The Deaxtopia Empire

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The Earthlings, living a peaceful life, was oblivious to the other four dimensions who had been treated unfairly, some planning Earth's downfall. Maia Hanoveen, a fourteen year old girl. finds the Otherwhere Key, the only key used to travel through dimensions. Unaware of its power, Maia goes to the Deaxtopia Empire. one of the dimensions. She is in great trouble.

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The Shooting Star

The Other Dimensions have been looking for it for hundreds of years. People from the dimensions other than Earth wanted to explore all of the world, but they were kept where they were for centuries. But there was one thing stopping them. The problem was Earth itself, since the Earthlings had been keeping it away from the people of the Other Dimensions. This object was none other than the famous and infamous Otherwhere Key.

The Otherwhere Key was how you could open the Door of Dimensions, the only way from one dimension to another. Since the war the Earth won, they’ve had an advantage, and the other dimensions had to suffer for it, especially the Deaxtopian Empire, who had started the war because of the unfair ways. The Earth won, and kept the key. But Empress Blaze, the ruler of the Deaxtopian Empire, was planning to free her subjects from the unfair ways. Her apprentices had been at work for years to find and locate the key.

“What have you been doing to find the Otherwhere Key?” Empress Blaze asked. “Paul?”

“There’s no way,” Paul replied. “There’s no way we can break the Atmosphere. It’s the only thing stopping us from getting to Earth. They made it so people from other dimensions can’t go.”

“Smart, those Earthlings,” Empress Blaze muttered. “Very smart they are indeed. Darla, you haven’t spoken in a while. Fallon said you two are working on a project.”

Darla stood up quietly. She was never chosen to speak, though she had been successful in locating the place of the Otherwhere Key. Darla had brown hair, slightly dark skin, and a white blazer. “I have this,” she muttered, pulling out a tiny star. “It’s called a shooting star, a star that humans see on Earth so it wouldn’t be suspicious. Fallon and I have been setting investigations with it. We’ve been very close. We’ve started an investigation. In Pennsylvania. That’s where the highest sign of it was.”

Empress Blaze stood up from her swivel chair. “Intresting. I’ll see if you and Fallon can be promoted higher. Excellent work. Let me see your star.” Darla obeyed promptly and gave Empress Blaze the star as she went to go get Fallon, her partner. Then, Fallon arrived. She had red hair and green eyes. When Fallon arrived, the three started the investigation at once.

“We’ve investigated,” Fallon started, “all over the world. We found the best sense of it in this state in a place on Earth called Pennsylvania. We’ve been investigating since then, trying to find a certain place where the signs were most...effective.”

“Clever indeed,” said Empress Blaze, as Fallon and Darla joined together in quiet squeals. They had made an impression on Empress Blaze! “Let’s explore this...Pennsylvania, you call it.” Empress Blaze put the star somewhere so the videos it caught could be seen. Most of it were videos of people, looking directly at the star and making wishes about it. “WHAT IS THIS?” Empress Blaze shouted. “This is just people, making WISHES!”

“ the wrong...clip,” Darla explained, while changing the clip. This clip showed a sighting of Pennsylvania, and Darla saying, “We’re on the right track. We just need to find out where in...Pennsylvania it is.”

“Okay,” Empress Blaze said. “Let’s send it on a mission. Where is Pennsylvania?”

“We can control it to head there,” Fallon replied, as she pulled out a controller from her pocket and set the star to make its way to Earth. She then controlled the star, as on the giant screen, had a picture of where the shooting star was going. The shooting star was on its way to North America, and then finally went to a different shape close to Pennsylvania.

“Where’s that?”

“A place called New Jersey. I’m just making my way to Pennsylvania.” Then, when the star reached Pennsylvania, it started to beep. “We’re close. Anyways, your turn, Darla.”

Fallon passed the control off to Darla, as the star got closer and closer to the key. She narrowed it down to a town called Harrisburg, and then a certain neighborhood where it started making a especially loud sound. Then, Darla saw it was in one house that it beeped the most. It started beeping slightly more when it reached the shed next to the house.

“I think we’ve found it.”

Empress Blaze thought it was the best time to announce this to the entire empire. Deaxtopia Empire was an exceptionally small dimension compared to the other giant ones. That’s why it only needed one emperor and lots of helpers. Then, Empress Blaze made an announcement to the town saying, “WE’VE DONE IT! WE’VE LOCATED THE KEY! WE’VE LOCATED THE KEY! TELL AS MANY DEAXTOPIANS AS YOU CAN!”

Since then, word has spread about the key. Deaxtopians kept on telling people from other towns, as it showed up on news, just in a half hour. The Deaxtopian Empire, after hundreds and hundreds of years with losing the war and having no way out, might have a way to the key. And possibly, the Other Dimensions could finally be free.

“This is great!” Empress Blaze exclaimed. “You two are promoted to High Investigators, and I need to tell my family!” Empress Blaze left to go tell her wife and her assistants and maids, and paid each worker in the castle so much and hugged each one. She had never been this happy ever. She had come back with lots of food to share with Fallon and Darla.

“You did a wonderful job, ladies,” Empress Blaze explained. “I’m very impressed, as I said before. Since you two have been promoted to High Investigators, I’d like you two to figure out how you can track the key and see how you can get it. I believe you can do it.” The two girls huddled together and had their own conversation.

“This is great! I say we accept,” Fallon silently squealed.

“I think we can do it,” added Darla. “I’ve got enough cameras and supplies for that to happen. But what do we call it?”

“How about a drone? I’ve heard of one before. It’s this thing on Earth where it spies on things and can grab things, too.”

“It’ll be perfect.” Darla and Fallon ended their private conversation and nodded promptly, before they left and immediately got to work. Then, Empress Blaze remembered she forgot to tell one person the news- her daughter Cleo.

“Wait! Where is Cleo?” Empress Blaze asked as she turned to her guard, who had replied to her calls. “Please go get her at once. Cleo wants to explore the other dimensions as much as I do. It won’t be worth it if she doesn’t hear the news as well.”

The guard did as he was told and left at once, and headed down to a tower in the castle far from the office- the room of her daughter Cleo, whose brown silky hair and brown eyes resembled so much of her mother.

“Hi.” Cleo was sitting in her bed, reading a book.

“We have incredible news. We must go to the office.” The guard marched Cleo down her tower and down the hall to the office. She was used to all this. The fourteen years of her life was spent in luxury and curiosity of the Other Dimensions.

“Hi, Mom,” Cleo murmured as soon as she arrived. She looked at the giant screen, and immediately squealed, “THE OTHERWHERE KEY! Where is it?”

“What is the exact address anyway?” Darla asked.

“Oh, yeah. That,” replied Fallon, as she checked the address again. “The exact and proper address is 173 Bloomsbury Court.”

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