The Adventure of Unknown Heroes

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Heroes are Made

Alioth and Aetos stood at the gates as the others prepared to march towards the battlefield. The two protectors pushed open the gates and marched on opposite sides of the formation. Alioth turned into his tiger form and led the charge, followed by Neferes as she turned into her mustang form. Slowly they all charged directly towards Ragnar. Colt flew left on Ranger, followed by Eliza and Emma. As the group made it to the tree line, they understood why Ragnar had not met them on the open field. Ragnar’s army was hiding in the woods, and it was much larger than they had realized, but it was too late to turn back.

As the battle began, Kane and Thraxel flew low and blew a fire line to cut off a huge part of Ragnar’s army. Colt flew high above the tree line to get a better view of how large Ragnar’s army was.

Colt murmured to himself, “There must be 10,000 warriors. God, please send us help, they outnumber us!”

As Colt rejoined the group in battle, they were quickly pushed back out of the woods. In fact, they were pushed halfway across the field. Ragnar’s warriors fell back to the wood line and worked to put out the fire line to free the rest of the army.

Ragnar blew his horn, signaling to his entire army it was time to decimate this little group. That was just merely an annoyance to him.

As they marched out from the tree line, a heavy fog rolled in across the field, blocking Ragnar’s view of Colt’s fighters.

“Guy’s, we need to take advantage of this fog. I say we strike fast and retreat into the fog. If we continue to do this, from all different sides, they won’t know where to attack. I think we can take a good chunk out before the fog lifts.” Colt said, as he motivated his worn and tired soldiers. As he looked at them, he was sad to think about what he was asking them to do.

“God is in control! He has us covered, covered by fog. He will be with us through the end!” exclaimed A.B. and everyone screamed and cheered with their most fierce battle cries.

Colt loved to hear them cheering. “God is in control,” but he wondered if Ragnar could hear them. He figured he was laughing at their cries compared to his army.

As Colt led his warriors out of the fog to make their first attack, they stopped just outside of the fog. They never expected to see this. No one spoke for what seemed like an eternity.

As Colt watched, Ragnar’s army took a knee and drop their weapons. Ragnar was furious and took out his own soldiers around him. Colt could not understand what was happening. They were surrendering. A.B stepped forward to get a better look. As she turned to ask her dad what was happening, she saw the answer to her question. As she looked at her friends standing in front of the fog, she also saw the silhouette of a mighty army in the fog. In fact, it looked like an army of angels, too large to count. They looked like giants standing at least 3 feet taller than any of her friends.

“Guys, God has our backs, look behind you” shouted A.B.

As the group shouted again, so did the warriors standing behind them, and it sounded like a mighty lion, roaring and ready to charge.

Ragnar’s army fled, and after a few minutes, all that stood before them was Ragnar. As he realized he was on his own, he dropped his weapon. Dallas cautiously approached, with Klaos right behind him. Dallas grabbed Ragnar’s sword, and Klaos grabbed his battleaxe. As Dallas lifted the sword, Ragnar grunted, “go ahead and just finish me!”

“I am a child of God. I’m not here to needlessly take a life. “Dallas exclaimed proudly.

Remi stepped forward and looked Ragnar in the eyes. She then realized what she would have to do. All this time she has been protecting these swords and believed they were the only way to save the world, but now she realizes everything Colt has told her about God is true. She knows these swords hold a lot of power and they can’t be left for anyone to use for evil, so she destroys them. As she looks around, she realizes this group of unknown heroes are only heroes because they truly and wholeheartedly trusted in God.

They sentenced Ragnar to life in the castle dungeon. Remi lets him out to guard the castle, though, and has told him about God. As for the rest of our heroes, they still have a long journey home.

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