said oh similar name like Alisha + equal to Alice and 25 you are a big Alice.

Alice thinks yeah we have quite an aged gap, but then he thought “let it be who said I want her”.

My conscience said," You said mine...what that means”.

Alice ignored and said so your name is "Alisha ".

Alisha said, "I am not going to tell you my name" I never tell strangers my name.

Alice facepalms himself and think "she already told me her name when she weirdly joined Alisha + an...just she is mental".

Alice said, "Okay don't tell me your name is Alisha, and then he smirks".

Alisha said, " oh god you knew my name can you read minds".

Alice thinks "This confirms she is a patient..who ran away from mental asylum" Note the sarcasm.

Alisha then again said" I am going can you just give me my clothes" .first this shirt, and I'm also not in my undergarments...this just embarrassing ..."

Alice thinks "Oh now she knows what is embarrassment ....good”.

Alice said, "So I think you are a mental patient, tell me Angel I will send you there".

Alisha shouted and said, "I am not an angel first of all and whom the hell you are calling me mental... I am not mental ".

Alice became angry and then he slapped her with full force in an angry voice he shouts " How dare you raise your voice on me".

Alisha starts crying "You just slapped me .... I am just saying I am not an angel and mental, and you slapped me".

Alice Feels little pain by seeing her crying, but he ignores it and says “Do you know who I am".

Alisha while crying said "Yeah”.

Alice thinks "Oh god now she knows me she will surely fear from me or she can try to seduce me”.

Alice's conscience mocked him "Why she needs to seduce you .You are already seduced by her . She even didn't do anything and you are already head over heels".

Alice said, " I am not".

Alice conscience "Oh I didn't think so".

Alice blocked his thoughts and then said, "so tell what you knew about me".

Alisha while crying said, "your name is Alice and you are 25 years old as you told me a few minutes ago".

Alice shouted and said, Are you a mental girl? I told you these things. why the hell you have to repeat this to me.

Alisha started crying more and started shuttering and said, "you...said tell. you who you are...I think lose your memory"

Alice start gritting "His teeth and said, " how can anyone lose his memory in a few seconds girl".

Alisha while crying said, I knew I am a girl. why you have to repeat this?

Alice became frustrated and said, " just shut up and stop crying".

Alisha immediately stopped crying by seeing him angrier.

Alisha said, "While hiccups came" I am sorry.

Alice said, "Okay now tell me seriously why the hell you came here".

Alisha said, "My pet came here at night I came with him for a walk he ran away and then came here I also followed him but you kill him I already said to you that but you kill my love".

Alice became angrier and said, "He is not your love he is a dog and why the hell you are roaming at night what the hell your parents are doing at that time".

Alisha said, "Mother told me to take him for a walk".

Alice said, " How can your mom take risks like that to make you roam at night?"

Alisha said, "Are you in the crime investigation department".

Alice said, what?

Alisha said, " yeah you are asking questions like them you can tell me I can cooperate".

Alice face palm himself in his mind and said "what the hell are you thinking"?

Alisha said, " What I am thinking nothing it's you who are asking".

Alice shouted and said, " just shut up your mouth women".

Alisha said, "Okay I can shut up but my mouth didn't have zip to close it".

Alice thinks " I am going to lose my mind today how did I meet this half-minded person in my life".

Alice conscience "You invited her she didn't came yeah she came but you make her stop you are enjoying while bathing her and sleeping beside her while hugging what now".

Alice said, " just shut up".

Alisha interrupted and said, "so I am going".

Alice said, "who the hell told you to go".

Alisha said, "Nobody but these basic manners to not live on murderer home I am going to complain to police that you killed my love".

Alice shouted and said, "Did you know what you are saying police never charged me to kill a dog or even I killed you today they can't do anything for that".

Alisha replied "oh Mr. murderer police can do anything they chase criminals and then they punish them. I saw in movies".

Alice replied, " Women don't test me".

Alisha said, "Are you in school? you are 25 yrs old ".

Alice replied, "No I am not in school".

Alisha said, "So are you in College".

Alice became irritated and said, "No I am not I already have many companies".

Alisha said, " So why I'm going to test you".

Alice became angry.

Alisha said, "Did you have a fever".

Alice while gritting teeth replied "No".

Alisha said, "So why are you looking like a tomato".

Alice shouted in anger and said, "I am angry because of your useless talking ....girl".

Alisha said, Oh what useless? "I am talking sensibly".

Alice thinks "If this is sensible so what her non-sensible talks are going to be like".

Alice conscience mocked him "Oh so you want to listen to her talk".

Alice said, " just shut up".

Alisha again interrupted and said, "Okay so I am going ...and she starts going toward the door.. from there".

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