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Stained .

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Alice grabbed her hand and pinned her hands and said How dare you leave.

Alisha became confused " IS there any truth and dare game we are playing ."

Alice shouted and said, " Damn women why you have to be this brainless ."

Alisha said " I am not brainless. I am right because you said " How I dare but we are not playing so why will I dare and yeah I have to go ."

Alice sighs and thinks " why does she have to leave ".

Alice's conscience mocked him " Because she didn't belong to you she can go where she wants to go."

Alice sighs and then sa,i,d ,"Are you going outside in this shirt and without your undergarments?".

Alisha sa,id, " Oh yeah, give me my clothes."

Alice leave her hand and grab her waist

Alisha cries in pain" Leave me from here you dig your nails here yesterday "Please leave if it's painful .

Alice leaves her waist and tries to lift her shirt, but Alisha grabs his hands.

Alisha ,said ,"Hey what are you doing mother said nobody touch without my permission I told you that before you are doing it again."

Alice sighs in frustration and says"How dare you try to stop ."

Alisha said "It's right and yeah it's also, Not a dare ."

Alice grabbed her hair and said "IF you open your mouth again I m going to cut your tongue.

Alisha remained silent ."

Alice left her and said" Go bath and I will send someone with clothes .Alice left from there."

Alisha went inside the bathroom and bath and she came outside in a towel"Maid Mam your clothes."

Alisha said "Oh, thanks, whose dress is this, how did you know my size .”

Maid said "Mam sir, order this dress from a boutique, and Now please wear it ."

Alisha wore the dress and then she said" You didn't tell me how you knew my size ."

Alice came and ordered to maid "You can go ”

Maid started shivering and left .

Alice said" I told her your size .”

Alisha said " How do you know my size".

Alice thinks " when I bathe her I memorize her body every inch .Her red hairs and red eyes are just alluring ."

Alisha said " I am asking something ."

Alice said " I didn't like it when anyone asked me questions ."

Alisha said " why ? Did your teacher didn't ask you questions in school or college ."

Alice said " let's go and eat ."

Alisha shrugged on his words and went with him .

On the dining table .

Alice's mother also came home and when she saw Alisha she became mesmerized by her beauty and why your cheeks swell..."

Alice caused In his mind "Shit I slapped her ."

Alisha said ,"Oh this Alice slapped me .”

Alice became shocked by her statement that she didn't even try to tell a lie Alice'sd then he became angry….

Alice's mother became angry and said "why the hell Alice you slap this child."

Alisha controlled his anger and said ” Mom she is 18 years old .She is not a child "

Alice',s m said "what the hell, she is still a child and why didn't you understand that you can't, just raise you like this .

Firts ;

you slit that servant,'s arm, and then you slap this child .Why you don't keep your anger in check .Why the hell you always keep fighting around.”

Priya gasped and asked ", What he slit a servant's arm?”

Alice gritted his teeth and said "Mom Please don't bring that topic again okay".

Alice's mom sighs and thinks "Alice'sAlice'sgoing to listen let it be Alice'sAlice'smom the. Ask Alish,a "Child what is your name. .”

Alisha ,sa,i,d ,"Oh I don't tell my name to strangers ...”

Alice became angry and thought HoAlice'se she said this to my mom Alice'sAlice'smom said, ” Child Alice's elder, and you have to respect elders or not ...”

Alisha replied” Sorry Alice Alice's she said.,``My name is Alisha.”.

Alice's Mom asked"Why are you here Alisha ...”

Alisha Replied" Yesterday my dog lucky came toinsi tode your house I chose him and also toca tom toe to your son killed my dog he shot him, and then I fainted he changed my clothes and made me sleep in his room also, and then he also injured my waist by digging his nails ".

Alice was way beyond Shocked.

Alice's mom again became angry and said "How can you kill a dog Alice and why the hell you change this girl's clothes and why the hell you make her stay in your room and why the hell you have to hurt ..."

Alicea shouts, he punches the dining table, and glasses broke pieces pierced Alice hand and his hand start bleeding. ."

Alisha and Alice's mother both became scared.

Alice shouted and said"Mom I don't want to answer. You are irritating me "

Alisha came forward and held his injured hand and said ``Are you injured"

Alice became shocked because his oher never came close when he was and But this little girl had guts

Elisha's dress is also stained in boo. Alice tried to remove her hand but Alisha didn't leave it.

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