The Deaxtopia Empire

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The Cursed Girl

Over on Earth, everything was doing very nice over there. Nobody on Earth had ever heard of the Dimensional War, and that four other dimensions, especially the Deaxtopia Empire, were angry with them, and some, like the Deaxtopia Empire, were planning their downfall. And the person that was probably the happiest on Earth should’ve been the exact opposite.

Maia Hanoveen was the unlucky girl who had lived where the key was located. Thankfully, Maia wasn’t as oblivious as the rest. She had seen the shooting star the night before. The Earthlings were becoming more suspicious of Maia, since the Shooting Star had shot and stopped at Maia’s house, and the neighborhood knew Maia owned a star necklace. They immediately thought she was cursed. Maia was still happy either way, since school was over.

“Hi, Mrs. McMarren. Where’s Luna?” Maia asked. Normally, Mrs. McMarren would’ve let Maia in with open arms. Instead, she muttered, “Sorry,” before shutting the door and soon enough, all the blinds were shut. Maia returned home, and figured she could always hang out with her dog.

It was hard to be the “cursed girl” in the neighborhood. This had started yesterday when Maia’s space-obsessed sister Freya was eager to see the shooting star. She saw the star go near Maia’s room, which was closest to the shed, and Freya knew about the necklace she earned the same day. Then, rumor spread out.

“I’m home,” Maia announced gloomily. Nobody replied except for Maia’s dog Oakley, who didn’t reply but ran to the door to see her. At least a dog would never see her as cursed.

Then, Maia noticed she was all alone. Her mom went to drop off her sister Freya to her soccer practice, and her dad was at the office. She had nobody to talk to, except to a dog, who would not listen but would love.

Maia made herself some dinner, and then some for Oakley too. She had never had dinner in front of the television screen, but being by yourself was a time for new things. No parents, no sister, no worries. It was all about Maia and Oakley.

Soon, it was seven in the evening, and Maia eventually got bored. After putting Oakley in bed, she had absolutely nobody to talk to, especially when all of her friends lived in Bloonsbury Court. As Maia looked around her house in boredom, she saw something black outside headed to the backyard. Maia put on her shoes and curiously followed.

Every step she took near it, the more she could see. When the thing was caught, Maia got to have a clearer look at it; it was a drone. Maia had the drone exactly pointed to her face as she stared at it in wonder. The machine was black with a mysterious shape, and a square was in the exact middle.

Thousands of miles away from 173 Bloomsbury Court was The Deaxtopia Empire, which was programming the drone.

“Empress, the key,” Fallon stammered, “belongs to a girl.”

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